• Overview of women entrepreneurship sector of Pakistan and Russia: analyzing gender gap and barriers, theoretical background. Minimizing regulatory obstacles for start-up. Increasing entrepreneurship education and skills. Easy accessibility of finance.

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  • The acquaintance with the peculiarities of the emergence of sociology, a review of the methods. General characteristics of the structure of sociological knowledge. O. Kont as the founder of sociology as an independent science, the analysis of activity.

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  • Three groups of modern youth subcultures: the aggressive, neutral and positive, their characteristics. Gopnik as part of the Russian criminal subculture. Racists as an offshoot of the skinhead subculture. Advantages and disadvantages of youth subcultures.

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  • Problems between parents and children. A particular cultural grouping is a way for young people to express their individuality. Young people have a particular relationship with the world and a lot of serious problems. The common elements of a subculture.

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  • The essence of the concept of the "American Dream". Getting to know the peculiarities of the comparison of young Americans and Russians. The main cause of the Industrial Revolution. General characteristics of the novel by Jack London "Martin Iden".

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  • The similarity and differences between the intellectual approaches to understanding society taken by manuscripts Michel Foucault and Norbert Elias. Key modifications in Foucault's treatment of history, power, and knowledge in his early and later works.

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  • Examining Nigerian sex trafficking through social embeddedness theory. The institutional roots of the phenomenon. Analyzing the process and its factors. The cycles that trafficking to Italy and Russia. Recommendations for the government in Nigeria.

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  • Research of public works from ancient times to the present. Characteristics of the nature of public works, their needs and the main methods of application in different countries. The main functions of public works and the strategic goals of their use.

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  • Acquaintance with history of the formation and development of subcultures: mod, skinhead, hippie, rocker, goth, motorcycle club, punk and emo. Research and characteristics of former subculture of the soviet union: young pioneer organization, komsomol.

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  • Research of the natural increase of population and the dominance of village population in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Analysis of the basic aspects of foreign migration of Azerbaijan. Expanding of the activity direction of the industrial enterprises.

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  • Characteristics of the Chinese Internet infrastructure and cyberspace-regulating laws. Structural analysis like focused on the interpretation of the indicators of social structure expressed through the details of the depicted objects in the image.

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  • Identity of a state in international politics as characteristics the state internally and internationally. Peculiarities of russian identity within historical development and its specific features in comparison to Western civilization in general.

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  • The basic law of evolution. Discrete and continuous, the reliability of discrete systems. Some comments on real hierarchies. The world through the eyes of a frog. The transition to phenomenological descriptions. The reflex as a functional concept.

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  • The human geography as part of the social theory movement. The intellectual disarray in human geography, and addressing the challenge of postmodernism and deconstruction, the discipline could attain a pivotal role in the social sciences and humanities.

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  • The main reasons that young people smoke are - to look mature, to be like their friends, and to experiment. Nowadays we have such terrible problem like alcohol use youth. Drugs among the youth. Warning signs of teenage drug use may include. Pregnancy.

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  • The attributes which needed to establishing effective and meaningful intercultural communication. The role of non-verbal communication in human social interaction. Characterization of the main differences between cultures of low and high context.

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  • Familiarization with the remarks of the social uses of the past. Consideration two special problems, which may be mentioned briefly: those of the past as genealogy and as chronology. Characteristic some features of the societies and communities.

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  • Socio-demographic status, cause, type, degree and period of disability, the current employment level is provided for the disabled social services and their integration into society. Recommendations for the inclusion of persons with disabilities to work.

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  • Analysis of general theoretic approaches towards competent and motivated behavior definitions, the model of police officer social competence was proposed along with the ways of its study. The social environment of departmental educational institution.

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  • The most successful theoretical frameworks in biomedical research on interactions between society and health – cultural consonance model. The relationship between individual’s inability to live up to a societal standard in their behaviour or lifestyle.

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