• Принцип работы p-n перехода - структуры, содержащей дырочную и электронную области полупроводника. Понятие области объёмного заряда. Механизм лавинного пробоя. Паразитная ёмкость p-n перехода. Важная особенность тунельного диода, его использование.

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  • Сравнительная характеристика идеальных норм поведения человека в исторической ретроспективе. Преимущества от использования метода р-адических иерархических деревьев для анализа измененного уровня психофизиологических функций человеческого сознания.

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  • Picasso's audience – people who heard about him and saw his work. "Cubism" - this style was Picasso’s first gift to the art world. Test of new forms of art. Picasso's creativity as subject of the constant analysis, gossips, adoration or hearing.

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  • Analysis of affine coordinates for pairing computation. Construction of designated connfirmer signature and its application to optimistic fair exchange. Designing a code generator for pairing based cryptographic functions and efficient constructions.

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  • Change of palladium ions concentration during cementation on the magnesium disk in dimethylformamide solution. Chemical microparticles and agglomerates anorganic chlorine compound. Palladium adhesion to the substrate surface in dimethylformamide.

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  • Встановлення біолого-морфологічних особливостей, біохімічного складу рослин, урожайності надземної маси і насіння. Визначення енергетичної цінності культури. Створення високопродуктивної форми із заданими параметрами урожайності, цукристості фітомаси.

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  • Generator frequency tags, the structural scheme of the sweep generator frequency determinant. Analysis of changes in the frequency of the generator harmonics. The relationship between the nonlinearity coefficient and multiplier nonlinearity of the sweep.

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  • Description of a new species Paracamelus minor location of Odessa catacombs (rustsiny) in the northern Black Sea coast of Ukraine. Features of the structure of a species: small size, moderate swelling of the body of the mandible, a significant reduction.

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  • The history and development of computational technologies from physical switches to the microprocessor. Principles batch processing of computer data. Browse famous innovators in the field of interactive paradigm shifts and their main achievements.

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  • The detail parallelization a popular global search method, the PSO algorithm using MPJ Express. The parallel PSO algorithm’s robustness and efficiency are demonstrated by using four standard benchmark functions Alpine, Rosenbrock, Rastrigin and Schaffer.

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  • Consideration of the basic characteristics of healthy parent-children relationships. Introduction to methods of building good relationships that contribute to the formation and maintenance of healthy mental and helping to adapt to life in society.

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  • The model of spatially distributed curing process of epoxy matrix polymeric composite. The model using the projections of Pareto points set on the 8-dimensional space of design variables. Сontrol synthesis for the closed mould curing of composite spar.

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  • Essentials of English Phraseology N.N. Amosova. Phraseological units as units of fixed context and separation into phrasemes and idioms. The full transference as idiomaticity. The metaphor as figure of speech. The comparison, major figures of speech.

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  • The trends of strategic delegation, R&D and product differentiation. The authors distinguish between two kinds of delegation: partial and full delegation, in the context of both spillovers and product differentiation endogenously determined by firms.

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  • Analysis of the development in Ukraine of the budgeting model with the participation of artists at the level of budgets at the local level. Analysis of international experience of using the model, the possibility of its effective implementation.

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  • The non-relativistic particle tunneling and scattering through a spherical three-dimensional potential barrier (either rectangular, or Coulomb repulsion), containing a spherical potential rectangular well with a hard core inside, had been studied.

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  • Device for the experimental study of the interaction of polarized light with samples of tissues. Discussion of practical reasons for making the system suitable for use in the dermatology clinic. Selecting the wavelength for different light sources.

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  • The desorption non-isothermal kinetics of preliminary adsorbed Cl, Br, and I-containing volatile halocarbons from the surface of surrogates for atmospheric solid aerosols (fumed silica and alumina, silica gel and H-mordenite) was studied by TPD MS.

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  • Concept of the concept of voice in languages. Active voice and passive voice syntactically, semantically and pragmatically viewed. Voice and related concept. Passive Voice in English. Passive Constructions in Vietnamese. Dependent and Independent verbs.

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  • Password authentication is one of essential services in our life for protecting data. In other words, we may loose a lot of money, sensitive data, if passwords leak out. We have to understand clearly what is important for creating or changing passwords.

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