• Technological aspects of production ammophos. The need for higher costs of sulfuric acid in the processing of Algerian phosphates. PH-dependence of the ratio of NH3:H3PO4 at neutralizing extraction phosphoric acid manufactured from algerian phosphorites.

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  • The recent work on Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAV) at the Institute of Aerospace Systems. Basics of MAV Research. Flightmechanical simulation. Wind tunnel tests. Overall controller system structure. The inertial measurement unit. On-Board computer structure.

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  • The way which will permit to combine existing software products in an integrated computer-aided design system for the design of given plant. Unified operations dialog interaction kernel environment and a textual description dialogue procedures.

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  • Dynamic designer as a way to save time and cost of getting new products to market, and improving old ones without a huge investment in equipment. Using parametric solid models for to develop the form of the parts. Mechanical desktop to build prototypes.

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  • The results of expedition research of some solar salt works of the South of Ukraine (Kherson region, AR Crimea) and lake Baskunchak (Astrachan region, Russia). Discussing the approaches to modeling natural environment in D. salina laboratory culture.

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  • Hydrothermal sol-gel synthesis of hexagonally ordered silicas using a hybrid template system is reported. Silicas were characterized by IR spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction techniques as well as electron microscopy. The hexagonal structure of MCM-41.

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  • Types of Electric Vehicle in use Today. Alternative and Novel Energy Sources and Stores. Electric Machines and their Controllers. Motor Cooling, Efficiency and Mass. Design of Ancillary Systems. Battery powered cars and vans. Torque speed characteristics.

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  • An experimental study of backscattering factor for a linear accelerator Siemens Oncor Impression Plus for photon energies of 6 and 18 MV with asymmetric radiation fields. Development and implementation method for determining the backscattering factor.

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  • Environmental problems in the process of industrial chemical production. Description of ways of processing and recycling of industrial organochlorine waste in the production of dichloroethane and vinyl chloride with the return: recycling of raw materials.

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  • Development of the composition of water-epoxy coating NIPU. Study the compatibility of components in water-based coatings. The optimum ratio of the components of the composition to obtain the necessary physical and mechanical properties of the coating.

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  • Optical properties of nanocomposites are important and useful in their consumer satisfaction capacities. In this research, coloration properties of dyed PA6/Nano TiO2 nanocomposite is studied using a combined Mie and Kubelka-Munk light scattering theory.

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  • Analyzed the impact of long-term operation of gas pipelines, as well as natural stress concentrators on the physico-mechanical properties of welded joints of steel 17G1S. Regularities of the destruction of the material of welded joints of gas pipelines.

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  • Сущность технологии и техническая характеристика 3D принтера. Основные виды и преимущества 3D-печати. Краткое описание видов печати послойного напраления (Fusing Deposition Modeling) и послойного склеивания пленок (Laminated Object Manufacturing).

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  • The evaluation of artificial intelligence research from 1990–2014 by using bibliometric analysis. Growth trend of articles in artificial intelligence from. Temporal pattern of frequently used keywords. International Productivity and Collaboration.

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  • Review of works on the creation and study of environmentally friendly nanostructured polymer composites. Technology of production and application of nanocellulose. Development of new environmentally friendly hydrophobic polymer composites, their scope.

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  • Problems of hardware configuration in systems for stabilization of information and measuring devices operated at vehicles of wide class in difficult conditions of disturbances action. Analysis of modern devices and units used in stabilization systems.

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  • The adapted pitch concept involves varying the pitch and the length of the cutting portion as a function of the taper of the instruments. HEROShapers used to prepare and enlarge the coronal and middle thirds of the canal. The removal of dentinal chips.

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  • Investigation of adhesive compositions based on polychloroprene for the adhesion of rubber soles to the tips of the skin. Determination of the adhesion strength of the adhesive film when stretched as the hardener content of the adhesive is increased.

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  • Вивчення особливостей інструменту, який мінімізує затрати часу та матеріалу для створення оптимальної конструкції при збереженні міцності деталі. Інтегрування в Autodesk Inventor системи для динамічного та частотного аналізу методом кінцевих елементів.

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  • Rationale for the use of advanced technology for sewage treatment schemes dairies. Removal of insoluble organic matter by adding a flotation purification scheme. Using the immersed biofilter for a disk intensive degradation of organic pollutants.

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