• Consulting services in the field of marketing researches. History of PepsiCo, international activity of company. A launch of a brand to the Russian market. Main principles of work of the company, the key of success. The domestic market of soft drinks.

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  • The modern methods of evaluation time for study electronic devices for low-level noise. Qualitative determination of reliability characteristics. Performance evaluation of monitoring tools of electronic products by the level of low-frequency noise.

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  • Theoretical basis for comparing the effectiveness of international and state companies. Action theory of the principal agent in companies. The behavior of international and state oil companies in the period of falling prices for oil and natural gas.

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  • Оperating qualities of pin laminate of Cu - Mo used in low-voltage contactors outdoors. Performance of contactors with silver based contacts. Development of recommendations on effective application of such material to replace silver based compositions.

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  • Apical periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of microbial etiology. Species of the genus Actinomycosis found in humans. Association with primary intra-radicular infections. The clinical manifestation and treatment of the cervicofacial actinomycosis.

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  • This case of periapical actinomycosis presented the clinical picture of chronic periapical inflammation. The diagnosis was based on the histological examination of the periapical lesions suggesting the necessity for routine histological examination.

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  • Technique and methods of radiological's examination in dental practice. Comparative analysis the values two techniques for the diagnosis of changes in the periapical regions under clinical conditions. Methods of radiation diagnosis dento-alveolar regions.

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  • Events that shaped the history of English. Сharacteristic of the vocabulary of Old English. History of Middle English (1100-1500 years). Features of Modern English: Early Modern (1500-1800 years) and Late Modern (1800-present). English language in Canada.

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  • Vertical root fractures. Breakdown with deep periodontal pockets and vertical bone defects. Root fracture treatment using adhesive resin cement. Treatment of vertical root fracture. Distribution of the treated teeth. Prognosis of the treated teeth.

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  • Periodontal ligament injection was used either as an alternative or as a supplement to conventional anesthesia techniques in connection with endodontic irealment of 339 teeth. Adequate analgesia was obtained more irequently with CA than with PDL.

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  • Microbial etiology of primary apical periodontitis. The invading infection: from carious dentine to apical periodontitis. Microbial etiology of post-treatment apical periodontitis. Of invasion of dentinal tubules in primary apical periodontitis.

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  • Политика в отношении частных торговцев на рубеже 1920-1930-х гг. Запрещение частной торговли. Правила регистрации кустарных и ремесленных промыслов. Вытеснение частника из легального товарооборота. Реализация некооперированными кустарями своей продукции.

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  • Creation of a new as the most important social need of a person, its connection with purposeful practical activity. The study of nature, content, socio-functional orientation of the activity of a creative person for the development of modern civilization.

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  • History of Personality Traits. Personality Traits and States. Cattell's Theory of Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence. Arousability Theory and the Biological Basis of Personality and Intelligence. Agreeableness, Modesty, and Test-Taking Attitudes.

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  • To provide the necessary condition for the development of the individual abilities of students. Training in collaboration. Games with proverbs. Training language forms should be built using sensory perception systems simultaneously or sequentially.

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  • Challenges of biofuel production. The main characteristics of the liquid biofuels production and consumption. Development trends of biofuels production with crop raw material. Economic incentives at different stages of the value chain of liquid biofuels.

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  • Geographical location, demographic characteristics and political system of Turkmenistan. Availability of minerals and main directions of foreign policy of Turkmenistan. Prospects for economic development and the structure of export-import operations.

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  • Analysis of perspectives of development of renewable energy sources in Poland in the future. Investigation and characterization of the cumulative power installation and electric energy production. Definition of the forecast of power installation.

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  • The problem of rising crime in Europe and the struggle against it. Analysis of the effectiveness of imprisonment of convicted persons and the rehabilitation effect of punishment. Description of the standards and principles of European prison services.

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  • Description of the Deepwater Horizon accident. Theoretical framework the part of the process and causes. Analysis of information distribution within BP and contractors. Analysis from different perspectives, its approaches and evaluation. IRGC model.

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