• Analysis of achievements in the problem of energy loss in piezoceramic resonators. A description of the methodology of experimental determination of loss factors energy and communications, mechanical quality factor at resonance and anti-resonance.

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  • The studying the latest model of simultaneous interpretation booths in the market - iBooth. The best acoustic environment for the distinction of various languages. The principal benefits of innovative digital technology to modern conference systems.

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  • Development and justification of new methods for tracking the frequency of a harmonic acceleration signal based on estimates of the instantaneous frequency and phase. Ways to improve the efficiency of new systems, assess their advantages, disadvantages.

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  • Method of fast analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) signals with improved dynamic parameters. Structural diagram of high-speed analog-to-digital Converter and analysis of dynamic range for the Converter. Consistent structural capacity malacostraca ADC.

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  • Fiber optic gyro, metallic resonator Coriolis vibratory gyro main accuracy parameters are compared. Manufacturers of the analyzed gyros are from Russia (FOG) and Ukraine (CVG). Bias components calculation at stable temperature are also given and compared.

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  • The evolutionary strategy of multi-tier WDR - filters with LM-modes, optimized with original knowledge-based CAD system designing is tested. The designing of filters, which are intended for the next generation of millimeter waveband wireless systems.

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  • Development of a system of digital wireless high-speed data transmission with orthogonal frequency division. Mathematical modeling and efficiency in the use of Fourier transform and finite Radon transform in a system with orthogonal frequency division.

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  • The theoretical effects of using parallel TCP flows to improve network performance for intensive applications with distributed data. Choosing of the maximum number of sockets necessary to maximize TCP throughput while imultaneously and avoid congestion.

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  • Classification, general parameters and composition of REE. Distance Measurement Equipment. Radio Altimeters. Doppler Systems. Direction Finders. Radio Beacon Landing Systems. Design and Operation Principles of A/C Communication. Equipment Layout of REE.

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  • The design of control system compensation inactive components for powerful sounding pulses generator using fuzzy logic based decision structure and implementation using the 68HC12 microcontroller. Description software design in program Fuzzy Tech.

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  • Разработка компанией Google гарнитуры для смартфонов на базе Android. Взаимодействие Glass с пользователем через голосовые команды. Рассмотрение технических характеристик устройства. Изучение главных преимуществ и программных возможностей Google Glass.

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  • Решение проблемы формата. Преимущества цифровой передачи. Стандарты цифрового телевидения. Наследие старого телевидения. Проблема передачи сигнала. Компрессия сигнала в HDTV. Стандарт кодирования MPEG-2. Кодирование кадров и компрессия видеоданных.

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  • Research of efficiency of a ultrasonic transducer for excitation longitudinal and shear waves on base of yttrium iron garnet thin films. Study of value and the direction of an external magnetic field, geometric sizes of a films, and ultrasound frequency.

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  • Examination flow chart of the proposed construction approach. Characteristic features the integral output of the receiver, which gives a correct detection signal due to other channels, which still operate properly and an optimally set threschold.

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  • The technique of identification of the mechanical backlash of navigational equipment test table is considered as means for certification requirements verification. Identification procedures of mathematical model of mechanical backlash are considered.

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  • Review of modern systems of control which are intended for use in nuclear power plants including their functions and main tasks. Discussion on the application of programmable logic gates (FPGA). Experience of modernization of the digital systems on FPGA.

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  • Adaptive transmission schemes that adjust transmission parameters with respect to time-varying channels enable robust and spectrally communications. Developing the CQI by using feedback for the data transmitting. Open and closed loop spatial multiplexing.

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  • Described the modern television systems and the device management. A method to support television system in an active state depending on the current performance of biometric parameters of the observer. Examines range of possible angles the user's face.

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  • Familiarization with the scheme of passive and active transducer with mode of preset voltage. Characterization electric models of capacitive sensors at alternating current. Analysis of electrophysical parameters monitoring of nonelectric products.

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  • The antenna elements are arranged along a circle arc and an ellipse arc. The expressions for the equivalent aperture of the antenna array. The values of the amplitude to excite the antenna elements on the basis of the genetic algorithm are obtained.

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