• Оценка значения современных средств массовой информации в процессе формирования социокультурного пространства человека. Преодоление межиндивидуальных и межгрупповых культурных барьеров и культурной дистанции между представителями различных сообществ.

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  • Объект, предмет и функции социологии управления. Научная и административная школы управления. Принципы и мотивационные теории управления. Управленческая деятельность как результат общественного разделения труда, ее специфика, формы, методы и средства.

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  • Ознакомление с особенностями застенчивости у подростков. Определение и характеристика содержания и сущности социометрии, которая используется для диагностики межличностных и межгрупповых отношений в целях их изменения, улучшения и совершенствования.

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  • Механизмы регулирования поведения человека. Общение, как реализация межличностных отношений. Характеристика основных форм социальных процессов. Особенность взаимодействий между группами. Главный анализ коммуникативной компетентности и конфликтов.

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  • This experemental study is an attempt to give a close ecocritic scrutiny to Lawrence’s St. Mawr. Ecofeminism is one of the main sub-branches of ecocriticism that tries to find similarities between the oppressed condition of women and the environment.

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  • This article provides an overview on the relations between democracy and social power. Theoretical ideas about power, social power and social capital will be combined with empirical findings in Southeast Asia and a discussion about democracy indexes.

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  • The concept and essence of globalization: history, different types. Negative, Positive effects and solutions. Global Political Issues. Spread of Technical Know-How. Positive Impact of Globalization on the Environment. Spread of Culture, of Education.

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  • Reasons for appearance and popularity of electronic language in social networks: pros and cons. Language of electronic communication. Features of electronic communication and their rules. Analyzes the features of electronic language in social networks.

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  • Epistemology as one of the main branches of philosophy; its subject matter concerns the nature, origin, scope, and limits of human knowledge, analysis history of the development. Characteristic of the basic principles and deductivism inductivism Popper.

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  • A generalization of the concepts of "citizenship" and "civil society". Similarities and differences in the perception of the essence of civil society, allowing establishing the mechanisms of influence on the mastering a new model of society in Ukraine.

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  • Concept and health indicators, the impact on his bad habits. A study of factors that influence the choice of people to stick to a certain type of lifestyle on the example of people aged 14 to 40 years old. The stages of the analysis and the results.

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  • The concept and content of tolerance, its role and importance in the modern world. Language diversity and self-esteem: interaction effect. Methodology: conceptualizing, operalizationalizing, methods. Distribution of tolerance toward immigrants.

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  • Getting to know the peculiarities of the traditional British breakfast. Food as a source of energy for human life. Сharacteristics of the British, American and Kazakh cuisine. Features of influence of the traditions of planning the human diet worldwide.

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  • The article, by relying on Fromm’s concept of freedom, analyzed the multifaceted role of the Maidan, The study emphasizes that Maidan became a readout step in the deployment of an intense process of self-consciousness of own cultural identity by Ukraine.

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  • Researching issues of drug prevention among youth and teenage organizations in Ukrainian society. Highlighting new directions and methods of its functioning considering the priorities and emphasis shifts in counteracting the spread of drug-addiction.

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  • Attempt to study the historical constitution of modern forms of subjectivity solely in terms of the spread of rationality and disciplinary power. The sociological problem of human agency. Sociology as an attempt to study the effects of disciplinary power.

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  • The role of women in the flows of international migrants. Migration in search of work and the realization of personal goals. Scope of female labor in the global economy. The problem of children left behind by migrants in their country of origin.

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  • The principle of democracy, liberty and equality before the law. The subjective or unequal behavior towards the individual. Gender discrimination. The gender stereotypes. The attitude of society toward women’s social role. Movements for women’s rights.

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  • This article describes the topic of gender segregation of women in Australia. Furthermore, the researcher wants to show us why the progress of women in the hospitality business is not so developed and why such segregation is problematic in our time.

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  • The definitions of "globalization", "global problems", "threat", "call". Kinds of global problems. Main social problems, the problems of "social-nature" and "social-man". Priority and features of global problems. Alternative solutions to this problems.

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