• A structural general equilibrium model of a small open economy using Bayesian methods. the conduct of monetary policy in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the U.K. Test to investigate the hypothesis whether central banks do respond to exchange rates.

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  • The negative impact of taxes on the economic growth of the modern state. Calculation of the indicator of assessing the tax burden in the country. Interdependence between macroeconomic indicators of economic growth, taxation and budget expenditures.

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  • Description of the views of scientists in the field of investment capital. Analysis of economic concepts and dualistic nature as a resource and asset in the space-time continuum. The definition of the essence and components of investment resource.

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  • Реформирование налогообложения в Европейском Союзе с целью усиления его федералистских основ. Распределение полномочий в финансовой сфере между центральными, региональными и местными органами власти государства. Создание экономического и валютного союза.

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  • The changes of the TU-indicator for certain types of transport of Ukraine. Structure of the contribution of individual modes of transport in GDP. Practical approaches to ensuring financial sustainability is in the works of Russian and foreign scientists.

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  • Исследование основ биржевых фондов и практики инвестирования в данный инструмент финансового рынка. Характеристика преимуществ Паевого инвестиционного фонда. Изучение популярных стратегий трейдинга. Особенности развития ExchangeTradeFunds в России.

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  • Development of investment activities in Lviv region. Тhe possibilities of forming levers for increasing the efficiency of investment activities, of controlling the investment instruments еffectiveness. Еxpected results of social and economic development.

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  • Analysis of term liquidity of bank and factors that define them. Characteristic of the concept of liquidity risk and management approaches. Analysis of the balance sheet of сommercial bank. Assessment of liquidity and management politics of bank.

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  • The research hypothesis about the role of a fixed exchange rate in the economy for fuel exporting countries. Exchange rate regime exporting and exporting countries. The dependence of the exchange rate of the central bank policy and the level of democracy.

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  • Analytical solution for the arbitrary number of periods. Analytical Solution for the model with limited rationality of sophisticated investors. Numerical analysis for the models with full and limited rationality of sophisticated extrapolative investors.

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  • Features of the tax system in Japan, its main differences from the United States, European countries. Description of the main taxes and fees. Classifying them according to various criteria. Direct taxes on income of physical persons and legal entities.

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  • Innovative development of economy is the chance for Ukraine to ensure a breakthrough in creating competitive products and a income. The features of the concept and operation of the venture business. The concept of a venture fund in the legislation.

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  • Major problems of corporate finance in the telecommunications sector and the creation of modern economic thinking. Characteristics of deep and complex understanding of economic issues and financial performance management sectors of the Ukrainian economy.

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  • Substantiation of necessity of financial analysis, on the example of a commercial firm. The role of analysis for raising capital in the company. Development of recommendations to improve the external and internal financing and increase your profits.

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  • Economic analysis as a method involving division of economical processes into individual components in order to examine the relationship between them. Characteristics of the main indicators of liquidity and solvency of the banking sector in Poland.

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  • Positive and negative trends in financial and credit support of agricultural production. The basic solutions to these problems. The stimulate long-term loans, to encourage financial decentralization in rural areas and to increase the flow of investmen.

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  • The differences from traditional forms of crowdfunding to raise funds to finance the projects. The basis of types of crowdfunding goal developers projects and reward features of social investors. Trends of crowdfunding in today’s business environment.

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  • Concept and types of financial investments, classification. Definition of criteria and ways of risk analysis. World experience of attracting investments. Ways of improvement of the mechanism of attracting investments into the economy of Kazakhstan.

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  • Financial market and its structure. Composition of Financial market. Participants and issuers in KR securities market. Financial Instruments. Classification of Securities. Professional participants. Trade on Stock Exchange. Analyze of Financial Market.

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  • Assessment of influence of financial risks on the stability of the financial system of Ukraine (FSU) in the framework of vector autoregressive modeling. Liquidity risks and currency risks, measures to mitigate and ensure the sustainability of the FSU.

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