• Determining the percentage composition of the cell population structures, morphological and densitometric analysis neurons by identifying areas of neurons, nuclei and nucleoli, the content of RNA and depending on the age aspects of Wistar male rats.

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  • The concept and features of the Enlightenment, an assessment of its role and significance in the history of mankind. Prominent representatives and timing of this period, their achievements and directions of research. The ideals, humanitarian foundations.

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  • Active methods of socio-psychological learning for development, self-improvement and self-realization of personality. Analysis of the psychological characteristics of people of different age groups, determining the scope of their leisure preferences.

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  • Studing of the age-related changes of the fundamental pitch value, the intensity and duration of syllables. The degree of variability of these parameters for accentuation of stressed syllables in the speech of participants in telephone communications.

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  • Age peculiarities of the personality of women who have undergone mastectomy as a result of disease of breast cancer. Effect of mastectomy on the personality of women, the spread of ippohondrique states. Neuroticism of personality and social exclusion.

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  • The main problems in the investment manager: get additional benefits, avoidance of risk. Features of the decision on capital investment: assessing the company's budget, marketing research, the results of the audit. Evaluation of budget expenditures.

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  • Overview of short economic fluctuations. An analysis of three key facts about economic fluctuations. Studying the aggregate demand curve. Determine the reasons why the aggregate demand curve is downward. Estimation of shifts in the demand curve.

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  • Research predicting bankruptcy for Russian companies. A comparison of approaches to modeling financial difficulties for private companies with financial and non-financial variables. Features a variety of models before and after the economic crisis.

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  • Analysis of the likely effect of agri-environmental policy on other environmental issues: nutrient pollution and soil erosion. European Union agriculture policy provides an important opportunity to improve environmental management in the farming sector.

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  • Сontribution of individual Soviet scientists in the development of agriculture as a science and agriculture in the middle of the nineteenth - early twentieth century. In particular examines the works of eminent scholars А. Bolotov, D. Mendeleev and others

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  • The study Tayloristic principles of work organization as a system of accepted norms of the Communist leadership and the ideologists of the Soviet regime, which became the dominant practice in the farms of Hungary the transition to a market economy.

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  • Feature of the resource potential of Ukrainian agriculture. The black earth as one of the fruitful soil types. Statistics on the export of sunflower oil. The main problems of the agricultural sector of Ukraine. Agriculture Canada, their characteristics.

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  • Research of the state of the agro-industrial complex of the Primorye Territory in the context of the socio-economic development of the Asia-Pacific region. Substantiation of efficiency and future prospects of joint ventures and infrastructure development.

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  • Research the variation in the agronomic practice, crop yields and economic returns indicated in the agrotechniques. Study of basic biological and morphological characteristics of medicinal plants that play a significant role in modern medicine.

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  • Вплив тривалості спільного кокультивування калюсів з агробактерією на вбудовування дезоксирибонуклеїнової кислоти. Особливості позитивного впливу антибіотика цефотаксима на морфогенез у культурі апікальних меристем пагонів і зрілих зародків пшениці.

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  • The paper presents Agrotourism as a form of service development in rural areas. Agritourism was presented as an important part of rural development. Also as the development of related industries in this connection - trade, catering, food processing.

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  • Familiarization with the result of analysis of the effectiveness of aid to Ukraine and its capacity to support economic and democratic reforms in the country. Development of improvements in order to increase aid impact on the reform process in Ukraine.

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  • Создание Airbus Industries. Разработка самолетов для перегруженных авиалиний. Разработка самолета А300 ZERO-G для имитации условий невесомости. Характеристика самолетов. Конкуренция с "Боингом". Устранение конкурентов корпорации "Макдоннел-Дуглас".

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  • Abu Nasr Muhammad al-Farabi - the founder of philosophy within the Islamic world. Synthesis of metaphysics and Sufism in the ideas of the philosopher. Translating the works Aristotle and Plato. The concept of happiness in the al-Faribi’s philosophy.

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  • The land bridge, now recalled as Beringia, as the first gateway to Alaska. The Eskimos: Flexible Residents of the Arctic. The Athabascans: Nomads of the Interior. The Northwest Coast Indians. From the Russian Empire to the United States of America.

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