• Analysis of the official-business style of speech. Linguistic characteristics emotional valence of written applications. The structure of the most common lexical revolutions in American media speech. Consideration of oral and written communications.

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  • Reactivity and Annulation of Another Ring to an Isoxazole Ring. Reactivity at the Ring Atoms. Reactivity of the Substituents. Syntheses of Condensed Heterocyclic Systems from Aminoisoxazoles. Ring Openings and Rearrangements. Synthesis of Aminoisoxazoles.

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  • The surfactants have been objects of studies all over the world. Development of approach to surfactants with controllable structure and properties based on the natural raw materials applicable for cosmetics production as dispersed systems stabilizers.

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  • Исследование качественных проб ракообразных, собранных в водоемах Харьковской области. Изучение видового состава бокоплавов и его изменения под воздействием антропогенных факторов. Приведение аннотированного списка бокоплавов и ключей для их определения.

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  • Feature information transmission in the form of electromagnetic waves. Carrying out the method of amplitude modulation of the sound in the mid-1870s. Exposure frequency inflexion effects of physical barriers. The primary analysis of popularity FM-radio.

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  • The model and structure of the intrusion detection system, which is built on the basis of immunological principles. Detecting the network traffic status. The decision rules for the classification of States of network traffic of a computer network.

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  • A method for obtaining nonlinear dependencies of type, which based on the use of the function of linearizing the numerical dependencies of spreadsheets. Approximation for the conversion degree of a chemical reaction as a function of 2-3 parameters.

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  • Three Myths Surrounding Black Consciousness Ideology. Elements of an Archaeological Approach. Adapting Archaeology for the Analysis of Ideologies. The Myths of Black Consciousness Contested. Ideology, Domination, Counter-hegemony. The Genealogical Turn.

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  • The method of reducing costs and increasing the strength of threaded joints, which are currently used in every field of human activity. Experimental research on the relation between thermal treatment and strength of adhesively sealed joints was con

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  • Analysis of systems for monitoring the parameters of the telecommunication network with increased information content of the point measurements. Designing the structure of the upgraded monitoring system for the stationary and mobile measurement devices.

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  • Empirical studies of transaction costs the Norwegian oil industry over a five year period. Management of organizational behavior in order to reduce costs. Cooperative relations franchisee and the franchisor; improving the administration of transactions.

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  • Kompyutinhove storage as one of the paradigms of periodic training neural networks through the use of rekurrentnoyi other indicators. The new approach, which focuses on learning fuzzy systems thatand its parameters are adapting their structure online.

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  • An ideal tourist should consult a professional travel agent about a holiday. Fundamental rules make a hotel reservation and the cheapest accommodation. The procedure for customs clearance. Tourist leaflets and the seasons in the destination resort.

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  • An analysis of the empirical metaphysics of political speech on terrorism. Empirical metafunktsiya within the framework of system functional linguistics. Analysis of the transience of the text. Identification of commonly used types of processes in speech.

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  • Analysis the needs testing in language teacher training at universities in Ukraine. Examination of test quality, considering feedback from colleagues. The ideas of training teachers by using collegially plan. Review and improving self-constructed tests.

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  • The benefits of using improved magnetic materials for electric devices. The mechanism of effect of magnetic field on the formation of ferrite particles in the polymer matrix composites. The calculation of the amount of filler in a phase transition.

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  • Cryptography is the science of using mathematics to encrypt and decrypt data. PGP data compression routines, the random numbers used as session keys, the message digest. Compromised passphrase and private key. Protecting against bogus timestamps.

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  • To develop an extension to a traditional RDF model of describing knowledge graph in accordance with the standards of the Semantic Web. The concept of Executable Knowledge for Protege based on traditional types of properties within the RDF model.

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  • Types of knowledge-based systems. Logic, rules and representation. The use of registered names, trademarks in engineering. Expert systems, neural networks, genetic algorithms, case-based reasoning systems and methodologies of intelligent agents.

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  • An Introduction to Cryptography: Simple substitution ciphers, Divisibility and Common Divisors. Discrete Logarithms and Diffie–Hellman. The index calculus and discrete logarithms. Combinatorics, Probability and Information Theory, Digital Signatures.

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