• Дослідження проблем трансформації влади в сучасній Україні. Провідні сучасні доктрини реформування ООН. Ідеологічне забезпечення процесу встановлення американського зовнішньополітичного гегемонізму. Теза про відсутність демократичної легітимності в OOH.

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  • Становлення класового суспільства. Конкубінат і чоловіки в контексті загальних оцінок конкубінату та законності за нормами класичного періоду. Суперечність законодавства Октавіана Августа щодо конкубінату та становища в ньому вільнонародженого чоловіка.

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  • Learning the basics feedback theory. Application of differential input, single-ended output amplifiers. Isolation amplifiers, which provide galvanic isolation between sections of a system. Operating principles of analog filters, audio/video amplifiers.

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  • Изучение компьютерной программы по разработке методов сетевого планирования как способа управления проектами. Анализ функциональных возможностей календарного планирования Open Plan. Поддерживающие программу операционные системы семейства Microsoft.

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  • Assay of the results of bench vibration testing of frames of electric train carriages ER1 and ER2. Rating of the development of cracks in the most stressed points of load-carrying structures of bodies with the achievement of their dangerous dimensions.

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  • Characteristics of the organization of service in a private bank. Opening of transactional and savings accounts in a credit institution. Distribution of supply chain management processes. The operation of finding an invoice with a banking organization.

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  • Analysis of key documents of Basel Committee which concern operational risk governance and identifies the interconnectedness between risk source, type of the event leading to losses. The comparative characteristic of the main operational risk governance.

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  • Strategic decision making process. Problems of designing operations. A management area that specializes in the physical production of goods or services and uses quantitative methods to solve production problems. The Operations Management System.

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  • Two variants of the operative conditions of heat and power plants with technological schemes where heat pumps are used for utilizing the heat of exhaust gases of steam generators. System of the automatic control of frequency and power as power system.

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  • In the current economic conditions, characterized by high uncertainty and tax burden on industries, special importance is given to the improvement of decision-making speed in the field of taxation. An important component of that is operative tax planning.

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  • Features of the development of renewable energy sources in the production of transport biofuels, its importance for the economy of Poland and Ukraine. The main economic, environmental and political factors affecting the development of the biofuels sector.

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  • The tourism industry as the main branch of the economy and folklore. Ferghana Valley as one big oasis, with a wonderful climate and fertile land. Highlighted the existing opportunities for the development of folklore tourism in the Fergana Valley.

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  • The possibilities of history course of the Middle Ages in the formation of civil competence of students are considered. The resources that can be used in the formation of cognitive, axiological and procedural components of civil competence are analyzed.

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  • A mythical paradigm of organized rural society. Traditional reality in folk culture. The life of children and the elderly in rural communities. Social and economic marginalization of society. The opposition "native-stranger" in folk culture in Poland.

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  • Short for Optical Character Recognition or Optical Character Reader is the process of taking an image of letters or typed text/ Main features of text recognition. Matrix matching and feature extraction. Matrix matching is the simpler and more common.

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  • Investigation of structural and spectral-luminescent properties of silica glasses and siliceous powders activated with CeO2:Ln3+. Analysis of the main features of the Ln3+ ions. Characteristic of relative intensity of magnetic dipole transitions of ions.

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  • The simulation of microscopic optical potential based on calculations of the one-particle Green function mass operator using the effective Skyrme nucleon-nucleon forces has been applied for analyzing powers of the elastic nucleon-nucleus scattering.

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  • Obtaining via hydrolysis of tetraethylorthosilicate in presence of template agent Pluronic P123 Ag/Au bimetallic nanoparticles in porous sol-gel silica films on glass. Definite amounts of AgNO3 and HAuCl4 by dip-coating procedure by a thermal treatment.

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  • Fabrication and optical properties of metal-dielectric nanostructures consisting of stacked monolayers of silver nanoparticles. Materials and samples preparation. Fabrication of multilayered nanostructures. The extinction spectra of the nanostructures.

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  • Build a model of diffusion of innovation, taking into account all promotional activities throughout the lifetime of an innovative product on the market. The analysis of the different advertising strategies of the intensity of advertising costs in time.

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