• Nonaxisymmetric boundary value problem of elasticity theory for multiconnected body with cylindrical boundaries. Boundary conditions by the generalized Fourier method. The numerical analysis of stresses in the areas of their greatest concentration.

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  • Correlation between the central surface density of dark matter haloes and the halo core radius of galaxy and galaxy recently studied on a wide range of scales. The column density within the halo characteristic radius. The model and the S-M relation.

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  • Rough, qualitative measurement of number of electrons in conduction band of metal - element. Explanation of factors, influencing formation of type of monocrystal matrix and sign of hall constant. Metallic Bond in Densest Packing (face-centered).

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  • The formation of national consciousness of future teachers of musical art. The role of education and upbringing a personality in the spirit of love to the country and awareness of civic duty. The combination of national and universal spiritual values.

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  • Complex importance of performing hearing musician. Interrelation of performing breathing, resonators and ear pads as the basic condition for improving the integral, synthetic nature of the academic sound-forming apparatus of a professional musician-fan.

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  • Analysis of temporal adverb-preposition transposition phenomenon in the English language. Ineffective use of the principle of differentiation between adverbs and prepositions with "noun-complement". Transposition lexical items from adverbs to preposition.

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  • The life of the people of Bessarabia, from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day, through the prism of the consequences of the revolutions of 1917, the Great Patriotic War and the disintegration of the USSR, the change in Ukraine’s borders.

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  • The existing relationship between translation and pragmatics. Translation, by its interdisciplinary nature and character. Speech acts form a fundamental part of pragmatic discourse. The pragmatic element in the interpretation of the translation.

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  • Investigation of the physical properties of different types of binary stars and their evolution. Using the effect of selection for modern binary distributions for various parameters catalogs. Distribution of binary star systems in a number of components.

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  • Definition of artinian-by-(finite rank). Characteristic of features of artinian-by-(finite rank). Study of the structure of generalized soluble groups and nilpotent-by-finite modules. Analysis of the structure of artinian-by-(finite rank) modules.

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  • The historical formation of the concept "fiction" in Ukrainian literary criticism is studied. Works of famous literary theorists of the twentieth and twenty-first ct., the conceptual and terminological expression of the term "fiction" is investigated.

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  • Consideration of a new approach in the training of undergraduates and graduate students to write scientific projects in English. The peculiarities of using the speech revolution typical for the style of modern English-speaking scientific writing.

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  • Liquid modernity of polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman's. The passage from "solid" to "liquid" modernity. Bauman's vision of the current world is one in which individuals must to splice together an unending series of short-term projects and episodes.

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  • Transformation and potential tumorigenesis. Cell cycle control proteins. Oncogenic viruses: RNA or DNA. Amino acid sequence similarities in Rb binding site, kaposi’s sarcoma. Statistics of death due to apoptosis. Main changes in telomerase activity.

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  • Modern cosmological models describing the macrocosm. A comparative estimate of the maximum lifetime of a de Sitter universe obtained by the method of Don Page and made in the framework of string theory. Paradoxes of phantom energy and quantum mechanics.

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  • One of the effective methods for solving such problems in case of piecewise-homogeneous environments is a one of hybrid integral transforms. It solves the problem of torsion of semi-bounded piecewise homogeneous elastic cylinder with various features.

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  • Electroencephalography and Magnetoencephalography provide insight into neuronal processes in the brain in a real-time scale. This renders these modalities particularly interesting for online analysis methods to visualize brain activity in real-time.

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  • Challenges for Online Education in Postsecondary Education. Technology enable education that is centric, individualized, interactive, making education more relevant to the needs of individuals. Traditional Education versus Online Education Based Models.

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  • Syntactic rules governing the system of logistics. Logistics systems as the definition of syntactic rules. Criteria formalized languages. Semantic evaluation system. Descriptive predicate that takes place in a sentence. Definition inherent in the system.

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  • Clinical parallels of in- and out-patient surgical treatment for nail ingrowth. Morphologic changes were studied; causes of unsatisfactory outcomes of chronic pathology complex treatment were analyzed for prospective approaches to preventing relapses.

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