• Історія виникнення та розвитку "Великої сімки", "Великої вісімки" на міжнародній арені світу, їх характеристика та особливості. Поняття та головні засади міжнародних груп, опис та специфіка їх структури, діяльності. Політичне значення груп для України.

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  • Основні причини фундаментальних змін, що зазнала світова економічна система за останні роки. Характеристика ключових принципів реформування фінансового ринку, які були прийняті на вашингтонському саміті учасниками міжнародного об`єднання країн G20.

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  • Анализ особенностей выбора операционной системы, для которой будет разрабатываться приложение. Характеристика основ определения среды разработки. Проведение тестирования приложения на работоспособность. Исследование основных сайтов, посвященные играм.

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  • Game as an important method of training for children of preschool and younger school age. Positive sides of didactic games in the process of teaching, main directions realization of game receptions at a fixed form of occupations. Cases use game activity.

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  • The main characteristic of improving lexical skills as an important part of teaching English. Analysis of the concept and purpose of learning vocabulary. The development of a lesson using different types of games in the education of foreign speech.

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  • Concept of gametogenesis, meiosis, spermatogenesis and oogenesis. Gametogenesis in mammals. Structure of the gametes. Sperm, egg and flagella structure. Sperm capacitation and egg cytoplasm. Egg maturation at the time of fertilization in various species.

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  • GAP Analysis как аналитическое исследование, изучающее несоответствие между текущим состоянием компании и желаемым. Сущность, цель и порядок работ при GAP-анализе. Цель управления структурной ликвидностью и применение метода разрывов GAP-анализа.

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  • Gap Analysis как комплексное аналитическое исследование, изучающее несоответствия, разрывы между текущим состоянием компании и желаемым. Поиск возможностей и конкурентных преимуществ. Виды и основные категории разрывов, последовательность анализа.

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  • The study of parametric diagnostics of gas turbine engines. Based on the thermodynamic model, the observation variables of the operating conditions and engine parameters. Calculation of levels of deviations between the actual and base engine submissions.

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  • The study of the interaction of gender and ethnicity as a factor in the isolation of a person that deeply affects the formation of personality, as well as a review of research on gender socialization and ethnic identity of minorities in American society.

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  • The basic gender-specifi c factors were established and pathopsychological mechanisms of depressive disorders' pathogenesis in men were described. Using the results in the formulation of gender-sensitive programs psychotherapy of depressive disorders.

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  • Gender inequality has been estimated through the indices of labor market: the level of unemployment, the indices of economic activity. The research findings about the existence of gender asymmetry at labor market of Kazakhstan and its basic reasons.

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  • The course of multiple sclerosis in patients, which is associated with the characteristics of reception of sex steroids in the central nervous system in men and women. Odds in allergic encephalomyelitis in mice of different sex and castrated animals.

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  • The role of women in the flows of international migrants. Migration in search of work and the realization of personal goals. Scope of female labor in the global economy. The problem of children left behind by migrants in their country of origin.

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  • The principle of democracy, liberty and equality before the law. The subjective or unequal behavior towards the individual. Gender discrimination. The gender stereotypes. The attitude of society toward women’s social role. Movements for women’s rights.

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  • This article describes the topic of gender segregation of women in Australia. Furthermore, the researcher wants to show us why the progress of women in the hospitality business is not so developed and why such segregation is problematic in our time.

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  • General differences between the female and male version of the language. Influence taboo factor to the differentiation of language in relation to gender. Different speech styles of males and female. Different principles of gender verbal behavior.

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  • DNA sequence data is the most abundant material with which to begin a project in computational biology. Raw sequences from genomes have to be analyzed and annotated, in ways that improve continuously as the databases expand and sharper methods are used.

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  • The geographical location and natural resources of Canada. Characteristic of the economy and the country's population. Political parties and the dominant religion. Maple leaf as a symbol of North America. The standard of living in the capital Ottawa.

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  • Strengthening of the state power in "Kasymkhan's Laws". The property and non-property relations under "Esimkhans's Laws". "Gengis Khan's Yasa"- a source of a common Law. Features of the religious right(Sharia) in Kazakhs. Legal status of an individual.

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