• The concept of "sex" as a necessary element of the concept of sexuality, the point in the formation of attitudes toward themselves and others. Autotheoretical reading of Foucault’s examination of the body as the subject bio-power and disciplinary power.

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  • Физиологические и психологические симптомы аддикции. Исследование причин возникновения состояния привязанности к определенной деятельности в современной психологической науке. Ознакомление с наиболее распространенными формами аддиктивного поведения.

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  • Learning concepts of stressor - a chemical or biological agent, environmental condition, external stimulus or an event that causes stress to an organism. Familiarization with concepts and types of a stress: eustress, distress, psychological stress.

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  • The blue color is a symbol of loyalty, sensibility and affection. It is an expression of reliability, integrity, trust and loyalty. Calming effect on the central nervous system and the entire body. Lovers of blue and their psychological characteristics.

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  • Метод Мозгового Штурма, история его появления. Основные виды, этапы и правила проведения Мозгового Штурма. Порядок распределения ролей участников, требования к ним. Отбор генераторов идей и формирование групп. Типичные ошибки и примеры Мозгового Штурма.

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  • Familiarity with the principles and methods of communication. General characteristics of the electronic communication system, the main features. Analysis of the functions of the organizational structure. Consideration of the purposes of audio-visual aids.

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  • The national characteristics of England. The influence of the domestic habits countrywomen o the prevalence of religious instruction. Coldness of English women ought only to be regarded as a means adopted for the preservation of their purity of mind.

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  • Causes loss of memory and mental capacity of the person. Review of studies on the relationship between Alzheimer's disease and cognitive disorders. Psychological regularities of development of cognitive engagement. Risk factors of brain diseases.

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  • Cognitive aspects of moral decision making as an intellectual phase of moral choice. The theory of cognitive development proposed by American psychologist L. Kohlberg, which could be applicable to the analysis of reasoning in the decision making process.

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  • Поведінка етнічного "Іншого" в залежності від культурної моделі, яка притаманна етнічній спільноті. Комунікативна взаємодія з етнічним "Іншим" на основі врахування вимог культури. Цінності представників індивідуальних та колективістських спільнот.

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  • Направления специальной психологии. Факторы психического развития. Классификация психического дизонтогенеза. Психологическая диагностика и коррекция при умственной отсталости. Лингвистические нарушения речи. Типология акцентуаций характеров подростков.

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  • Нейропсихологический подход к исследованию когнитивного развития детей в предшкольном возрасте. Развитие основных блоков мозга. Экспериментальное исследование когнитивных функций детей, живущих в городской и сельской местности, морфо- и функциогенез.

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  • Основные симптомы стресса, его интеллектуальные симптомы и проявления. Основные виды стресса, представленные в современной психологической литературе. Способы повышения стрессоустойчивости. Специальные техники по преодолению стрессового влияния.

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  • The physical presentation of depression. Dysregulation of Serotonin (5HT) and Norepinephrine (NE) in the brain. Emotional and physical symptoms of modern depression. Treatment outcome: effect on work and social functioning of depressed patients.

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  • Social support and developmental psychopathology. The multiple determinants of parenting. Psychological developmental approaches to children with mental retardation. Social anxiety and emotion regulation. A synthesis of research across five decades.

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  • Study one of the basic principles of the interactionist perspective in social psychology which is that we come to see ourselves as others see us, through processes role of deliverer or reflected appraisals, and influence the opinions of others on us.

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  • Determining the level of emotional development of students - physical therapists and teachers of physical education. Differences between groups of students depending on the direction of education and sex. The propensity to interpersonal abilities.

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  • The philosophical behaviorism as a position on the mind-body problem. The functionalist arguments about multiple realizability. The Goals of Scientic Research. The differences between a physical object in the world and its optical image on retina.

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  • Psychology and Common Sense. The support and structure of neurons. The Growth of the Central Nervous System. Sociobiology and sexual behaviour. Psychosomatic disorders and panic attacks. Hunger and the Control of Food Intake. The Development of Emotion.

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  • The study of the interaction of gender and ethnicity as a factor in the isolation of a person that deeply affects the formation of personality, as well as a review of research on gender socialization and ethnic identity of minorities in American society.

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