• The method of reducing costs and increasing the strength of threaded joints, which are currently used in every field of human activity. Experimental research on the relation between thermal treatment and strength of adhesively sealed joints was con

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  • Studying of sensor-transistor which based on a novel electrochemical transducer concept printed electrochemical sensors on paper. Consideration of electrochemical transistors which base their function on electrochemical modulation of the active material.

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  • The analysis of the cement production process in Ghana, which is limited to grinding clinker into cement and its packaging and distribution. The equipment of grinding chains, the best configuration. Control methods used for cement grinding chains.

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  • Impact indicators coal shiites in the properties of the resulting coke. Coking process with the help of passive experiment. Effect of changes in the number of components of the coal charge on the quality of the coke at various technologies of sintering.

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  • Innovative approaches that would improve the conceptual solutions of service robots and their operation in the application space. Involvement of robotics with different conceptual solutions for their mobility. Application of the wheel chassis principle.

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  • One of the largest problems in the sugar and alcohol industry is the presence of unwanted bacteria, which leads to a decrease in alcohol production. Way to control these undesirable bacteria using silver biogenic nanoparticles synthesized from hops

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  • The technology of polystyrene plastics. The application methods for industrial liquid coatings and finishes. The spraying, brushing, printing, and silk screening. The application methods for powder coatings and finishes. The electrostatic spray outfits.

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  • Характеристика концепции производственного планирования, главной особенностью которой является возможность построения расписания работы оборудования в рамках всего предприятия. Изучение преимуществ и особенностей систем Advanced Planning & Scheduling.

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  • During the development of natural resources of people actively in contact with unfavorable environmental conditions. It concerns the use of floating means. To reduce the adverse effects of environment requires the design of products for special purposes.

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  • Scientific justification for automated control method of optimal charge of pebble mill operating in series with a magnetic separator in the second stage of crushing in magnetic separating plants that process on iron ores with varying physical properties.

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  • Description and analysis of the characteristics of main problems to be solved in design of fixture. Examination and description of the main principles of work with the developed software to automate the modeling process and the design of the led lamp.

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  • The main stages of the automatic assembly of cylinder connection. The structural elements of the flexible automated production. Prospect for the automation of machine building production. The main types of heat exchange in technological systems.

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  • Introduction of new and innovative solutions for robotic devices. Application in production of the special individual decision on assembly operations. Execution of the assembly process with the introduction of two-handed robot in the assembly process.

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  • General characteristics of gas motor fuel. The current state of the market of gas motor fuel and infrastructure for use of CNG. Problems in the development of the NGV market and their solutions. Analysis of interest in the use of natural gaseous fuels.

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  • Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW). Accepted that reliable strategies and innovative technologies need to be developed to increase the share of CDW-derived materials in new residential constructions while simultaneously minimizing future CDW.

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  • System for billet continuous caster’s mould heat engineering parameters monitoring. Formation of the internal heat transfer surfaces. Calculation the indicators: average heat flux density, overall heat exchange coefficient. Effective gas gap thickness.

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  • Технологии BIM, имеющие два главных преимущества перед CAD. Успешный опыт возведения Концертного зала имени У. Диснея, вдохновивший многих на использование BIM в строительстве. Стадион "Птичье гнездо" в Пекине - успешный пример применения BIM-технологии.

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  • Search for ways to reduce emissions of pollutants. Biomass as a composite material. Laboratory installation for glucose fermentation to ethanol. Study the concentration of xylose as a function of time. Process flow diagram of the synthesis of bioethanol.

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  • The article considers the state and prospects of production and use of biological fuel and its impact on ensuring energy security of both world agriculture and Ukraine. Determination of conditions for the growth of production and use of biofuels.

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  • Reasons for the growing movement to combine brain science with medicine, education, and industry. Authentication using passwords or PIN codes, and using it to log in to your device. Features of biometric authentication, its development and technology.

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  • Analysis of requirements for electric-drive of mechanism of pulsed wire feed, and the benefits of using a special Brushless Direct Current electric-drive. Design of half-bridge circuit to regulate the strength of the current phase of the stator windings.

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  • Методы регулирования фрикционных свойств пар трения. Исследование износостойкости и фрикционных свойств покрытий. Технологический процесс нанесения покрытий. Измерение шероховатости образцов. Экспериментальные исследования фрикционных свойств покрытий.

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  • Proposal and implementation of a new methodology for calculating the bending finned tubes for heat exchange systems. Getting high-quality bends with minimum radius of bending pipes bimetallic and monometallic. The use of technology in the helical rolling.

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  • Formulation of the problem of calculating the scalar potential of the electric field in the axisymmetric disk, the material which has anisotropic permittivity. The method of successive approximations, a description of the potential of the electric field.

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  • The use of Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC) to inform customers about quantities, ranges and uncertainty of the measurement laboratory. Problems for CMC tables for electrical quantity. The capabilities of accredited calibration laboratories.

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  • The effect of casein-stabilized metal and metal oxide nanoparticles on the in vitro growth of Scoparia dulcis L. was studied. The effect of nanoparticles on callus induction, regeneration of shoots and roots was studied. Influence on the regeneration.

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  • The main production methods jet fuels rocket engines. Prospects for the use of various raw materials to produce jet fuels in the context of limited energy resources. The impact of processing production and use of aviation fuels on the environment.

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  • Zinc and Lead Market Update. Zinc daily price and stock level. Zinc Metal World Balance. Lead daily price and stock level. Zinc Metal Production in CIS. Russian Zinc Market Overview. Mining segment – Operational performance. Income statement highlights.

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  • Modification of aminopolysaccharide by deacetylation of chitin from the shrimp shell using the enzyme as a biocatalyst and microwave energy. The influence of temperature and reaction time, the ratio of aminopolysaccharide to aniline on its properties.

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  • Study of evolutionary processes of Chinese space policy, transformation of the country into one of the space leaders. Progress of space technology, applications, science. Guiding principles of international cooperation in the field of space cooperation.

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