• Характеристика дуплексної цифрової радіорелейної системи зв'язку, в якій мають місце загасання сигналу при наявності опадів та погіршення відношення сигнал/шум і помилки прийому сигналу. Процес створення модернізованих станцій радіорелейного зв'язку.

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  • Характеристика строения, видов и конструкции DC-DC-конвертеров - миниатюрных модульных импульсных источников вторичного электропитания с высоким КПД для монтажа на печатную плату. Общие черты двух поколений DC/DC-конвертеров Vicor и различия между ними.

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  • Three-phase rectifier with center tap. Non-symmetrical scheme of three-phase bridge rectifier, Larionov’s scheme. The review of constructive solutions. Principle of designed scheme operation. Calculation of rectifier working on active-inductive load.

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  • Analysis of optimal control. Implementation of a digital autopilot capable of providing the position of aircraft step. Optimization of the determination of the parameters of the digital PI controller, necessary for stabilizing the position of the pitch.

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  • Development and practical approbation of the methodology for designing hybrid neural networks. Analysis of the effectiveness and conditions of use of this technique. Research and evaluation of the possibility of using input signals of different types.

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  • The problem of H-synthesis of the robust two-degree-of-freedom system taking into consideration the coordinate external disturbances. The effectiveness of suggested design procedure, its application to the system for stabilization and attitude control.

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  • Time series analysis from the point of view of the tree crossing. The use of a new method of detecting changes in the local regularity of a time series by using tree crossing. Principles, components of the tree crossing, the relevance of its application.

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  • A numerical method based on the Fourier Transform Method applications for the study of the optical waves propagating in dielectric planar waveguides. Research waveguide search wavelengths of light according to the received propagation constants.

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  • Definition operating distance of air ultrasound range finders by using the modified radar equation. Experimental verification of the developed computational procedure is discussed, and calculations of the relevant terms for this case are presented.

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  • Increasing the speed of information transmission in telecommunication systems. The study of signal distortion due to nonlinearities and types of dispersion. Using amplitude modulation to increase the speed of transmission in telecommunication networks.

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  • The wireless technology and progress in chip manufacturing. The practical development and implementation of a class of distributed communication systems - wireless sensor networks. Choice of simulation technology. Program implementation of the simulator.

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  • Research and characterization of features of the method of information transfer using perfect binary arrays, which is based on their structural and correlation properties. Transmission of discrete digital messages by means of cyclic wideband signals.

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  • The breadth and depth of digital signal processing as one of the most powerful technologies. The most important concepts in statistics and probability. A variety of signal processing techniques. Properties and usage of convolution in several areas.

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  • Digital watermarking schemes for multimedia authentication. A new public-key algorithm for watermarking of digital images. Geometric distortions correction using image moment in image watermarking. Active watermarking system: protection of digital media.

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  • A direct digital frequency synthesizer in modern electronic devices. Criteria of reliability the communication systems. The most promising radio transmission system. Brief introduction of arithmetic operations in digital synthesizer radio signals.

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  • The implementation of beamforming and spatial diversity in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing systems. The differences of OFDM transmission over scenarios with different angular spread, which can viewed clearly from the base station antenna (BSA).

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  • Development of a method of transmission based on systems with decision feedback and the timer signal designs with the fix part of the error interval of the "good" state equation as. The definition of the boundary conditions of its use and effectiveness.

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  • Measures to ensure the quality of technical operation of digital terrestrial television broadcasting. Requirements for quality maintenance terrestrial television. The permissible norms a phase noise. The calculation algorithms for digital switching.

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  • The investigation of the state of EGNOS Approach with Vertical guidance for Europe. EGNOS performance parameters are described in terms of accuracy, integrity, availability and continuity. The established results confirm the need for the EGNOS service.

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  • Analysis of the distribution of the electric field within the space bounded by the annular border on the basis of the theory of singular integral equations in problem of pairing. Formulas for determination of the electric field in the active zone.

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