• The calculation of the value of attracting equity and debt capital to restore and increase the resource potential in the framework of an investment program. The structure of financial support the recovery of the resource potential of enterprise sources.

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  • The main ways to improve the economic efficiency of investment activities of agricultural enterprises in a market economy. Historical facts of the formation and operation of the investment process. Principles for the creation of agroindustrial farms.

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  • The situation of medical services financing from 1991 to 2007 in comparison the Western European countries and the USА. Рroblems in this branch financing and directions of the optimization of medical services financing. Models of health-care financing.

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  • Optimization with the use of mathematical planning of the nutrient medium for the development of shoots from the tips with leaf rudiments in the genotypes of grapes. Differences in genotypes according to the need for concentrations of macroelements.

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  • The production and consumption of vegetable oil per capita in Ulyanovsk region. The forecast scenario of development of oil and fat subcomplex with taking into account the optimization of the primary areas of processing plants and the market trend.

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  • The prevalence of blood reflux in patients with varicose veins of the lower extremities in the distal parts of the large saphenous vein. Its removal within the pathological reflux. Prevention of damage to lymphatic vessels and skin sensory nerves.

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  • Characteristic of methodology based on the full factorial central composite design. Study in conditions in vitro of eight Lactobacillus strains procured from culture repositories. Analysis of their probiotic potential and extracellular tannase activity.

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  • The problem of optimization of the process of vessel repair by using economic models that would provide a shipping company within a free market and full liberalization of the tramp shipping a sustainable position at the relevant local freight market.

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  • The study of accidents and disasters involving a variety of critical infrastructures, assessment of the level of fault tolerance software management systems. The calculation method based optimization of software testing management system infrastructure.

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  • Strategy of the search and working out of novel effective anticancer agents via optimization of [(2-R-quinazoline-4-ylydene) hydrazono] carboxylic acids and their esters. Approach for creating a new class of compounds with the anticancer activity.

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  • A survey of empirical studies on the theory of optimal currency zones (OCZ), most of which offer exchange rate volatility as the index OCZ. The empirical achievements of the theory of OCZ, the advantages and disadvantages of different research methods.

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  • A study of investment strategies volatility. The advantages of trading options in the stock market. The concept, nature and characteristics strategies options Straddle, creating a positive return without any cost for transactions using this strategy.

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  • Система управления базами данных Oracle Database Standard Edition (ODSE), ее основные элементы, архитектура баз данных, язык SQL*Plus как инструмент ODSE, особенности наиболее распространенных версий баз для управления данными в сфере среднего бизнеса.

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  • Дослідження базових функцій Oracle ВІ Серверу. Огляд інфраструктури для управління сесіями, запитами та відмінами. Стадії компіляції вхідних запитів у програмний код. Доступ до інформації Oracle ВІ Server. Формування інтерактивних інформаційних панелей.

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  • Overview of maxillofacial manifestations of systemic and systemic diseases. Maxillofacial complex as a dynamic group of interconnected structures, mechanisms of identification of processes, including infectious, metabolic and immune system disorders.

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  • Types of pathological changes in the oral mucosa in children with studied pathology. Dependence between the duration of time of the underlying disease used by the basic therapy, and the pathology of the oral mucosa in children with rheumatic diseases.

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  • Peculiarities and Problems of oral translation. Difference between oral and written translation. Types Of Interpretation: Simultaneous interpreting (Linguistic peculiarities, Whispered interpretation), Sight language and Consecutive interpretation.

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  • Examination of the chaordic organizations characters of sport organizations. Characteristics of sport organizations (SO): commitment to innovation, coherence, uncertainty, non-linearity, etc. Degree of the characteristics selection States competent SO.

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  • The present day state of organ and cell transplantation services in Ukraine. Determination of the main problems of organ transplantation and hematopoietic stem cells in bone marrow. The creation of the National Agency on the transplantation and donation.

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  • Vermicompost derived from a variety of organic wastes as a powerful growth promoter and plant protection product. Familiarity with the production methods of environmentally safe and healthy food products. Analysis of the features of organic farming.

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