• Study of archetypes of national culture. Reproduction of Ukrainian character traits. Revival of moral-ideological images of the time of the Cossacks. Formation of the idea of democracy in the Sich. Cossack as an example of courage, victories, struggles.

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  • Time of flowering cherry coincides with Golden Week like a traditional weekend, when the Japanese have a rest on the nature. Characteristic culinary peculiarities of Japan. Kospley - dressing up in costumes of famous characters of anime cartoons.

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  • The main problem of doing business internationally. General information about the population of Kazakhstan. Cultural comparisons with China. Classification of business cultures. Culture and Leader Effectiveness. Dimensions of Culture at Schwartz.

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  • Understanding of democratic political systems. Corruption in society after the fall of the Soviet system. Study of the concept of "cultural intelligence". The essence of intercultural recognition and worldview. Four dimensions of cultural intelligence.

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  • Analysis of the strong cultural values and beliefs in the study of the historical process of economic development. Consideration of a treatise of culture as an important mechanism that helps to explain why the historical shocks can have permanent effects.

    книга (156,7 K)
  • Analysis of the Indian cultural heritage. Research religions, family structure and marriage, cuisine and clothing. Introduction to languages and literature, performing and visual arts, greetings, festivals, cinema, sports and Indian martial arts.

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  • The rich traditions of Kazakh people - national games as kazaksha kures, baiga, kokpar, kyz-kuu and alty bakan. Music and musical instruments, national customs and clothes. Public holidays in republic. National dishes and meals, especially cuisine.

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  • The study of cultural characteristics of London. Features London accent which was similar to many accents of the South East of England. Leisure and entertainment. Literature, film and television. Museums and art galleries. London - centre for urban music.

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  • Historical roots of culture wars. A companion to American cultural history. Political and cultural divisiveness. The relationship between the state and its citizens. The role of culture in shaping behaviour. Melodrama and modernity: sensational cinema.

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  • Mother’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day. The combination of the words tradition and custom. The traditions dealing with private life of the religious, public celebrations, traditional ceremonies and traditional sporting events. Art and culture.

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  • The various aspects of the scientific works of the a prominent archaeologist of the end of XIX – beginning of XX century E. von Stern. His epigraphic, museum activities and biography. A prominent role in the leadership of the Odessa Archaeological Museum.

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  • English-Speaking Countries. What is Culture. Holidays in Great Britain and in the USA. Music in Britain. Steven Spielberg: Movie Wizard. Charlie Chaplin – Comic Genius of the Cinema. The History of English Literature. Painting and Architecture in Britain.

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  • Stages in learning painting Peter Lely, a master work Guild of Saint Luke in Haarlem. Characteristics of the main features of the works Wollaston's. The main features of images Peter Lely's, his innovations. The process of working on sculptures Flaxman.

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  • Works of unknown English painters and well-known one, some interesting facts about their life's. The biography of Peter Lely – the first English painter who has left "an enormous mass of work". John Flaxman. William James Linton as a great illustrator.

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  • Considering the current styles in clothes. A study of the major trends in fashion from 30 years to our time. Characteristics of different styles and clothing options subcultures, fashion at the moment. Definition of possible accessories to clothing.

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  • National clothing in Great Britain. The 20th century fashion. Scottish national kilt. Traditional clothing of English women. Great British fashion designers. Five most talented fashion designers. The work of fashion designer and vegetable fibres.

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  • Рассмотрение модного костюма и его изображения в иллюстрации моды. Выявление специфики функционирования этих особенных каналов коммуникации. Анализ тенденции развития дизайнерского креатива в сфере модной иллюстрации. Прогнозирование тенденций моды.

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  • The national dish of England. Brief history and tradition of English cuisine. Traditional British Sunday lunch. Traditional drinks in England. Traditional pastries and desserts English cuisine. Traditional English tea party, tea party invitation.

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  • Features Notre Dame, history and specifics of construction of the Eiffel tower. Specifics of popular museum - the Louvre, its distinctive features and location. The description of the portrait of Lisa Gherardini, which was writing of Leonardo da Vinci.

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  • Ways of greeting people and introducing oneself. Greeting phrases in different languages. Greeting rituals in the USA, Britain, Belgium, Japan, China, Albania, Armenia and Russia. Salutation in films. Cheek kissing is a common greeting in many cultures.

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