• One of the effective methods for solving such problems in case of piecewise-homogeneous environments is a one of hybrid integral transforms. It solves the problem of torsion of semi-bounded piecewise homogeneous elastic cylinder with various features.

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  • Electroencephalography and Magnetoencephalography provide insight into neuronal processes in the brain in a real-time scale. This renders these modalities particularly interesting for online analysis methods to visualize brain activity in real-time.

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  • Challenges for Online Education in Postsecondary Education. Technology enable education that is centric, individualized, interactive, making education more relevant to the needs of individuals. Traditional Education versus Online Education Based Models.

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  • The National Council of Teachers of English’s definition of reading. Online reading strategies. Benefits of Reading Online for Kids. Electronic book vs. printed texts in education. A comparison between E-book and Printed one. A book is a collection.

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  • Syntactic rules governing the system of logistics. Logistics systems as the definition of syntactic rules. Criteria formalized languages. Semantic evaluation system. Descriptive predicate that takes place in a sentence. Definition inherent in the system.

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  • Clinical parallels of in- and out-patient surgical treatment for nail ingrowth. Morphologic changes were studied; causes of unsatisfactory outcomes of chronic pathology complex treatment were analyzed for prospective approaches to preventing relapses.

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  • Дослідження проблем трансформації влади в сучасній Україні. Провідні сучасні доктрини реформування ООН. Ідеологічне забезпечення процесу встановлення американського зовнішньополітичного гегемонізму. Теза про відсутність демократичної легітимності в OOH.

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  • Становлення класового суспільства. Конкубінат і чоловіки в контексті загальних оцінок конкубінату та законності за нормами класичного періоду. Суперечність законодавства Октавіана Августа щодо конкубінату та становища в ньому вільнонародженого чоловіка.

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  • Learning the basics feedback theory. Application of differential input, single-ended output amplifiers. Isolation amplifiers, which provide galvanic isolation between sections of a system. Operating principles of analog filters, audio/video amplifiers.

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  • Изучение компьютерной программы по разработке методов сетевого планирования как способа управления проектами. Анализ функциональных возможностей календарного планирования Open Plan. Поддерживающие программу операционные системы семейства Microsoft.

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  • This article is devoted to the success of international interactions and focuses on the relevance of intercultural personality measurements: flexibility and openness. The results of quantitative research suggest that openness is important for success.

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  • Plan of Operation for the liberation of the Republic and a significant part of the Baltic states, the code name "Bagration" and showed a genuine example of military foresight and military art. Complete liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders.

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  • Assay of the results of bench vibration testing of frames of electric train carriages ER1 and ER2. Rating of the development of cracks in the most stressed points of load-carrying structures of bodies with the achievement of their dangerous dimensions.

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  • The study of solid waste management as an important environmental problem. Monitoring of air pollution at the site. Study of the technological stage of reclamation. Assessment of risks associated with emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.

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  • Characteristics of the organization of service in a private bank. Opening of transactional and savings accounts in a credit institution. Distribution of supply chain management processes. The operation of finding an invoice with a banking organization.

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  • Analysis of key documents of Basel Committee which concern operational risk governance and identifies the interconnectedness between risk source, type of the event leading to losses. The comparative characteristic of the main operational risk governance.

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  • Strategic decision making process. Problems of designing operations. A management area that specializes in the physical production of goods or services and uses quantitative methods to solve production problems. The Operations Management System.

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  • Two variants of the operative conditions of heat and power plants with technological schemes where heat pumps are used for utilizing the heat of exhaust gases of steam generators. System of the automatic control of frequency and power as power system.

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  • In the current economic conditions, characterized by high uncertainty and tax burden on industries, special importance is given to the improvement of decision-making speed in the field of taxation. An important component of that is operative tax planning.

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  • Features of the development of renewable energy sources in the production of transport biofuels, its importance for the economy of Poland and Ukraine. The main economic, environmental and political factors affecting the development of the biofuels sector.

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