• Joint with interference fit as third in total connections in engineering after a gap of cylindrical and threaded. The inductor for locomotive wheelset disassembly - one of the typical representatives of the induction coil for heating intricate parts.

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  • The developing of the numerical model of viscoelastic material using finite element method. The comparison of the obtained results with use of FEM software with experimental data. The calculation of the stress and strain state of the asphalt specimen.

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  • Nonaxisymmetric boundary value problem of elasticity theory for multiconnected body with cylindrical boundaries. Boundary conditions by the generalized Fourier method. The numerical analysis of stresses in the areas of their greatest concentration.

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  • The model of spatially distributed curing process of epoxy matrix polymeric composite. The model using the projections of Pareto points set on the 8-dimensional space of design variables. Сontrol synthesis for the closed mould curing of composite spar.

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  • The regularities of macromolecules behavior in the flow with longitudinal velocity gradient and manifested in this case effects of elastic deformations have importance in understanding the mechanism of anomalously high cutting power of water-polymer jet.

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  • The study of structural changes during hot deformation metal during controlled rolling. The influence of preheating temperature and deformation degree on the size and shape of austenite grains. The definition of the polygonal structure of the austenite.

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  • Nanocomposites comprising ray in a polymer. The reflection mechanical properties material. Increasing the polymer properties by forming the interphase. Obtaining curves of stress-strain states of macroscopic samples irradiated polymer materials.

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  • History of the appearance of ceramics. Ceramic products, types of ceramics. Features of technology of production of ceramic products. Ceramics of the Urals. The Perm State Arts Gallery is big Museums in the Ural region. Changes to the "Willow Pattern".

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  • The methodical approach that is aimed at the efficient use of existing fixed assets and technological innovations introduction. Technical and technological components of the technological machine-building enterprise "Turbomash Ltd" development.

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  • Description of stress-strain state and transfer characteristics of piezoelectric elements with partial surfaces electrogalvanism. The power method of the analysis of the physical condition of the piezoelectric elements in the mode of forced oscillations.

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  • Definitions and models of control in water supply and sanitation industry. Concession model of control sanitation industry in international practice. Condition of networks and evolution of model. Research limitations and future research directions.

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  • Environmental biotechnology study the use of living organisms for a wide range of applications in hazardous waste treatment and pollution control. The use of biotechnology in the dairy industry. Methods for producing whey. Security staff activity.

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  • Properties and structure of hydrocarbons. Types and communication aromatics. The nature of the relationship between the carbon atoms. The methods of extraction and processing of oil. The use of the rectification columns for fractionating of raw materials.

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  • There is considered contrariety of Pareto situations and Nash equilibrium situations in dyadic games. Their players’ payoffs are constrained by normal and uniform laws. Solving games in pure strategies there is the advantageousness in Pareto situations.

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  • Основні засади та поняття Rapid Application Development як концепції створення коштів розробки програмних продуктів, що дозволяє програмісту якомога швидше створювати комп'ютерні програми. Історія та середовища розробки, де використовують принципи RAD.

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  • The key advantages of applying ultrasonic technology at the collection dairy. The general principles of measurement of liquids' properties by Ultrasonic standing wave resonator. The monitoring of the milk quality. The benefits of using cylindrical waves.

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  • Test the tribological properties of lubricants as the main stage of assessing their suitability for use in friction. The scheme of the "cone - three ball" with the use of objects of simple geometric shapes to test different construction materials.

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  • The investigation is focused on the evaluation of residual stresses resulting from cold deformation and welding in candidate target structural materials such as martensitic Alloys EP-823 and HT-9, and also an austenitic Type 304L stainless steel.

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  • Физические принципы работы систем радиочастотной идентификации, информация по действующим в этой области стандартам и основным областям практического применения RFID-систем. Функционирования СВЧ и микроволновых систем, электронных иммобилайзеров.

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  • Rheology of high-viscosity marine fuel, temperature conditions of fuel preparation in ship power plant. The relationship between objects, environment and fuel quality of the fuel spray. Influence of variable electric fields for high-viscosity marine fuel.

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