• The article, by relying on Fromm’s concept of freedom, analyzed the multifaceted role of the Maidan, The study emphasizes that Maidan became a readout step in the deployment of an intense process of self-consciousness of own cultural identity by Ukraine.

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  • Analysis of approaches to the definition of sociological content of categories daily and events. The views of representatives of modern sociology on the relationship of these categories through the prism of the technological components of modern culture.

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  • Researching issues of drug prevention among youth and teenage organizations in Ukrainian society. Highlighting new directions and methods of its functioning considering the priorities and emphasis shifts in counteracting the spread of drug-addiction.

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  • Attempt to study the historical constitution of modern forms of subjectivity solely in terms of the spread of rationality and disciplinary power. The sociological problem of human agency. Sociology as an attempt to study the effects of disciplinary power.

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  • Shape popular culture as variations femne semiotic system. A gender approach that helps to establish the nature / energy that drives popular culture and explains the reason for criticism of the culture in question by Modernists. Feminization of culture.

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  • The role of women in the flows of international migrants. Migration in search of work and the realization of personal goals. Scope of female labor in the global economy. The problem of children left behind by migrants in their country of origin.

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  • The principle of democracy, liberty and equality before the law. The subjective or unequal behavior towards the individual. Gender discrimination. The gender stereotypes. The attitude of society toward women’s social role. Movements for women’s rights.

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  • This article describes the topic of gender segregation of women in Australia. Furthermore, the researcher wants to show us why the progress of women in the hospitality business is not so developed and why such segregation is problematic in our time.

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  • The designing of gerontological space, creating a predictive model is the challenge of the demographic ageing of gerontosociology. The meaning of a gerontological space as a sociological category, social space type on the base of integrative theories.

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  • The definitions of "globalization", "global problems", "threat", "call". Kinds of global problems. Main social problems, the problems of "social-nature" and "social-man". Priority and features of global problems. Alternative solutions to this problems.

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  • Cultural situation in the world in the context of globalization. The value of the global division of labor and enhance the role of corporations, which have become powerful forces in the world economy. Globalization theory in sociology and culture.

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  • Игра как базовая форма человеческой активности. Сферы информационного общества, в которых максимально проявляется игровое начало. Взаимопроникновение этики игры и труда. Тенденция смещения границ взрослости. Мотивы виртуального культурного общения.

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  • Виникнення інформаційного суспільства. Аналіз умов формування інформаційного суспільства та віртуальної реальності. Специфіка життєдіяльності та комунікації людини в умовах інформатизації. Процес індивідуалізації суспільного та особистого життя.

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  • The hostility to internally displaced persons in Ukraine as a result of their discursive design of identity. Analysis of the reports of research organizations on the status of IDP, taking into account the conditions of the formation of hostile perception.

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  • Assessment of the reliability of income and expenditure indicators of households in Ukraine. The reasons for the increase in domestic public debt and economic inequality in the country. Determination of the consumer price index for goods and services.

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  • Definition of "life success" concept in humanitarian studies. The impact of cultural capital on the formation of the concept of "life success" for Polish and Ukrainian students. Parents' education as a component of cultural fund of student's family.

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  • Characteristics of the effect of labor migration on the dynamics and quality of labour resources of the Russia through the analysis of scale, educational level of labour migrants. The list of necessary actions that could minimize adverse impacts.

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  • Сomparative analyse of contemporary information society development in Poland and Republic of Moldova. The information society development process of European Union, Poland – as a member of the Union and Republic of Moldova – as nonEuropean member.

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  • Review and description of the concepts of economic and social efficiency which are different ones in economic science. Considered and analysis estimation problems of social development institutes efficiency, such as educational system and human capital.

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  • Functions, conditions of implementation of the institutionalization process of the scientific branch of education management and its essence. The essential features of social institutions. The development of a system of institutions and establishments.

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