• The regularities of macromolecules behavior in the flow with longitudinal velocity gradient and manifested in this case effects of elastic deformations have importance in understanding the mechanism of anomalously high cutting power of water-polymer jet.

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  • Prescribing and using of opioids for palliative patients, the data of patients treated by mobile palliative care teams in Western Ukraine have been collected. Characteristic features of the destination of morphine started with a single injection.

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  • Analysis of the current state of the pension system with the search for priorities for its improvement. The problems of pension insurance development in Russia. The measures to rise the efficiency of accumulative part of the national pension system.

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  • The article deals with the issues of software marketing mix development, taking into account its specific character as a commodity. The difference between the notions of "software product" and "software tools" from the marketing perspective is reasoned.

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  • Study the nature, structure, stages of formation of the credit system. Determination of the functioning of commercial banks and their impact on the development of a credit system of Ukraine in conditions of market transformation of the national economy.

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  • The modern problems caused by the activity of aviation industry. The tendency for transition to alternative jet fuels all over the world. Ukrainian experience in development of national policy for introduction of alternative jet fuels into civil aviation.

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  • The role of the vocabulary of the English language, borrowing foreign words. Classification of loans, the distribution of Russian words in the English period. The essence of the Russian borrowings denoting concepts, their characteristics and specifics.

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  • Characteristic features of supporting motor apparatus, which consists of a skeleton (bones), muscles, ligaments and joints. Definition of role of musculoskeletal. Introduction to skeletal development characteristics of children at different ages.

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  • Definition of Dialect and Standard English. Reasons of using dialect in text and speech. Peculiarities of using English dialects in the different regions of England. Utilization Dialecticisms in ancient Poetry and Dialect in modern English poetry.

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  • The concept of "advanced, exemplary, innovative experience." The relationship of definitions of "copyright school" and "innovative pedagogical technology". The implementation of the pedagogical experience in practice of educational institutions.

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  • Pediatrics is a new medical specialty. Differences between adult and pediatric medicine. Training of pediatricians. Subspecialties of pediatrics. Common pediatric diseases. History pediatric ophthalmology. Neonatology is a subspecialty of pediatrics.

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  • Model the optimal decision of agent between honest behavior and cheating in individual projects. Model using the classical relationship of the agent and the possibility of cheating. Fraud as a theft of another's property by deception or abuse of trust.

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  • Використання властивостей гідролітичного ензиму для потреб харчової, фармацевтичної і хімічної промисловості. Поліпшення якості напоїв (зменшення гіркоти соків, підсилення аромату вин), у виробництві харчових добавок, лікарських засобів, а також рамнози.

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  • Review purpose of the penalty of imprisonment. Determination of remuneration for prisoners. The study of the main areas of employment. Evaluation of educational, cultural and sports activities. Characteristics of disciplinary responsibility of convicts.

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  • Analysis of certain aspects of the functioning of the national system of pension insurance in the context of the social standards of the modern development of the society. Working of a comprehensive and aggregated standard of social pension insurance.

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  • What affects our personality. The sentences with the adjectives from the word file. Examples of descriptions of familiar people using adjectives. Correction of errors in sentences. A complete profile of yourself. The hort characteristics of both sisters.

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  • Consulting services in the field of marketing researches. History of PepsiCo, international activity of company. A launch of a brand to the Russian market. Main principles of work of the company, the key of success. The domestic market of soft drinks.

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  • The modern methods of evaluation time for study electronic devices for low-level noise. Qualitative determination of reliability characteristics. Performance evaluation of monitoring tools of electronic products by the level of low-frequency noise.

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  • Оperating qualities of pin laminate of Cu - Mo used in low-voltage contactors outdoors. Performance of contactors with silver based contacts. Development of recommendations on effective application of such material to replace silver based compositions.

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  • Apical periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of microbial etiology. Species of the genus Actinomycosis found in humans. Association with primary intra-radicular infections. The clinical manifestation and treatment of the cervicofacial actinomycosis.

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