• Developing of telecommunications. The characteristics of the satellite services and Internet. Advancing role of telecommunications in banking. Russia’s telecommunications roads get wider, more expensive. Future of development telecommunications.

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  • The Conventional Telephone Set. Digital Transmission Techniques. Electronics in the Central Office. Modems and Fax Machines. The Convergence of Technologies. Electronic Dialing and Ringing Circuits. Pulse and Timing Restoration. Fiber Optic Principles.

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  • Telnet — сетевой протокол для реализации текстового терминального интерфейса по сети. Устройство, опции. Принтер и клавиатура NVT. Структура команд. Применение. Проблема безопасности. Telnet и другие протоколы. Преимущества и недостатки протокола Telnet.

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  • Analysis of the occurrence of specific situations in flight. Consideration of the process of applying the methods of system control surfaces to prevent a catastrophic situation in the transition. The study of active fault tolerant control scheme system.

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  • Changing of piezoelectric transformers characteristics is possible due to external circuit for piezoelectric element-electric, mechanical, acoustic one. Investigation the using of parallel oscillatory circuit in the schemes of piezoelectric transformers.

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  • Consideration of the development process of the boundaries of the Hokkaido University campus in Sapporo, associated with the development of the northern part of Sapporo city. The relationship between the university campus and the peripheral urban space.

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  • Relevance of processing technology as a single frame, as well as their sequence. Disadvantages polyadic dimensional phase encoding three-dimensional digital video data. Possibility of development coding. Developing innovative ways to the grows video.

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  • Existing works of the Malay nation and "special rights". Definition of a nation. The roles of empires. Rights and "special rights". Institutionalization of nationality and rights. Ratification of Malay nationality and approval of "special rights".

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  • Output spectral components radiated from magnetrons were experimentally measured. The correlation with some oscillations which influence on electromagnetic surrounding. As quality factors were proposed number of outside components and their magnitudes.

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  • The discovery of electromagnetic induction by M. Faraday as the factor of the invention alternator. Characteristics of the main components of the rotary engine. The principle of operation of the stator. The scope of application of diesel generators.

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  • Getting to know the causes and characteristics of the invention of radio. Improved maintenance of mobile phones as the first trade and the available radio and telephone system. General characteristics of the best-known wireless telecommunications.

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  • Need to find optimal solutions in the design and deployment of wireless networks. The impact of environmental parameters on the transmission channel networking standard Wi-Fi, to enable access to new information and communication services formats.

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  • Rules of quality assessment of the imaging systems image. Modern technologies of transmission and communication applications. Characteristics of multimedia apps designed for television systems. The essence of the principle of adaptive visualization.

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  • Sensors as part of a measuring system that includes technologies for processing, measuring, and predicting measurements. The Internet of Things, as an example of the use of such IT technologies, improves the professional interaction of a group of people.

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  • A method that allows to largely overcome the diffraction limit, as well as noise and other interferences in radio imaging devices (including ground and space telescopes) of millimeter, terahertz and far infrared ranges of the electromagnetic radiation.

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  • The dependence of the conductivity of composites of metal-polymer from the volume fraction of the dispersed phase. Models of the dependence of the conductivity structures obtained on the basis of equations of Maxwell-Garnett and Nielsen, their comparison.

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  • The channel utilization factor is a typical quality of service functional model of a telecommunication network. This paper introduces an approximation of the QoS functional model based on regression analysis and performed via differentiable functions.

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  • History of development of telecommunication systems and networks. The main objective of their development and application for various public purposes. Development of a remote workstation and the inclusion of disabled people in the sphere of production.

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  • Discussion of traffic and determining the load transport system. Investigation of the general operation of the network and telephone service. Daily measurement methods and normal and high load traffic intensities. Using statistical analysis and modeling.

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  • Study the problem of the optimal distribution of training time on the simulator. Development of the basic optimization algorithm. Designing the structure of the program complex. Determine individual abilities of every student by testing the trained group.

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  • Description of the transitional period of society development based on the use of digital information, communication technologies. Characteristics of the main approaches to the modernization of the personnel training system, the strategy of universities.

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  • Especially the use of measuring instruments for the diagnosis of energy system models that represent the stationary states in the second and third stages of the transition process. Usage of PMU for diagnostics of power system's mathematical model.

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  • Характеристика и назначение печатной платы и технологического процесса сборки и монтажа USB-ионизатора воздуха. Расчет и выбор размеров печатных плат. Анализ процессов и устройств для сборки и монтажа. Разработка электрической схемы, принцип ее работы.

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  • The results of using the DInSar and PSInSar methods of interferometric processing of radar data for monitoring subsidence of the earth's surface in oil-producing areas in Western Siberia. Features reception and primary data processing ERS-2\SAR.

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  • The possibility of signal using with rectangular envelope of spectrum for the problems of information transmitting with protection from unauthorized interference. Local minima of the peakfactors in the multidimensional dependence from the initial phases.

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  • The importance of the interdisciplinary paradigm of thinking in the context of information policy and globalization processes, information technologies in the modern sociocultural space. Formation of a multicultural model of human self-development.

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  • The main advantages and importance of mastering verbal and non-verbal communication. Using and defining the relationship between verbal and non-verbal means in business communication. Analysis of effective verbal and non-verbal communication tools.

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  • Fluctuations level against wind conditions. K-factor estimation as a function of range. The concept of a forward scattering micro-sensors radar network for situational awareness. Vegetation clutter spectral properties in VHF/UHF bistatic doppler radar.

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  • The problem of object detection and recognition, namely, its solution without the use of expensive, resource-intensive and complex data collection and processing systems, with the possibility of its mobility, ease of installation and initial setup.

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  • Исследования в области гражданской спутниковой связи. Принципы организации спутниковых каналов связи. Ка-диапазон: эксперименты на реальных спутниках, использование в настоящее время. Особенности использования спутниковых систем Ка-диапазона в России.

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