• The meaning of the term "cognitive analysis method" in the framework of linguistic research. The nature and the peculiarities of the language. Ontology speech activity on the basis of objectivity and subjectivity of the information received in study.

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  • Color and its role in modern life. Comparative study of ways to describe colors in different languages. Idiom containing elements in their semantics color designations. The importance of some of the names of colors as an example of Kazakh ethnos.

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  • Communications, act as a transmission information from one place to another. Characteristics of verbal and non-verbal intercourse. The main connection channels in the world. The essence of the information exchange between cultures and social groups.

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  • Kentucky fried chicken as the second best global brand in the fast food industry in terms of value. Analysis of reliable grade in many countries. Feature providers fraud. Sale of unhealthy food to customers. Introduction of new products in the company.

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  • Slang and its specific features, the nature and types. Peculiarities of slang formation. The purpose of slang usage. Influence of slang on the english language. Principal characteristics and distinctive peculiarities of british and american slang.

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  • Characteristics of the poetry of Alfred Donald Davie, evaluation values of his creative contribution to the development of English literature. Analysis of the most famous works. Activities Davie as a translator, evaluation of achievements in this field.

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  • Isomorphisms and Allomorphisms in Structure of English and Ukrainian Words. Factors Facilitating the Typological Study of Lexicon. Identification of Semiotic Superclasses of Words. Specifically English Types of Word-Formation. Typology of the Adjective.

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  • Identification semiotic superclass words. Onomasiological semasiological and characteristics of the different language units. Word formation in English and Ukrainian. Typological features of the noun as a part of speech. Details the adjective and verb.

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  • The study of the adjectives in the English and Ukrainian languages. Their comparative analysis in the semantic groups. Differences and similarities of structure and meaning of adjectives. Lexical system of education of the words in the language.

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  • Peculiarities of compound words in English. Motivation of compound words. Homonymous derivational bases. Classification of British connections. Analysis of linguistic material. The relationship between the constituent words and phrases variables.

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  • Features of the content and nature of the concept of vocational advancement in the career expectations of future engineers-metallurgists. Analysis of the achievements of personnel status and provide a sense of satisfaction with professional growth.

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  • Thesaurus and typology of integration cooperation. Main types of strategies of vertical associations in the agricultural sector. Using farms quasi-integration for the management of foreign enterprises. Non-integration method for unstable competition.

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  • Analysis of definition of metaphor. Analysis of different approaches to study of metaphors. Analysis of the cognitive view of metaphor. Research conceptual metaphor theory as a new approach to the interpretation of science as a kind of cognitive activity.

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  • Utilization conceptual, etymological and definitional types of analysis the vision "ECONOMY". Linguistic verification in discourse this conceptual system. The structure of the meaning lexeme. Conceptualizing "economy" in the modern English world view.

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  • Analyze advertising discourse functioning in the context of the Internet. Importance of context of communication for fulfilling the purposes of communication process. Effective advertisements create associative links in the consciousness of a recipient.

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  • The study of typology of a foreign language for the aims of teaching. The task of the teacher is to work out the system of exercises aimed at correcting, eliminating mistakes. Of methods and techniques of teaching particular sounds and their variants.

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  • Conversion, one of the principal ways of forming words in Modern English, is highly productive in replenishing the English word-stock with new words. Compounds and free word-groups, classification of compounds. Shortening and word-building processes.

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  • Characteristics of the practical application of language Corpora. The composition and the form of the British National Corpus. The results of investigation of semantically-related words small/little. The peculiarity of the study corpus linguistics.

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  • Banker is the owner and manager of bank capital involved in the banking business. The importance of the teaching profession. The concept and content of the work of the seller, its importance in the economy. Professional responsibilities cleaner.

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  • Curses as part of cultural life of the Ukrainian people. Analyze curses as a Ukrainian cultural tradition and their roots. Classification of expletives into three groups. The main socio-cultural functions (didactic, therapeutic and regulatory) curses.

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