• The Roman period in Olbia and around the Black Sea in general. Parts of the ancient evidence that have been claimed as important for the Neronian period. Study the text of the epitaph of Tiberius Plautius Silvanus and compare it with the data of Tacitus.

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  • Prestige of the home teacher profession, and its popularity among the rich inhabitants of Poland during the 19th century. Study of the problem of preparing home teachers on the pages of the pedagogical press. Problems of home teachers in the mature age.

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  • A study of how useful Whitehead's worldview can be. The power of the postmodern mixture of philosophy that he releases through analysis of the connection between industrialism and war. Practical commitment: conservative, Victorian, imperialist.

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  • Biography of aircraft designer Oleg Antonov. History of Antonov's family. The beginning of the work way. Antonov's Design Bureau. Aircrafts by General Designer Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov. The title of Doctor of Technical Sciences for O.K. Antonov.

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  • Familiarization with the model a unique symmetric equilibrium, distribution and supply pricing from marginal costs to monopoly in the education value of the goods. The specifics of the distribution of costs in the implementation of consumer search.

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  • Introduction to the history of occurrence of the Olympic games are known as the worlds greatest international sports games. Characterization different kinds of sports which they included: running, boxing, wrestling. The study of the location of Olympia.

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  • The problem of the inverse conversion of powerful microwave energy into direct current energy is considered. The CWC type [4,5] is discussed, in which two microwave cavities are used, having uniform and fourfold electric fields in the interaction gaps.

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  • Allergies are abnormal reactions of the immune system that occur in response to otherwise harmless substances. Heightened sensitivity to a foreign substance. The severity of an allergic reaction. Major source of lost productivity in the workplace.

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  • Criteria for optimally discretizing measurable sets in Euclidean space. General notion of extremal equivalent energy. Using the diffusion metric to learn via normalized graph Laplacian dimension reduction and the discepancy is used to discretize.

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  • Description of combinatorial DG-Hopf color cooperadic models for configuration spaces of points in the first quarter and in the N-gon. The proof version of the formality theorem of Kontsevich to the two subspaces in the vector space and for the morphism.

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  • Generalization old result of Bowman system. Study of homomorphisms between topological Clifford semigroups. Ditopological unosemigroup in the mathematics. The main class of compact topological Clifford semigroups. The theory of partial symmetries.

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  • The ratio of linguo-textual and extralinguistic contextual conditions, which serve as tools for verifying the validity of the translation. Definition of the components of the lexical meaning of the English "public", in the socio-political discourse.

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  • Definition of a prepositional postpositive in the structure of the old English phrasal verb. Description of the classification of parts of speech in modern English. Characteristics and specificity of the model of formation of the old English phrasal verb.

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  • Analyze the model of forming the Old English phrasal verb. The area of phrasal verbs or V+P verbal complexes in Old English. Study the diachronic questions concerning their development. Raising issues pertaining to grammaticalization and lexicalization.

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  • Ecological culture of the Ukrainian ethnos. The ecologically-centered tendency of Ukrainian literary studies. Memoirs, devoted to the accident in Chornobyl. Endeavor to cover in a works all the tragedy of the Chornobyl catastrophe to the full extent.

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  • Research topics in the psychology of well-being, the ups and downs. Learning methodological developments concerning multi-level modeling and comparisons also allows researchers to formulate new questions for the field. Physical health and emotions.

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  • The concept of man as a central to our thoughts about ourselves, our nature, and our moral and legal relationships. Cognitive, mental and volitional forces that we manifest in our behavior. Expansion of the original concept of the role to refer to people.

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  • Development of effective magnetic field sensors based on amorphous ferromagnetic microwires. Identification of factors affecting the reversal processes in the surface layer values magnetoimpedance wire. Features of the distribution of magnetization.

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  • Self-similarity of random processes as a condition of Lorentz invariance. It is shown that this condition corresponds to white and pink noise, as well as the Brownian process, supplemented by any random process with the property of self-similarity.

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  • Transformation of model equations and analysis. The mathematical model that explores the dynamics of the impact of the use of condom and therapeutic treatment simultaneously. Nonlinear differential equation system consisting in groups of the population.

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