• The official version of the holiday St. Patrick's Day. The first missionaries in the Ireland. Shamrock as a symbol of Catholicism color. The concept of the Holy Trinity. Prayer ascetic on Mount Crowe. The fight with the dragon to him leave the island.

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  • Исследование целей создание секты. Изучение правил членства. Анализ жизни вдохновителей и руководителей М. Эпплуайта и Б.Л. Неттлз. Создание сайта в Интернет. Восприятие кометы как знака. Реализация возможности вхождения во Врата Рая через самоубийство.

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  • Спадщина видатного українського проповідника XVII ст. Радивиловського. Комплексне дослідження відображення в текстах проповідника моральної концепції Imitatio Christi, що передбачає орієнтацію віруючого на наслідування життя та чеснот Ісуса Христа.

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  • India as the land of spirituality and philosophy. The most dominant religion in India is Hinduism. Three religions, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, as the molders of the India philosophy. The country is a secular state with no official religion.

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  • The religion plays an important role in the Polish society and is deeply intertwined with Polish culture. Today the overwhelming majority of the Polish population (around 90%) is Roman Catholic, and a considerable number are practicing Catholics.

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  • Varieties of religion in the country: Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism. The role of religion in the social development of South Korea. Factors contributing to the growth of Protestantism. The identification of Christianity with Korean nationalism.

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  • Coexistence between religious groups in Syria. Religious structures of Syria. The use of the legal system of Sharia law and civil law. Islam, Sunni, Alawism, Twelver Shi'i, Christianity, Druze religion, Yazidism, Judaism. Government policy officially.

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  • Conditions for the restoration of the Bulgarian Patriarchate and the election of a head of the Bulgarian Church. Canonical status of the Church. The supreme clerical, judicial and administrative power for the whole domain of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

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  • Canada has a large number of different religions, but none of them is official in the country, since the idea of religious pluralism is of great importance in Canadian political culture. Most residents of Canada identify themselves as Christians.

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  • Features of judaism and the Jewish People. The Jewish Diaspora and Israel. The First Crusade. Anti-Jewish Myths: desecrating the Host and committing ritual murder. Patterns of Discrimination. "Usury". The Jewish Community. Expulsions and the Black Death.

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  • Religious identity among Lebanese immigrants in Moscow. Perception of personal religion and others’ religion through practice dressing, prayer. Perception of personal religion in relation to other religions and politics. Shia and Sunni division.

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  • The unicorn as a legendary animal. The historical origins of legends about him. Unicorns in antiquity, in Middle Ages and Renaissance. Traditional method of hunting. The famous late Gothic series of seven tapestry of the Unicorn. Image on the heraldry.

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  • Defining the differences of the renewal movements in the approaches to the reform of the Buddhist church in the context of the ongoing changes in the socio-political conditions. Evaluation of the doctrinal and ideological foundations of the movement.

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  • Carnival component of the festival Lamu Maludi. Festival with elements of carnival and mystical Islamic ceremonies. Celebration of the appearance of the Prophet Muhammad. Sufism and the Sufi during the Lamu Milad-un-Nabi. The Veneration of the Prophet.

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  • Понятие сект, способы привлечения адептов и их удержание. Методы воздействия тоталитарных сект на общественное мнение и государственные органы. Направления противосектантской деятельности. Просвещение, профилактика и реабилитация бывших членов сект.

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  • Современная деятельность католической церкви. Связи с общественностью в доктрине Ватикана. Представленность католической церкви во французских СМИ. Основные коммуникационные проблемы. 1500-летие крещение Клодвига. Организация международных дней молодёжи.

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  • The place and role of religion in modern society. Ways to meet the spiritual needs of people. Nontraditional cults, movements, organizations. The fight against religious extremism and terrorism. Participation of the Church in resolving ethnic conflicts.

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  • India - one of the most multinational States in the world. Hinduism like the most common national religion of the Indian subcontinent. Karma as a kind of universal cause-and-effect pattern by which a person's actions determine his future destiny.

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  • Characteristic of Spain as a country with deep religious traditions. The study of Roman Catholicism as the largest Christian group. Consideration of the percentage of Catholics and Protestants. Determining the differences of Roman Catholic beliefs.

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  • Religions recognized by Belgium: Catholicism, Protestantism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The predominant denomination in Belgium is the Roman Catholic church. Support the main religions of the government of Belgium. Religious churches in Belgium.

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