• Washington's Central American base for countering the plague. The successes of the first phase of the "war on terror" in Central America. The problem of "engineering democratic consent". Middle East Terrorism and the American Ideological System.

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  • Description of the political system of Finland. Political culture. Voting and elections. Political parties, parliament (Eduscunta), government, president. The provisions of the deputy associations in Eduskint during the period from 1983 to 2014.

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  • Conflict as the principal means by which significant social and political changes have taken place throughout history. Conflict resolution techniques. Conflict resolution in politics: strategies, tactics, techniques and cooperative negotiation.

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  • The concept of political culture and value. The social community's consciousness and a set of their actions. Political ideology: the history and theory. The protection and the provision of public interest. The concept of political structure, services.

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  • Discourse analysis as a number of approaches to analyzing written, spoken language or any semiotic event. The concept of political discourse, its formal features. The analysis of political discourse from the point of view of the communicative approach.

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  • Features of political parties with civil society representatives with the aim of restructuring the party system by reducing the number of political parties. The establishment of a structure which will control the funding mechanisms of political parties.

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  • In this article is shown that in making political decisions the Ukrainian political system is more and more influenced by external forces – social organizations, businesses and the International community with the RU and the EU as the dominating actors.

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  • Language and thought: some reflections on venerable themes. The materialist orthodoxy. Democracy and markets in the new world order. The Middle East settlement: its sources and contours. The great powers and human rights: the case of East Timor.

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  • Изучение истории формирования политической власти и ее влияние на развитие государства. Сущность феномена олигархии. Характеристика методов и инструментов осуществления PR-компании и политической деятельности. Агитация, черный пиар и реклама в выборах.

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  • Понятие, функции и принципы Public Relations (PR). Использование СМИ как инструмента PR на примере деятельности партии "Единая Россия". Субъекты социально-коммуникативных кампаний. Принципы действия PR в ходе избирательных кампаний политических партий.

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  • Определение понятия "паблик рилейшнз". Особенности применения избирательных технологий. Предыстория отечественного PR и характеристика этапов его развития в России. Методы применения PR технологий. Современный этап и перспективы развития PR в России.

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  • Дослідження засобів реалізації маніпулятивних тактик PR з метою прихованого впливу на свідомість індивіда та суспільства. Характеристика понять політичного маніпулювання та комунікативного впливу. Аналіз інструментів у процесі застосування маніпуляції.

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  • Глобальные истоки "гибридной войны" России против Украины в интерпретации последователей школы Realpolitik. Российско-американская конфронтация, спровоцированная кризисом. Разногласия между евроориентированными силами, националистическими партиями.

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  • The article explores the consequences of events of 11th September 2001 in terms of global space, which now becomes a new frontierland, where floating coalitions and confluent enmities are both the promoters and beneficiaries of the new global disorder.

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  • The changes the global security system after the collapse of the bipolar system. This gave rise to the threat of terrorism at the global level and helps develop it. The territory of Third World countries are favorable for the development of the terrorism.

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  • Analysis of stereotypes formed from emotions arising in response to the image created by the ads. Evaluation of anti-Ukrainian rhetoric of Russian propaganda and disinformation. Search for alternatives to fight the information war against Ukraine.

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  • The concept and structure of political and legal doctrines. Trends of political and legal thought. Relations between the state, society and the individual. Interrelation of ideas, doctrines and political works. Structure of political and legal doctrine.

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  • Treatment Derrida on the International Committee to support the Algerian intellectuals. Support the Algerian democracy. Take a stand for a new international solidarity and electoral agreement, stand for the effective dissociation of the political.

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  • The communitarian critique of liberal politics. The effects of the four mobilities (geographic, social, marital, political). Liberalism is, the theoretical endorsement and justification of this movement. Liberalism is as a theory of relationship.

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  • The process of integration on European continent began more than fifty years ago - its main creature, which does not have analogue in the world, developed tremendously and made unprecedented progress. Today the EU ensures prosperity, stability and peace.

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