• Metadata - an organized information which defines, explains and facilitate easy retrieval and management information resources. Web technologies like a mechanism that contributes to the growth rate of implementation of electronic learning platforms.

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  • Diagram of the energy spectrum and impurity states for doped PbTe-based alloys. Temperature dependence of the relative resistance for PbTe(In) films. Photoelectric instabilities in a film induced by a combined effect of illumination and slight heating.

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  • Are given the method of determination of angular parameters, which is used in micromechanical inertial-satellite systems, constructed by the method of compensation or based on the reduced Kalman filter. Measurement errors of angles are investigated.

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  • Requirements for electronic equipment, for the quality and reliability of each element of the product. An overview of methods for creating a web application with a database and information about the reliability of computing and telecommunication systems.

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  • Modelling of Chaotic Rossler System in LabView. Time dependences of the Rossler system. Fourier spectral analysis when the number of iterations. Software interface for masking and decryption of the information carrier with the chaotic Rossler system.

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  • Making the Project Studio Pay for Itself. Live/On-Location Recording: A Different Animal. Loudness Levels: The Decibel (dB). Primary Factors Governing Studio and Control Room Acoustics. Microphones: Design and Application. Speaker and Room Considerations.

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  • Characteristics of different flat multi-band antennas, their purpose, features of the production, and measurement. Description of antenna parameters, their advantages and disadvantages. The results of the modal and full-wave analysis of antennas.

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  • A comprehensive study of the communication of the best British museums on the Facebook network. Maintaining contacts with followers, informing and entertaining the digital audience. Innovative and creative approaches in communication with the audience.

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  • US National Cybersecurity Strategy. A study of the positive practice of ensuring US cybersecurity in the context of its possible implementation in Ukraine. Creating a talent pool, increasing the potential of specialists in the field of cyber defense.

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  • Description wireless near field as trends in the development of applications for mobile devices. Features use of wireless communication for electronic payments, communication between the communication. Device communication and "smart" marketing posters.

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  • Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems. Improving the efficiency and responsiveness of radio communication to enhance the safety of navigation. Selective Calling controller. An analysis of the navigation environment while reducing the risk.

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  • Технология OLED как более дешёвая и качественная альтернатива существующих дисплеев. Модели телевизоров нового поколения с OLED-дисплеями. Их фундаментальные отличия от телевизоров технологии LCD/LED. Недостатки и преимущества этих двух технологий.

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  • Design of complex large-scale systems. Multilevel multiobjective optimization methodology that can be implemented in the computer-aided design software for technical means optimal choice. Scheme of the simulation table for navigation equipment testing.

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  • Analysis the algorithms of the synthesis of optimal structure. Investigation of parameters of the filter transfer functions matrix which enables to extract the vector of useful signals with the noise correction from the acceleration measuring data.

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  • Identification of linguistic means of objectifying the latent category of otherness as a parameter of communication. Comprehensive consideration of English and Russian examples of the objectification of otherness as a parameter of communication.

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  • Расчет целесообразности внедрения автоматизированного тестирования. Оценка рентабельности инвестиций с точки зрения эффективности использования ресурсов и минимизации рисков. Способы сокращения издержек на внедрение автоматизированного тестирования.

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  • Generator frequency tags, the structural scheme of the sweep generator frequency determinant. Analysis of changes in the frequency of the generator harmonics. The relationship between the nonlinearity coefficient and multiplier nonlinearity of the sweep.

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  • The use of social and communicative technologies in the formation of an emotionally colored positive image of the university. Components of the formation of the image of the university in the context of their qualitative and quantitative indicators.

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  • The modern methods of evaluation time for study electronic devices for low-level noise. Qualitative determination of reliability characteristics. Performance evaluation of monitoring tools of electronic products by the level of low-frequency noise.

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  • Research on the emergence of a new form of communication - Internet communication. The use of tweeting for communication purposes in the political sphere. Verbal means of expressing explicit and implicit persistence, the use of imperative constructions.

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  • Модифицированная Гарвардская архитектура 8-битных микроконтроллеров. Расширенное ядро микроконтроллеров среднего семейства. Контроллеры цифровой обработки сигналов dsPIC30F и dsPIC33F. Построение структурной схемы процессорного ядра микроконтроллеров.

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  • Frequency selective structures in the form of two-dimensional gratings with non-resonant elements are investigated. Expressions the main for the reflection and transmission coefficients for the gratings consisting of thin metal rectangles are obtained.

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  • Consideration of trends in the development of network digital communications and convergent media during the pandemic. Determination of the influence of communications on the legitimacy of political institutions and the formation of a new world order.

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  • The main accents of verbal and non-verbal communication between service providers and the deaf when providing services. Difficulties in performing service steps, assessing customer needs, providing information and ensuring a smooth service process.

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  • Characteristics of different technologies, printed electronics, focused on the needs of the optimal circuit applications. Development of new materials and processes for use of the opportunities that exist at the intersection of Economics and engineering.

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  • The concept and the basic principles of electronics as a scientific field, the history of its development and modern achievements. Classification and types of antennas, basics principles of operation. The materials used in the manufacture of antennas.

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  • Familiarization with the concept of field-effect transistors. Laying out circuit boards and mounting RF devices. Classes of operation, forms of modulation, biasing, and operating in a pulse mode. The basic factors affecting low power amplifier design.

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  • Collection, storage and analysis of information from a trade organization with synchronization and output to an application installed on a PC or smartphone. Development of an algorithm for creating a user recognition system in order to identify buyers.

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  • Researching software to compare noise at the input of the incoherent scatter radar to improve the constants without information from the ionospheric stations. Assessment of the ionosphere and to determine the conditions for short-wave communication.

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  • The scope of regulation of telecommunications. Regulation of the provision of telecommunications services. Basically kinds of choices to define regulatory approaches. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Broad Regulatory Alternatives Concerning Innovation.

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