• The combination of creative understanding with scientific precision to produce a startling account of the mind working at its potential. Demonstration of sociocultural circumstances of interactions with personality traits to encourage the creative mind.

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  • The study of the influence of the Internet and social networks on human activity. Assessment of development of personal qualities of human interaction online. The description of the user equipment and the specifics of user engagement on the network.

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  • Тpевoжнoсть как индивидуальнo-психoлoгическая oсoбеннoсть беpеменных женщин, пpичины ее нервного состояния пo пoвoду пpедстoящих poдoв. Хаpактеpистика эмoциoнальнoгo сoстoяния молодой девушки. Oсoбеннoсти психoпpoфилактическoй пoдгoтoвки к poдам.

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  • History of Personality Traits. Personality Traits and States. Cattell's Theory of Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence. Arousability Theory and the Biological Basis of Personality and Intelligence. Agreeableness, Modesty, and Test-Taking Attitudes.

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  • Consideration of developing and gaming complex, which was built for implementation in the educational process of primary school-manipulyatyviv games. Enhancing modal-specific resources, motivational cognitive process by bringing in memory of the child.

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  • The Psychoanalytic Theory of Psychotherapevtic Change. Psychotherapy Manuals: A Small Revolution in Research and Practice. Expressive Techniques: Listening and Understanding, Responding and Listening Again. Variations and Adjuncts, analogic Summaries.

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  • The analysis of productivity as the ratio of output to inputs in production. The discussion how to work like an expert. What do our brains prefer to do instead. The habits of productive people. The art of staying disciplined. Productivity & multitasking.

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  • Chess players on psychology is the questions of style. Intuition, factors affecting attention. Individual characteristics affecting attention. Controlling one's emotions. Effects and Cures of Time Trouble. Tournament tactics, Looking at one's opponent.

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  • Guide to experiencing the underlying unity that is Quantum Consciousness. Over eighty exercises to explore and experience the quantum approach to problem resolution. Consciousness in Quantum Psychology has been defined as an ability to know distinctions.

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  • Development of adolescents with congenital and acquired pathology as the most important problem of psychological science and practice. Study of possible psychological and physiological abnormalities in the development of a child with cerebral palsy.

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  • Metods of teaching comunicative skills in psychology. The analysis of role-playing activities in their combination with other English teaching at all stages of an English lesson. The most effective exercises for developing students' communication skills.

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  • Addiction: definition and classifications. А particular group of symptoms which are common for addiction. The Internet as an opportunity and a threat. The problem of addiction to computer and Internet. Prevention of Internet addiction.

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  • A person’s visible behavior as a result of a variety of influencing factors. The promotion of mutually beneficial cooperation in close human relationships - the purpose of interpersonal competencies. The main components of intrapersonal intelligence.

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  • Subject of cross-cultural psychology. The ethical problems of data collection. Ethnocentric or egocentric perception. The differences of cross-cultural psychology and cultural psychology. The psychological implications of intercultural communication.

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  • The article defines the role, psychological profile and factors of socially responsible personality development. Rapid development of society needs the intensive formation of a socially responsible personality at colleges and universities around a world.

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  • Statistics in Psychology: Data, Models. Graphical Methods of Displaying Data. Simple Linear Regression and Multiple Regression Analysis. Distribution-Free and Computationally Intensive Methods. Analysis of Categorical Data I Contingency Tables.

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  • Види сторітеллінга або розповідання історій – широковживаної на Заході техніки переконання. Елементи впливової історії. Смисл, закладений і переданий в ній, як правило, передбачаючий "дію у відповідь". Комерційний сторітеллінг як маркетинговий інструмент.

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  • Analysis of to the problem of contemporary factors of stress in modern Japan. Study of stress forms, its impact on individuals, and its reasons after the post-Bubble era. Characteristic of mechanisms of coping with stress in modern Japanese culture.

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  • Influence of gelatin on the loss of mass and speed of transformations which take place in a product structured at permanent speed of his heating is investigated by the thermogravimetric method. Installing energy dependence of activation processes.

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  • The problem of professional burnout of teachers of technical specialties of higher education. Score of teacher’s satisfaction, which is located in the negative zone. Conditions of organization of production activity. Signs of material satisfaction.

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