• The reasons for the deportation of Arab citizens who migrated to the northern lands, but do not want to integrate into the local society. Ensuring the safety of Norwegian citizens and maintaining a favorable cultural and religious climate in the country.

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  • The sharp rise in interest in religion - a characteristic feature of the spiritual life of Russia of the last decade. the role of the religious factor in social life. Having different natures Church and State use different means to achieve their goals.

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  • Religion is any cultural system of designated behavior and practice, worldviews, texts, consecrated places, ethics, or organizations that link humanity with the supernatural or transcendental. The largest religious group in Scotland, with the 2016 census.

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  • China and Japan as hosts to a variety of the most enduring religio-philosophical traditions of the world. Classification of the most widespread religions: Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto and Confucianism. Understanding Karma as a fundamental concept in Buddhism.

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  • The study of the Monastery of strict charter, based on the example of Athos. Analysis of the base of the community of St. Alexander of Kazan. The monastery in the late XIX - early XX century. Seraphim-Diveevo Monastery today. About St. Seraphim of Sarov.

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  • Analysis of the problem of the church (Russian Orthodoxy) as an institution that performs values and patterns of behavior in the secular context of their occurrence, built by people around God. Forming Orthodoxy the vision of the social world, mentality.

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  • Rhеtorique, argumentation, et religion. Genres du discours religieux. Relations des interlocuteurs, le problеme du rеcepteur. Les stratеgies persuasives, les tactiques persuasives. Principales branches du christianisme. Positionnement des interlocuteurs.

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  • The analysis of the main principles and ways to achieve "the inner silence" from the view point of Tarighat explained by Iranian "illuminati". The comparison of eastern and western mystic notions of this concept. The new levels of life perception.

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  • Illumination by transcendence: in search of god and oneself. Protestant sects and the spirit of capitalism. New religious associations of Russia of destructive and occult character. Religious reformation in Europe. Development of society as a system.

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  • Israel as a state in the Middle East, a country of deeply revered religious shrines, eclectic culture and thriving cities and diverse natural landscapes. The impact of the influx of immigrants on the formation of a diverse and interesting culture.

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  • The decoration of the former Demidoffs’ house church in the villa of San Donato. The ecclesiastical purpose of the surviving building of the "Demidoffs ex-chapel". Research of the carved decoration of the church, made in A. Barbetti’s workshop.

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  • The article is aimed the traditionalist matrix of translation established by the Elizabethan translators of the Scripture. The author proves that the activity of Elizabethan Bible translators was inspired by the literary reflection of traditionalism.

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  • Investigation of the main reasons that shape Islam's negative image in Europe. An analysis of the formulated and Muslim-dependent points. Characterization of the role of radicals, nationalist parties in creating and spreading the negative image of Islam.

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  • Troitsa, or The Day of the Holy Trinity, is a holiday that has indeed bounced around among several "owners". The celebration takes its name from the "Trinity" and in Russian Orthodoxy; it is the day that commemorates the very subtle concept of "Sophia".

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  • Comparison of Christians and non-Christians. The theory about "priest problem". The influence of priming effect on individual decision-making. A picture of an unknown priest as a stimulus of non-neutral factors on stimulus, that must activate God concept.

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  • Argentina as the most European country in America. The dominant religion is Catholicism, which was introduced into the country by the Spanish conquerors. The role of religion in the traditions, customs and culture of society. Freedom of religion.

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  • Place of religion in human life. The religious tolerance in France. The Religion in France After the French Revolution in 1789. Signing the Concordat with the Vatican, which restored much of the church's former status. The religion in France today.

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  • The issue of pluralisation and secularization within modern societies. The role of religion in the constitution. Financial contributions of the state to the national church. Existence of specific church legislation. Non-Christian religions heathenry.

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  • The Principality of Monaco is governed as a constitutional monarchy. The official religion of the Catholic Church. Freedom of other religions guaranteed by the Constitution. The worship of Mary, mother of Jesus. The religious guidance of the Pope in Rome.

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  • The Intercession of the Theotokos as a holiday widely celebrated by the Russian Orthodox Church. Rescue of the Byzantine city by the intercession of the Virgin Mary. Features of the celebration of the Intercession in the Russian Church at all times.

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