• The concepts of Markowitz`s portfolio theory. The way to find the value of a risky security to add a premium for risk to the pure rate of interest. The followings from the relation between the variance of the return of a portfolio and of its securities.

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  • The influence of the mechanism of innovation marketing to the competitive success of the enterprise. Characteristics of the process innovative marketing to develop an effective development strategy of the company in the current economic conditions.

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  • Necessity of developing a new innovation policy in Ukraine taking into account the experience of developed countries and using the existing scientific and production capacity. The main forms and sources of innovation projects' investments are analyzed.

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  • The needs of retail enterprises in investment capital. The scheme for determining the requirements. The calculation of the integral indicator of domestic investment potential of retail enterprise of reproduction type. Actual and projected volumes.

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  • The risk assessment method in information uncertainty, its place in the system of credit risk management of banks that lend to enterprises in various sectors of the economy. Determination of the level of riskiness of Bank activity in the lending market.

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  • The security and solvency of investors and creditors - the main goal of banking regulation. Analysis of the basic high-priority tasks of government regulation, monitoring in order to provide for stability and reliability of banking system in Ukraine.

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  • The planning and forecasting of local budget. Expenditure forecasts on local levels for different parameters. Classes of local spending forecasting models. Official statistics on all indicators, taking into account, as well as for the basic parameter.

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  • The value for money in today's society, the need for them. The social custom of using money for transactions. Long-run effects of changes in the quantity of money, three functions in the economy: medium of exchange, a unit of account, store of value.

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  • Using money for buying or selling goods, for measuring value and for storing wealth. Barter and the double coincidence of wants. Earliest money and its general functions. The earliest money was commodity money. Modern problems with commodity money.

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  • Money laundering is the process of substitution of real illegal sources of funds to fictitious legal. The necessity of this. Methods and models of money laundering. Three steps strategy: placement, layering, integration. Fighting against money laundering.

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  • The use of barter-like methods in the market. A money's functions: medium of exchange, measure of value, standard of deferred payment, store of value. Supply of the banknotes, coins. Consideration of modern monetary systems. National functions of money.

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  • A survey of empirical studies on the theory of optimal currency zones (OCZ), most of which offer exchange rate volatility as the index OCZ. The empirical achievements of the theory of OCZ, the advantages and disadvantages of different research methods.

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  • A study of investment strategies volatility. The advantages of trading options in the stock market. The concept, nature and characteristics strategies options Straddle, creating a positive return without any cost for transactions using this strategy.

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  • Definition of syndicated lending according to Kazakh law. The Types of Syndicated Loans. Peculiarities of lending to large businesses in JSC "Bank centercredit". Problem of financing of business in Kazakhstan. Special Problems of Syndicated Loans.

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  • Значение, задачи и система информационного обеспечения анализа финансового состояния. Сущность, содержание финансового состояния и факторы, его определяющие, методы анализа и выбор показателей оценки. Оценка платежеспособности и ликвидности организации.

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  • Analysis of the development in Ukraine of the budgeting model with the participation of artists at the level of budgets at the local level. Analysis of international experience of using the model, the possibility of its effective implementation.

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  • The theoretical foundations of land tax as an economic category and the mechanism of rent assignment. Analyze the existing methods of land taxation on the rental basis. The relationship between land rent and the indicators of agricultural land efficiency.

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  • The theoretical foundations of land tax as an economic category and the mechanism of rent assignment. The existing methods of land taxation on the rental basis. The relationship between land rent and the indicators of agricultural land efficiency.

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  • Of all the many changes of the world economy in recent decades, few have been nearly so dramatic as the resurrection of global finance. How can we explain the remarkable globalization of financial markets and what are its economic, political implications?

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  • Assessing risks of Zagreb Stock Exchange and future offerings that are relevant in making the decisions about investments. The importance of diversification and systemic risk of individual stocks. Systemic risk of the given portfolio and its importance.

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