• The concept and the basic principles of electronics as a scientific field, the history of its development and modern achievements. Classification and types of antennas, basics principles of operation. The materials used in the manufacture of antennas.

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  • Familiarization with the concept of field-effect transistors. Laying out circuit boards and mounting RF devices. Classes of operation, forms of modulation, biasing, and operating in a pulse mode. The basic factors affecting low power amplifier design.

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  • Researching software to compare noise at the input of the incoherent scatter radar to improve the constants without information from the ionospheric stations. Assessment of the ionosphere and to determine the conditions for short-wave communication.

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  • The scope of regulation of telecommunications. Regulation of the provision of telecommunications services. Basically kinds of choices to define regulatory approaches. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Broad Regulatory Alternatives Concerning Innovation.

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  • Триггер как электронное устройство, которое предназначается для записи и хранения информации. Выходы и входы триггера в зависимости от выполняемой задачи. Анализ работы триггера по схеме "И-НЕ", "ИЛИ-НЕ". Таблица истинности RS-триггера на схеме "И-НЕ".

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  • Examinations of the pulses envelopes scattered on several micror-esonator band-stop filters in optical transmission line. The possibilities of pulses time manipulation with various carrier frequencies. Approaches to indistinguishable pulses separation.

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  • Method for obtaining optimal signal spectra. Features of construction of optical test tables for Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV). spectrum parameters using white type D65 source. Selection of material for colorimetric assessment quality UHDTV.

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  • The mutual information approach, correlation integral analysis, false nearest neighbour algorithm. Lyapunov exponent's analysis, and surrogate data method are used for comprehensive characterization on the basis of Geomath microsystem technology.

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  • Dynamics of the nonlinear neuro-physiological systems identifying the presence of chaotic elements. The mutual information approach and surrogate data method are used for comprehensive characterization on the basis of Geomath microsystem technology.

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  • The potential of using smartphone sensor data (accelerometer and compass) in order to track the location of the person holding the device using dead reckoning algorithms. Two approaches - assess their performance in different real life inspired scenarios.

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  • Development of a intelligent hybrid models for short-term forecasting of the expected operationg condition EPS, based on the combined use of ANN and HHT. Analisys of dinamic of change in EPS parameters operating conditions. Experimental calculations.

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  • Сенсоры и датчики в умных часах, принцип их работы. Конструкция простейшего акселерометра. Основное свойство механического гироскопа, его использование в мобильных устройствах и игровых приставках. Датчики сердечного ритма и электропроводимости кожи.

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  • New approach to remote sensing, which combines the spectral and polarization-metric characteristics of signals. Theory for the case of rain monitoring by an active monostatic radar. Examples of the spectral polarimetric approach in various fields.

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  • Создание spice-модели компонентов для моделирования схемы в среде Altium Designer. Определение параметров полупроводниковых приборов, индуктивных элементов и цифровых компонентов. Методика расчетов в процессе проектирования цифровых электронных схем.

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  • The method of calculation and construction of the stability border and the region in the plane of two parameters. Diagram of a typical stabilization system. The structural diagram of a system with fission of forming channels of stabilization moment.

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  • Tools of the trade. Ideas about electricity. Farad as the capacitance value. ICs, oscillators and filters. The aircuit of the astable multi-vibrator circuit. Diods as the simplest component in the range of devices. Voila as a diode characteristic curve.

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  • The essence of conservative deterministic methods of determining interference. Electromagnetic compatibility of mobile services. The levels of the interference field strength at the receiver. Building a stochastic model of functioning of a station.

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  • Nb-Al-N films were deposited by magnetron sputtering of the Nb and Al targets supplied to the magnetron devices with the Al target. The results of nano- and microindentation of the deposited films. The use of nanocomposites as wear-resistant coatings.

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  • The article is devoted to the researches the accuracy of the measurement of range by the multifrequency phase method. The sources of error of probing signals are identified: instability of frequency probing signal, error of measurement amplitude.

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  • Investigation of the influence of the electromagnetic field of high-voltage power transmission lines on railway chains and continuous automatic cockpit signaling. Development of methods for increasing the noise immunity of the automatic control system.

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