• Integration of Ukraine into the global economy. The sustainable development and competitiveness in a highly competitive, economic crisis. The real ways of adapting staff to a market economy. Motivation as an effective personnel management factor.

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  • Rewards and employee satisfaction. Rewards and motivation. Equity and participation. Compensation systems: the dilemmas of practice. Management’s influence on attitudes toward money. Pay for performance. Russian management’s approach to motivation.

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  • The process of choice of future profession. Entering at the university and study marketing or management after school. Organizing the work of company and how to direct people. Studying in the marketing an university the ways company sells its products.

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  • Complexity as a key independent variable that influences subsequent decisions in the practice of project management. Operations management, practice of the emergency, description of complex projects. Project management and systematic monitoring.

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  • In the current economic conditions, characterized by high uncertainty and tax burden on industries, special importance is given to the improvement of decision-making speed in the field of taxation. An important component of that is operative tax planning.

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  • Features of management of social infrastructure of industrial enterprises and the possibility of achieving efficiency of provision of social infrastructure for different components. Organizational-economic mechanism of management of social infrastructure.

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  • Organizational and economic trends enhancing enterprise readiness to implement changes such as the methods of readiness assessment, the elements of change management program and organization structure, the instruments of overcoming changes resistance.

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  • The concept and importance of organizational culture, the principles of its formation and evaluation criteria. Features of organizational culture adopted by the company Nokia, its structure and specific features, development history and future prospects.

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  • The organizational structure of enterprise management in modern conditions. The feasibility of using the different types of organizational structures of management at the enterprise to effectively support the implementation of the selected policy.

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  • Familiarity with the preconditions of using outsourcing in the process of project management. Consideration of the types of outsourcing services. Features of use of outsourcing in Ukraine at the present stage. The essence of the concept of outsourcing.

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  • Кpeaтивныe тeхнологии cотpудничecтвa c пepcонaлом оpгaнизaции. Организационно-правовая характеристика ООО "Возрождение". Совepшeнcтвовaниe и paзpaботкa тeхнологии упpaвлeния пepcонaлом в оpгaнизaции. Pacпpeдeлeниe клиeнтов pecтоpaнa по возpacту.

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  • The approach to determining the labor motivation level of personnel. The major ways of labor motivation methods' enhancement within the human resources management. Senior, middle and lower level managers, specialists and workers of production divisions.

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  • Влияние внутренней и внешней среды на деятельность предприятия. Инновационный метод анализа в стратегическом управлении. Краткая характеристика ОАО "Газпром". Миссия и основные цели организации. Экономическая ситуация на мировом энергетическом рынке.

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  • Уровни и виды планирования. Типичные ошибки планирования и их последствия. Структура разбиения работ. Презентация: общие правила организации и проведения. Цели и задачи PR-проекта. Целевая аудитория и вовлеченные группы. Ожидание результата PR компании.

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  • The concepts of a business model and an innovation business model. The factors that influence business models development. The classification of effective innovation business model. The elements of a successful business model in modern dynamic markets.

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  • The extent of use of tools and techniques from project management books. The age of the respondents. the start-up progress based on extended product lifecycle model. Tools and techniques from entrepreneurial books ordered from their extent of use.

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  • The construction of the criterion matrix qualimetric evaluation of innovative potential of personnel. Characteristics of measures to optimize the innovative abilities and capabilities of workers. Determination of the level of innovative potential.

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  • The discriminant analysis, decision trees, and expert systems for static decisions, and dynamic programming, linear programming, and Markov chains for dynamic decision models. Raising or lowering the credit limit and Authorizing a specific charge.

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  • Strategies that may use the organization to search for qualified candidates to fill vacancies. List the advantages and disadvantages of each type of strategy. Hiring from domestic sources, search for contenders in the internet and through the job fair.

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  • The concept of strategic management as an objective reality, post-industrial economy. The study of types and models of strategic management in Ukraine and abroad. The flaws in the traditional strategic management system in a stable market environment.

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