• The breadth and depth of digital signal processing as one of the most powerful technologies. The most important concepts in statistics and probability. A variety of signal processing techniques. Properties and usage of convolution in several areas.

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  • Digital watermarking schemes for multimedia authentication. A new public-key algorithm for watermarking of digital images. Geometric distortions correction using image moment in image watermarking. Active watermarking system: protection of digital media.

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  • The use of thermionic valve diodes in analog signals and as rectifiers in many power sources. Volt-ampere characteristic of semiconductor diodes. Cat’s whisker or crystal diodes. The main stages of the development of semiconductor and vacuum tube diodes.

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  • A direct digital frequency synthesizer in modern electronic devices. Criteria of reliability the communication systems. The most promising radio transmission system. Brief introduction of arithmetic operations in digital synthesizer radio signals.

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  • Directions and conditions of interaction of a scientist in the space of scientific communication. Identifying the impact of social changes on scientific communication. The authority of a scientist and communication standards of academic integrity.

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  • Problems with Radio communication as a significant cause, a contributory factor in many aircraft accidents, serious incidents. Seven functions of language: instrumental, regulatory, representational, interactional, personal, heuristic, imaginative.

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  • Problems of the medical industry in China at present. Development of an automatic online system for sorting free medical texts in Chinese collected from Chinese platforms. Technical characteristics and prospects of their use for predicting diseases.

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  • Analysis of the problem of the dominant structures of information exchange in the English-language radiotelephone discourse. Factors contributing to the occurrence of accidents and incidents. The use of standard phraseology as a safety factor in aviation.

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  • The implementation of beamforming and spatial diversity in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing systems. The differences of OFDM transmission over scenarios with different angular spread, which can viewed clearly from the base station antenna (BSA).

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  • Development of a method of transmission based on systems with decision feedback and the timer signal designs with the fix part of the error interval of the "good" state equation as. The definition of the boundary conditions of its use and effectiveness.

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  • Measures to ensure the quality of technical operation of digital terrestrial television broadcasting. Requirements for quality maintenance terrestrial television. The permissible norms a phase noise. The calculation algorithms for digital switching.

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  • The investigation of the state of EGNOS Approach with Vertical guidance for Europe. EGNOS performance parameters are described in terms of accuracy, integrity, availability and continuity. The established results confirm the need for the EGNOS service.

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  • Analysis of the distribution of the electric field within the space bounded by the annular border on the basis of the theory of singular integral equations in problem of pairing. Formulas for determination of the electric field in the active zone.

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  • Специализированная программа с открытым кодом Elph. Управление устройством сбора данных российского производства ЛА-2USB. Качественнаая оцифровка широкого спектра электрофизиологических сигналов и проведение их первичной математической обработки.

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  • Analysis of achievements in the problem of energy loss in piezoceramic resonators. A description of the methodology of experimental determination of loss factors energy and communications, mechanical quality factor at resonance and anti-resonance.

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  • Legal aspect of the use of users ' personal data by social online platforms. Analysis of the regulation on the responsibility of an online social platform for transmitting data about its users to other persons. Digital Content Delivery Agreement.

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  • The studying the latest model of simultaneous interpretation booths in the market - iBooth. The best acoustic environment for the distinction of various languages. The principal benefits of innovative digital technology to modern conference systems.

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  • The damped oscillations in telemetry signals caused by the lack of homogeneity of the communication channel. Characteristic of communication channels between satellite and ground stations, receiving the BER parameter with reference to telemetry signals.

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  • Study of the phenomenon of conscious communication. Tactics for creating harmonious, successful interpersonal relationships, which are achieved through the ability to communicate constructively and authentically through verbal and non-verbal means.

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  • Development and justification of new methods for tracking the frequency of a harmonic acceleration signal based on estimates of the instantaneous frequency and phase. Ways to improve the efficiency of new systems, assess their advantages, disadvantages.

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  • Method of fast analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) signals with improved dynamic parameters. Structural diagram of high-speed analog-to-digital Converter and analysis of dynamic range for the Converter. Consistent structural capacity malacostraca ADC.

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  • Study of the backdoor problem as a method of bypassing standard authentication procedures, organizing unauthorized remote access to a computer, to text documents, while remaining unnoticed. Analysis of modern forms and functions of backdoor invasion.

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  • Fiber optic gyro, metallic resonator Coriolis vibratory gyro main accuracy parameters are compared. Manufacturers of the analyzed gyros are from Russia (FOG) and Ukraine (CVG). Bias components calculation at stable temperature are also given and compared.

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  • The evolutionary strategy of multi-tier WDR - filters with LM-modes, optimized with original knowledge-based CAD system designing is tested. The designing of filters, which are intended for the next generation of millimeter waveband wireless systems.

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  • Development of a system of digital wireless high-speed data transmission with orthogonal frequency division. Mathematical modeling and efficiency in the use of Fourier transform and finite Radon transform in a system with orthogonal frequency division.

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  • The theoretical effects of using parallel TCP flows to improve network performance for intensive applications with distributed data. Choosing of the maximum number of sockets necessary to maximize TCP throughput while imultaneously and avoid congestion.

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  • Classification, general parameters and composition of REE. Distance Measurement Equipment. Radio Altimeters. Doppler Systems. Direction Finders. Radio Beacon Landing Systems. Design and Operation Principles of A/C Communication. Equipment Layout of REE.

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  • The design of control system compensation inactive components for powerful sounding pulses generator using fuzzy logic based decision structure and implementation using the 68HC12 microcontroller. Description software design in program Fuzzy Tech.

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  • Розгляд актуального питання в сучасному періоді цифрової трансформації - збору та використання персональних даних на прикладі розгляду нормативно-правового акту, ухваленого у 2016 р. Європейським парламентом, а саме General Data Protection Regulation.

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  • Разработка компанией Google гарнитуры для смартфонов на базе Android. Взаимодействие Glass с пользователем через голосовые команды. Рассмотрение технических характеристик устройства. Изучение главных преимуществ и программных возможностей Google Glass.

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