• Дослідження базових функцій Oracle ВІ Серверу. Огляд інфраструктури для управління сесіями, запитами та відмінами. Стадії компіляції вхідних запитів у програмний код. Доступ до інформації Oracle ВІ Server. Формування інтерактивних інформаційних панелей.

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  • Overview of maxillofacial manifestations of systemic and systemic diseases. Maxillofacial complex as a dynamic group of interconnected structures, mechanisms of identification of processes, including infectious, metabolic and immune system disorders.

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  • Peculiarities and Problems of oral translation. Difference between oral and written translation. Types Of Interpretation: Simultaneous interpreting (Linguistic peculiarities, Whispered interpretation), Sight language and Consecutive interpretation.

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  • Examination of the chaordic organizations characters of sport organizations. Characteristics of sport organizations (SO): commitment to innovation, coherence, uncertainty, non-linearity, etc. Degree of the characteristics selection States competent SO.

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  • The present day state of organ and cell transplantation services in Ukraine. Determination of the main problems of organ transplantation and hematopoietic stem cells in bone marrow. The creation of the National Agency on the transplantation and donation.

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  • Chemical properties of organic compounds derived from ammonia. The mechanism of substitution of hydrogen for hydrocarbon radicals within molecules. Classification of the most common amines. Familiarization with the formula for the secondary amine.

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  • The use of distance learning, the possibility of preparation of specialists of educational measurement. The organization of the educational process of higher educational institutions. Pedagogical approaches to conducting lectures and laboratory classes.

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  • Analysis of the external environment of industrial premises. Determination of moisture content, air flow and temperature of the surface facilities, equipment and thermal radiation. Moving air between rooms. Forming microclimate and thermal regime.

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  • Study of the problems of organizing the training in the system of higher education in Kazakhstan based on the implementation of the principles of the Bologna Declaration. Determination of learning factors, oriented on the personality of students.

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  • Quality assurance as the combination of organizational arrangements taken to ensure qualitative conformance of drugs with their purpose. Characteristics of the basic medical industries in which worldwide compounding preparations are widely applies.

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  • Features of management of social infrastructure of industrial enterprises and the possibility of achieving efficiency of provision of social infrastructure for different components. Organizational-economic mechanism of management of social infrastructure.

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  • Organizational and economic trends enhancing enterprise readiness to implement changes such as the methods of readiness assessment, the elements of change management program and organization structure, the instruments of overcoming changes resistance.

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  • The requirements for training the future information security specialists in higher education institutions. Organizational and teaching conditions of developing significant personal qualities of professionals. Theory of inventive problem solving.

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  • The concept and importance of organizational culture, the principles of its formation and evaluation criteria. Features of organizational culture adopted by the company Nokia, its structure and specific features, development history and future prospects.

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  • Features and characteristics of tourists with disabilities in the hotels of Ukraine. The analysis of the organizational structure and the production program. The development and application of proposals relating to the equipment rooms for the disabled.

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  • Familiarity with the organizational forms of public control. The peculiarities of social control as a form of social control. Characteristics of the main tasks of the public councils. The analysis of peculiarities of realization of the state policy.

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  • The organizational structure of enterprise management in modern conditions. The feasibility of using the different types of organizational structures of management at the enterprise to effectively support the implementation of the selected policy.

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  • Ensuring stable supply energy and material resources at affordable prices as the main external factor profitability. Support and deepen the competitive advantages of the chemical industry. The development strategies of key Ukrainian chemical enterprises.

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  • Organometallic complexes of Non-Transition Metals with Scandium, Titanium, and Vanadium Group Metals, with Chromium Group Metals, with Three, Two and One Carbonyl Groups. Meaning of polypyridine ligands, especially the formation rhenium and ruthenium.

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  • Non-transition elements. Titanium, vanadium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel group. Late transition and rare earth metals. Titanium and zirconium precursors give rise predominantly to the a-metallated species. Tantalum precursors non-transition elements.

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