• Overview of the development of technologies as a basis for economic growth. Development approaches for linking science and policy through the use of production technology to data sources, indicating S&T development and implementation of STI policies.

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  • Learning algorithm of consistent actions to obtain quality coatings made by the complex technological method electrocontact strengthening of sprayed coatings. Analysis Ishikawa diagram which allows identify the causes of the impairment coatings obtained.

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  • Characteristics of mathematical model of dynamic processes that occur in frictional hardening of flat surfaces of machine parts with use of the tool with the cut transverse grooves on its working parts. Cyclic circuit of the machine’s oscillations.

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  • Determination of a fire area during the time of its unobstructed development, the amount of the devices for the fire extinguishing agent supply. Consideration features of its mathematical model of the optimization in the woodworking enterprises workshops.

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  • Research of mathematical model of the process intrusion forming polymer products. Establishing a dependency on the angle of melt costs lifting screw injection unit in the material cylinder based on the geometric parameters of extrusion head and mold.

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  • Consideration the mathematical model of process of pressing of seamless pipes. Effect on various forms of rolling shaping matrix. The nature of the formation of the deformation zone. Development of direct compression on a cylindrical mandrel pipe.

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  • Methodical approach to the determination of key parameters of rotary positioning units intended for manufacturing technology and robotics. The applicability of the selected methodology for measuring selected parameters of the uniaxial positioning table.

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  • A lightweight, environmentally friendly nanocomposite based on thermoplastic potato starch plasticized with glycerin is described. Adding cellulose nanofibers, improving the barrier properties of films due to the tortuous path for penetrating molecules.

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  • Cylinder shaped parts – one of the mostly used in printing presses. A new technology of strengthening and recovery of details based on vibration roll burnishing is offered in the article. Experimental work and scientific conclusions are described.

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  • Technological solutions that allow us to solve the problem of premature wear of the printing machines. A new technology of strengthening and recovery of details based on vibration roll burnishing is offered. Experimental work and scientific conclusions.

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  • Проектирование современного технологического процесса монтажа, эксплуатации, технического обслуживания и ремонта универсально токарно-винтового станка с УЦИ. Назначение и область применения. Возможные неисправности, их причины и методы устранения.

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  • Development and active application of automation methods and tools that ensure the creation of Zois with specified high quality indicators with real restrictions on the use of development resources. Diagram of the "Get Function Listing" use case.

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  • Methods for designing individual kitchen cabinet furniture. The kitchen as a component of the environment of residential buildings. Description of the artistic-figurative type of interiors, design of cabinet furniture in the kitchen of living quarters.

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  • Consideration of the concept of social change in the framework of social psychology. The role of different levels of methodology varies depending on the level of social change. Specifics of psychological research of social changes at different levels.

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  • Development of methods for heat engineering tests of hydrodynamic pumps. Processes which occur in activator with water thermal hydrodynamic pump. Water flow speeds in a system. Gas bubbles are the product of centrifugal force effecting on carrier flow.

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  • The peculiarity of studying the value of the protein-hydrogen index in the technology of milk production. Colorimetric and potentiometric methods of measuring pH in chemical and biological systems. Determination of basic acidity of dairy products.

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  • The two main methods of mechanical assembly of plastic parts. Requirements for reliable mechanically bonded plastic joints. Special consideration for composites. The main advantages and disadvantages of adhesive bonding (gluing or glue bonding).

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  • The essence of ventilation systems. Operation of special ventilation shafts, requirements for the location of the ventilation shafts. The design of the ventilation system, its role in the design of complex transport systems, road and rail tunnels.

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  • Іn this paper we present the microcontroller system for the diagnostics and evaluation of the Stirling engine performance. For this purpose the analysis model for the prototype engine has been developed to present the engine’s improved benchmarking result

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  • Research microstructure Rodent dental alloy based on Ni-Cr-Mo after casting in a vacuum furnace. Chemical analysis of crystallographic orientation and topography. Bold molybdenum carbides, eutectic-P and particles of aluminum oxide within dendrites.

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  • In this study, porous Ti-Nb-Zr biomaterial which is not included poison elements was successfully fabricated by powder metallurgy using space holder of NH4HCO3 and foaming agent of TiH2. Biocompatibility of porous Ti-Nb-Zr alloys is similar to Ti-6Al-4V.

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  • The configuration of an anorectal pressure gauge probe, the study of the location of sensors, the radial array of anal sensors, the location and length of the balloon, the pressure sensor inside the balloon. List of tests based on potential indication.

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  • Evaluation of the technical system and its subsequent use for decision-making to ensure complex technical systems with appropriate quality of work. The characteristics and specificity of the model changes performance States based on the Markov chain.

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  • Establishing conditions for quality surface finish in grinding abrasive wheel. Determine the optimal mode grinding, allowing you to get the highest performance and lowest cost processing, providing the necessary tech-tech requirements for machine parts.

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  • Determination of the rolling parameters that allow obtaining a bimetallic ribbed bar. Familiarization with the shape and dimensions of the round ribbed finished pass and of the bimetallic flat oval band obtained in numerical modelling - cross-section.

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  • The problem of fuzzy multicriterial analysis of local energy conversion systems. Construction of training samples for artificial neural networks. Application of multiagent calculating models. Transition from vectorial criterion to a scalar combination.

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  • Approaches to optimization and the development of the model given the parameters and constraints of the subject area to improve the efficiency of product quality. Modules of adaptation and realization of adaptation functions and testing system components.

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  • Consideration of lightweight aggregate that obtained from the raw material modified by clay minerals, zeolites. Protection the environment from petroleum substances. Modification of the lightweight aggregate with the use of spent zeolite sorbents.

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  • Выбор и анализ методов обработки мужской демисезонной куртки, обеспечивающих повышение производительности труда и снижение затрат времени на изготовление. Оценка эффективности методов обработки и сборки. Инструкционно-технологическая карта обработки узла.

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  • The conductive nanocomposite films based on functional reactive copolymers and bifunctional alcohols. Creation multiwall carbon nanotubes. Dependence properties of the nanocomposites from the specific composite composition and obtaining conditions.

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