• What is genetic modification? The problems of labeling genetically modified food. Problems facing to cloning. Cloning of the person: arguments in protection. The first genetically modified monkey. The future development of cloning, genetic modification.

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  • The studying of chromosome associations in M1 of pollen mother celles in the hybrids between the lines with each other and with recurrent common wheat genotype Avrora were compared with the data of the line assessment for the morphological markers.

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  • Geographical analysis of higher aquatic flora of Seversky Donets valley was carried out using the classification of types of species areas in the spatial three-dimensional coordinate system. Studying the distinctive features of the investigated flora.

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  • Major States included in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The Thames as the deepest and the most important river. Shipbuilding like one of the chief industries of England. Characteristics of the main chambers are part of the British Parliament.

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  • Great Britain as the biggest island in Europe. Some features of political system of United Kingdom. London as one of the oldest and most interesting cities. The Oxford and Cambridge Universities - the most famous educational centers in the world.

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  • Canada as a country in North America, ranked second in the world by area. The geographical position of the state. Maple leaf is the official symbol of the country. The official opening ceremony of the new flag on Parliament hill in Ottawa, the capital.

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  • Situating Great Britain and Notnern Ireland on British isles. The characteristic forms of political rule Great Britain. Parts and borders of United Kingdom. Geographical characteristics and capitals of England, Scotland, Wales and Nothern Ireland.

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  • Geographical location of the Ireland. The consideration of climate in the country. The main religion in the Ireland. Pursuits of English colonization. Lessons of dances are in beerhouses, on large kitchens. Appearance and character of the Irish people.

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  • Method to predict potential energy generation to local areas. results of its testing on the territory of Kharkiv region. The use of energy output simulation for wind turbines accommodation options with consideration of environmental and resource factors.

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  • Consideration of the structural tectonic location of Kharkiv oblast, its geological and geomorphological structure, which form the underlying features of nature’s variety and beauty, the development of the nature reserve lands of the Kharkiv region.

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  • The unsupervised methods required to reduce the dimension of the data set and to extract meaningful biological information. This work shows that Independent Component Analysis is a promising approach for the analysis of genome-wide transcriptomic data.

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  • Consideration of toxicity of the nanoparticles of the different elements. Investigation the effect of geometry (shape, size) of silver nanoparticles on their cytotoxicity. Shape, critical diameter, crystal lattice parameters of the nanoparticles.

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  • The importance of political activity Bismarck in the unification of Germany. His role in the creation of the North German Confederation. General characteristics of the diplomacy of Bismarck. Specificity and successes in consolidation of diplomacy.

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  • The idea of freedom in the classical German philosophy. The most important fundamental characteristics of the classical German philosophy. K. Marx and the young hegelians. Contribution of Kant, Hegel and Feuerbach to the development of German philosophy.

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  • Germany still remains one of the main partners of the US in the EU, the economic relations continue to develop. Change the US foreign policy, it is possible that tensions between Washington and Berlin will grow. The relations between the US and Germany.

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  • Герундий как неличная форма глагола и часть речи в английском языке. Исследование особенностей его перевода с русского на английский язык. Его морфологические и синтаксические свойства, окружение, обуславливающее выбор того или иного варианта перевода.

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  • Визначення переваг GGE biplot аналізу у порівнянні з найбільше поширеними методиками для візуалізації та інтерпретації результатів екологічного сортовипробування за продуктивністю на прикладі семи сортів ячменю ярого. Тестери для оцінки генотипів.

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  • Analysis on the Geographic Information System. Monitoring of the environment in the vicinity of the airport. Modeling control air pollution, noise. Operation of aircraft in the conditions of the implementation of intelligent transport management systems.

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  • Glacier National Park in the U.S. state of Montana. Geography and geology. Glaciers, Flora, Recreation. "Crown of the Continent Ecosystem". Lake McDonald. Two hundred waterfalls. The largest falls. Major climatic zones. Threatened species of mammals.

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  • Glaucoma as a cause of blindness in dogs. Analysis of the main forms of the disease: congenital, hereditary open-angle (primary angle closure) glaucoma. The effectiveness of the use of timolol as a method of reducing intraocular pressure in animals.

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