• Back pain as a common disease. Developing a conceptual approaches to the physical rehabilitation process at the surgical treatment of patients with back pain. Studying an experience of the domestic and foreign researches in physical rehabilitation area.

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  • Physico-chemical characteristics of I-40 and MS-20 commercial mineral oils. The use of such oils for the lubrication of molds in the manufacture of glass containers. The study of the thermal stability of oils and their fractions of hydrocarbons.

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  • Results physico-chemical parameters of different varieties of apples, as well as organoleptic and rheological properties of puree canned by different methods. The choice of good varieties and processing methods to improve the quality of Apple sauce.

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  • The formation of the level of male sex hormones in ontogeny. Importance of the hypothalamus and the gonads in the development of the male reproductive system. The formation of female sex hormones. The activity of the ovaries after birth, menopause.

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  • Characterization and study of bacterial diseases on agricultural crops and weeds under different cropping systems. The definition of biological properties, identification of pathogens, traditional and modern molecular-genetic methods of research.

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  • Модифицированная Гарвардская архитектура 8-битных микроконтроллеров. Расширенное ядро микроконтроллеров среднего семейства. Контроллеры цифровой обработки сигналов dsPIC30F и dsPIC33F. Построение структурной схемы процессорного ядра микроконтроллеров.

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  • Основное применение и цель регулирования. Изучение видов PID-алгоритмов. Дискретная форма уравнения регулятора, стандартные функциональные блоки. Параметры таблицы контура исправления. Структура и свойства программы. Автонастройки и панель управления.

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  • Describes macroscopic of piezoelectric response of a macroscopic array of nanorod crystals of cadmium sulfide. Research of irregular shape of six-sided polyhedron and demonstrate piezoelectric response similar to their counterpart crystals grown.

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  • Analysis of the problems of legal regulation of piracy. Investigation of the state of robbery in the law of the sea. Finding ways to effectively respond to the growing renaissance of illegal activities at sea. Conducting acts of armed burglary of ships.

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  • Washington's Central American base for countering the plague. The successes of the first phase of the "war on terror" in Central America. The problem of "engineering democratic consent". Middle East Terrorism and the American Ideological System.

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  • Поняття предметних галузей Програми міжнародного оцінювання учнів PISA. Оцінювання математичної грамотності підлітків, їхньої здатності до використання знань і умінь з математики в життєвих ситуаціях. Визначення сутності математичної готовності.

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  • The optimization problem to identify the classifier scalable objects based on two-layer perceptron. The ratio of standard deviations of pixel distortion and scale for the formation of learning sets. Minimization of the error rate of classification.

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  • Архитектура PL/SQL (Процедурный язык/Язык структурированных запросов). Процесс работы PL/SQL внутри базы данных и за ее пределами. Среды программирования на PL/SQL. Команды выборки записей из БД. Схема управления курсором. Вызов процедуры и функции.

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  • Examines the place and the role of internal affairs bodies in the mechanism of providing of human rights and freedoms. It is defined the powers of internal affairs bodies in the mechanism of providing of human rights. Quality of work of militia.

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  • Факторы формировании placenta accret. Причины врастания плаценты и ведение родов у беременных с патологией. Портрет целевой группы для кесарева сечения. Исследование пациенток, перенёсших операцию в нижнем маточном сегменте и донного кесарева сечения.

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  • Analysis of the state of experimental researches that touch biological properties, prospects of application of barrel cages of placenta as them source. The personal interest of bioengineering of osteohondrous constructions is in mesenchymal barrel cages.

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  • New Zealand is the country unlimited opportunities for adventures and interesting activities. One of the best places for hiking in New Zealand is the Abel Tasman National Park. One of the most popular places in New Zealand is the Coromandel Peninsula.

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  • Natural heritage and amazing scenery in New Zealand. Overview of natural attractions: spectacular glaciers, picturesque fiords, rugged mountains, vast plains, rolling hillsides, subtropical forest, volcanic plateau, miles of coastline with sandy beaches.

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  • Theoretical basics and delivery methods of online advertising. Use of the Internet to target network subscribers. Placing ads on mobile devices. Send of messages using texts, animation and video clips. Benefits of Email marketing. Designing media tactics.

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  • Classical and contemporarymodels of purchase funnels. Customer Journey vs. Sales Funnel: comparative analysis. Patient journey mapping in pharmaceutical industry. Instruments of marketing communication in pharmaceutical business, managerial implications.

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