• The objective employee’s performance evaluation existence importance, the efforts of organisations to increase their workforce productive potential are relevant. The actual condition of employee evaluation systems in organisations operating in Slovakia.

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  • Общие положения по оплате труда в Казахстане. Формы и системы оплаты труда. Анализ обеспеченности и эффективности использования трудовых ресурсов предприятия. Оценка использования фонда рабочего времени. Мотивация труда и повышение эффективности работы.

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  • Typical structure of project communication technology (ICT). Engineering and construction individual or collaborative enterprise. Benchmarking the state-of-the-art information and ICT infrastructure. Management of major-sized the enterprise engineering.

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  • The impact of collection, integration, collaboration and analysis of large volumes of data on management principles in various industries is still to describe. Analyze the ways how public agencies are developing in data experience in benchmark countries.

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  • Предпосылки возникновения и история появления профессии BTL-специалист. Функциональные обязанности BTL-директора. Требования к навыкам и личным качествам специалиста. Перспективы роста и оплата труда. Востребованность на рынке труда и известные личности.

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  • Identifing the basic message implied by the text. The new breed of international managers, educated according to the most modern management philosophies. Preparing to make a telephone call. Promoting brands and product. Leading an intelligent business.

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  • Personnel management as a factor in organizational strategy. Use of information technologies to establish the relationship between personnel and the goals of the organization. The concept of business intelligence in the context of personnel strategy.

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  • The role of the concept of the business model in strategic management. The identification of key components of business models, and using them as a classification attribute. A new approach that describes the types of business models existing in practice.

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  • Analysis of business plan structure of language club. Analysis of Legal and juridical aspects based on the law system of the Russian Federation. Study of financial aspects of the club’s work and risk management. Evaluation of strategic firm’s development.

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  • Determination of the foundations of management analysis for the adoption of economically-informed decisions, assessing the reliability of partners and technology management analysis, to determine the most optimal variant of tax policy of the company.

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  • The paper describes the approaches to strategic management of companies' development. Basic elements and tendencies are outlined and the model of strategic management of companies' development in the emerging innovation economy of Kazakhstan is formed.

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  • Theoretical principles of logistic risks are analyzed, description of logistic risk as an economic category is formed. The improved algorithm of risk management in the logistic system of enterprise, which must be sent to the achievement of minimum risk.

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  • A scheme of investment decision making in the company. Analysis of the most popular methods of risk assessment in investment project efficiency evaluation. A model of ranking investment projects under study by their implementation preference level.

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  • The analysis of reports on the last researches in area of project management office. Comparison of approaches in project management at the entities with PMO of different levels of a maturity and without it. role and objectivity of the customer feedback.

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  • The importance of corporate culture, its formation and implementation, also deals with the research made on a Slovak transport company. A new model for corporate culture. Corporate culture is affected by permanent confrontation with business priorities.

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  • The study explores the corporate practices and procedures to deploy user-driven innovations. Presented study also discusses key terms of the user-driven innovation approach based on the strong analysis of research papers and various concepts comparison.

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  • The status of crisis management in a comprehensive management system organizational unit. Principles to solve critical situations, system of response management to critical situations. The contents of operational crisis plan of the selected municipality.

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  • Изучение понятия Customer Relationship Management, стратегии поведения компании, позволяющей управлять жизненным циклом клиента в организации. Анализ типов классификации CRM-систем. Характеристика проблем, возникающих при отсутствии единой системы CRM.

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  • Система управления взаимоотношениями с клиентами: понятие, функции, цели, элементы (продажи, маркетинг, поддержка потребителей). Понятие клиентской базы. Классификации CRM-систем (операционная, аналитическая, коллаборативная). Центры "горячей линии".

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  • Рассмотрение преимуществ использования CRM-систем в управлении взаимоотношениями с клиентами. Определение основных функциональных блоков CRM-систем. Определение основных свойств, на которых базируется качество функционала обслуживания клиентов.

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