• The great work of subjugation and conquest. The welfare of the world capitalist system. Systems of illegitimate authority in every corner of the social, political, economic and cultural worlds. Different World orders old and new in Latin America.

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  • Substantiation of indicators of the quality of the seed potato fraction. Studies of the variation of yields depending on the treatment of planting tubers drugs method. Principles of formation of seed fractions of potato and early maturing varieties.

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  • Характеристика истории издательства "YMCA-Press". Существенное влияние Рубакина на издательскую программу до 1922 года. Создание книготоргового объединения "Товарищество объединенных издательств". Открытие советско-французского центра "Русский путь".

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  • Consideration of the science of youth and their organizations. The definition of public youth organizations as an important factor of socialization. Characteristics of the main youth movement in Ukraine. Review of the periodization of the youth movement.

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  • Systematic mutagenesis of all predicted gntR genes in Xan-thomonas campestris campestris reveals a GntR family transcriptional regulator controlling hypersensitive response. Lambda red-mediated genetic manipulation of antibiotic-producing streptomyces.

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  • Origin, childhood, adolescence prominent Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Career Gagarin's in the Soviet space program. Preparation and selection for Gagarin's first flight into space. Work on the decorations for reusable spacecraft in Star City.

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