• Definitions and models of control in water supply and sanitation industry. Concession model of control sanitation industry in international practice. Condition of networks and evolution of model. Research limitations and future research directions.

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  • Results of research for increase in an output of target paraffins during of deparaffinisation mineral oil are resulted by a spirit-water solution of a carbamide. The variant removal of paraffins which output normal alkanes from the potential maintenance.

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  • Environmental biotechnology study the use of living organisms for a wide range of applications in hazardous waste treatment and pollution control. The use of biotechnology in the dairy industry. Methods for producing whey. Security staff activity.

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  • Properties and structure of hydrocarbons. Types and communication aromatics. The nature of the relationship between the carbon atoms. The methods of extraction and processing of oil. The use of the rectification columns for fractionating of raw materials.

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  • There is considered contrariety of Pareto situations and Nash equilibrium situations in dyadic games. Their players’ payoffs are constrained by normal and uniform laws. Solving games in pure strategies there is the advantageousness in Pareto situations.

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  • Основні засади та поняття Rapid Application Development як концепції створення коштів розробки програмних продуктів, що дозволяє програмісту якомога швидше створювати комп'ютерні програми. Історія та середовища розробки, де використовують принципи RAD.

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  • The key advantages of applying ultrasonic technology at the collection dairy. The general principles of measurement of liquids' properties by Ultrasonic standing wave resonator. The monitoring of the milk quality. The benefits of using cylindrical waves.

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  • Test the tribological properties of lubricants as the main stage of assessing their suitability for use in friction. The scheme of the "cone - three ball" with the use of objects of simple geometric shapes to test different construction materials.

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  • The investigation is focused on the evaluation of residual stresses resulting from cold deformation and welding in candidate target structural materials such as martensitic Alloys EP-823 and HT-9, and also an austenitic Type 304L stainless steel.

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  • Физические принципы работы систем радиочастотной идентификации, информация по действующим в этой области стандартам и основным областям практического применения RFID-систем. Функционирования СВЧ и микроволновых систем, электронных иммобилайзеров.

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  • Rheology of high-viscosity marine fuel, temperature conditions of fuel preparation in ship power plant. The relationship between objects, environment and fuel quality of the fuel spray. Influence of variable electric fields for high-viscosity marine fuel.

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  • Consideration of the characteristics of semantic modeling. Analysis of passivity-based switching control for stabilization of wheeled mobile robots. Features optimal kinodynamic motion planning for 2D reconfiguration of self-reconfigurable robots.

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  • Применение метода ядерного магнитного резонанса для неинвазивного изучения свойств углеводородных систем. Методика одновременного определения физико-химических свойств нефти, таких как вязкость, плотность в градусах API и относительный водородный индекс.

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  • Характеристика SCADA-системы как инструмента проектирования автоматизированных систем управления технологическими процессами. Изучение стадий технологического процесса анодного оксидирования. Анализ особенностей построения мнемосхем и отчетов в программе.

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  • Geometry, FE analys, optimization, mechanisms, plastics and MSC/ARIES positioning for design detail. Full function ACIS based modeler, constraints, region operator to sub-divide geometry. Pre release solids shelling, per face (uniform) thickness control.

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  • Comparison of the results of processing arrays light absorption alternate method of incorporating calibration surface with other methods. Determination of Ni2 +, Co3 +, Fe2 +, Cu2 + from 1-(2-pyridylazo)-2-naphthol in aqueous-micellar environment.

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  • Finding a potential energy curves for a number of excited states and BrO- HOBr during photodissociation reactions that correlate with the lower limits dissociation. Determining that the singlet state ion is a predissociative for vibration levels.

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  • Algorithm for determination of transfer function models for transient processes from noisy data with continued fraction approximations is proposed. Presented method allows to solve the stability problem of low-order continued fraction approximations.

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  • Theoretical study of the basic functioning of the starch industry. The raw materials used for the а production of polysaccharide under consideration. The structure of the modified starches and dextrin. The use of the ingredient as a food additive.

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  • Improving the method of dynamic analysis of mechanical systems dynamic factors dynamic model which can be represented by three-mass system of row with the first driving mass with prestressing elastic drive connections. Finding the dynamic coefficients.

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