• Problem of disappearance of rare species of animals and birds on Alaska. Black bears, American elks and musk oxen. Decrease in quantity of sea otters and petrels. Mission of restoration of the wild nature. Program of researches of University Ferbanks.

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  • A brief sketch of the life, the stages of personal and academic formation of the Albert Einstein. Areas of activity of the scientist and the assessment of its achievements. The theory of relativity, the content and scope of practical application.

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  • Сhildhood and youth of Alexander Dovzhenko; the history of his family in "Autobioghaphy". Education; becaming a movie director; years of war; the most famous Dovzhenko’s movies: "Ukraine in the fire", "Michurin", "Enchanted Desna"; the last years of life.

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  • Alexander Fleming - British bacteriologist and biochemist, who discovered penicillin. His biography, early life, research (good antiseptics, diseases were caused by germs that attack human beings). Honours, awards. A statue of Alexander Fleming in Madrid.

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  • Alexander Gorchakov - a Russian statesman from the princely family. Early life and career. Participation in the domestic reforms of the reign of Alexander II. Gorchakov and Bismarck: politic battle of chancellors. Development of peasant reform projects.

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  • Логотип компании "Alfa Romeo". Первый автомобиль с новым именем. Решение проводить ежегодный чемпионат Европы по автогонкам серии Гран-при. Дебют гоночной модели "Alfa Romeo Р1". Производство военных грузовиков. Модельный ряд Альфа Ромео в 2015 году.

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  • Definition and characterization of the alginate-hydroxyapatite beads that potentially which can be used for drug release due to the adsorptive properties. Investigation and consideration of the main features of alginatecontrolled crystallization.

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  • Determination of torque on the shaft of auger intensifier, power consumption, energy intensity and productivity of the backfilling workflow. Evaluation of soil properties, geometric parameters of the screw intensifier and speed of the bulldozer.

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  • A Bayesian algorithm for determining the statistical accuracy factor, which can be used to estimate the accuracy characteristics of on-board automatic landing system on the stage of operational control. Solution of the statistical accuracy problem.

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  • The main stages of the development and implementation of strategies to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Characteristics of competitive behavior of effective development of agrarian enterprises with different degree of cunning of firms.

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  • Analysis of the existing methods of the automatic regulation of the process of the drying of timber. Algorithm of the regulator of kiln drier. The need of regulating the drying process taking into account the characteristics of wood and drying agent.

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  • Hereditary Information and Protein Biosynthesis. Gel Electrophoresis and Direct Sequencing. Generalized Sux Trees and the Substring Problem. Ecient Computation of Overlaps. Denition and Scoring of Multiple Alignments. The FASTA and BLAST Heuristic.

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  • A bird's-eye view of modern cryptography. Preliminaries and Defining security in cryptography. Elementary number theory and algebra background. Approximations using partial Greatest common divisors computations. Birthday-based algorithms for functions.

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  • Development of software and algorithm of the information system for monitoring fires. Possibilities detecting fire from sensor, predicting its spread and assessing the source of ignition. Realization of information through sound and visual signals.

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  • Development of the mathematical model of invariant image processing in the visual system. The principles of constructing a functional that reaches a maximum when the values of the transformations are equal to the hidden transformations of the signal.

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  • Characteristics of traditional African clothing, its change over time, the use of embroidery. Main food ingredients (meat, vegetables, bulbs, fruits, nuts, and seafood). Features of greeting people when meeting, аfrican weapon, respect for their culture.

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  • Polymers, inorganic and organic, amorphous and crystalline substances consisting of "Monomeric units" connected in a long macromolecule chemical bonds. Molecular modeling of melting process of solid polymers in the transition and plastic deformation.

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  • Особливості навчального середовища, в якому відбувалося формування майбутніх інженерів-електриків наприкінці ХІХ - на початку ХХ століть та наукового потенціалу Електротехнічного інституту. Розвиток освітнього центру, що розробляв напрямки науки.

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  • City of National importance, the largest national financial, scientific and cultural center. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Kazakhstan, situated in the foothills of the Zailisky Alatau Mountains. In the medieval era it was the Almatu locality.

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  • Parameters alpha-nuclear interaction potential. Potential barrier formed by the Coulomb, nuclear and centrifugal forces. Selection of the experimental data on the half-lives of 344 alpha-active nuclei and capture cross sections of alpha particles.

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