• The concept and importance of organizational culture, the principles of its formation and evaluation criteria. Features of organizational culture adopted by the company Nokia, its structure and specific features, development history and future prospects.

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  • Features and characteristics of tourists with disabilities in the hotels of Ukraine. The analysis of the organizational structure and the production program. The development and application of proposals relating to the equipment rooms for the disabled.

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  • Familiarity with the organizational forms of public control. The peculiarities of social control as a form of social control. Characteristics of the main tasks of the public councils. The analysis of peculiarities of realization of the state policy.

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  • The organizational structure of enterprise management in modern conditions. The feasibility of using the different types of organizational structures of management at the enterprise to effectively support the implementation of the selected policy.

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  • Youth policy is determined by the national program, which sets out the objectives of the organization and financing options. The most common forms of youth tourism, their development in the world and in Latvia. Youth exchange programs and projects.

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  • Ensuring stable supply energy and material resources at affordable prices as the main external factor profitability. Support and deepen the competitive advantages of the chemical industry. The development strategies of key Ukrainian chemical enterprises.

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  • Organometallic complexes of Non-Transition Metals with Scandium, Titanium, and Vanadium Group Metals, with Chromium Group Metals, with Three, Two and One Carbonyl Groups. Meaning of polypyridine ligands, especially the formation rhenium and ruthenium.

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  • Non-transition elements. Titanium, vanadium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel group. Late transition and rare earth metals. Titanium and zirconium precursors give rise predominantly to the a-metallated species. Tantalum precursors non-transition elements.

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  • The study of the history and nature of Western attitudes towards the East, their perception of Orientalism as a powerful European ideological creation. A comparison of their culture, customs and beliefs based on the works of Homer, Disraeli and Kipling.

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  • Consideration of the composition of water, the isotopic structure of water in the process of the origin of life. Substantiation of the dependence of the maintenance of life on the physicochemical properties of water, its temperature, the hydrogen index.

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  • A case where a second orthograde retreatment was successful in the management of an infected mandibular right first molar that previously had received both orthograde and retrograde treatment. Diagnosis and treatment of the periapical radiolucency.

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  • The nature of institutions is nothing but their coming into being (nascimento) at certain times and in certain guises. Whenever the time and guise are thus and so, such and not otherwise are the institutions that come into being — Vico, The New Science.

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  • The definition and essence of the characteristics of pulmonary tuberculosis and its outcome after inpatient treatment depending on the genotype СУР2С19 patients. The signs of resorption and consolidation of the lung tissue and pulmonary destruction.

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  • The ability of modern students, the dependence on technology. The formation of a new cultural phenomenon influenced kommerzialisierung information society. Recording in the teaching of media literacy of today's students, their abilities and skills.

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  • Manifestations of hippie style clothing, the presence of ethnic components. Lifestyle, free from any conditionalities. The history of this subculture. Musical tastes, attitudes toward religion. Attitude to drugs. The principles of the hippie outlook.

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  • Comparative analysis of valueadded and labour productivity of Singapore and Hong Kong’s wholesale and retail sectors for the period 2001-2008. Results from total factor productivity analysis of two economies. Hong Kong’s better performance (since 2005).

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  • Familiarity with the preconditions of using outsourcing in the process of project management. Consideration of the types of outsourcing services. Features of use of outsourcing in Ukraine at the present stage. The essence of the concept of outsourcing.

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  • Nikolai Sklifosovsky as a famous Russian surgeon. The peculiarity of the student's physician. Analysis of the hemal about uterine cancer. Development of surgical treatment of certain diseases. Characteristic of its methods of antisepsis and asepsis.

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  • Great Britain as a source of talented people. William Shakespeare is one of the largest and well-known writers. One of the greatest writers of the school of novelists - Charles Dickens. Charlotte Bronte - English writer, wrote the novel "Jane Eyre".

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  • Методы повышение быстродействия компонентов компьютера через BIOS и специальные утилиты из под Windows. Процесс разгона модуля памяти. Эффективная и реальная частота работы компонентов. Использование тайминга при увеличении тактовой частоты и напряжения.

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