• Alfred Nobel role in the development of modern science. Development of A. Nobel explosives and dynamite invention. Awarding of the Nobel Prize in literature, medicine, physics and chemistry. Nobel Prize in 2016 and their contribution to science.

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  • Induced transitions between a limit cycle and the state of the rest of the van der Pol has a threshold and disappears at rest. The threshold value is directly proportional to the product of the energy of oscillation and the coefficient of friction.

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  • Peculiarities of application of mathematical apparatus for the calculation of point Baluba-Naidysh to develop the technology for scanning of the light openings of different configurations. Method of determining point equations for parabolic window.

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  • Models of the consumer choice process. Affect and Non-Conscious Processes. Review recent research in a number of different aspects of the consumer choice domain and highlight work that suggests that nonconscious components may play an important role.

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  • The general problem of dissipation in macroscopic large-amplitude collective motion and its relation to the energy diffusion of the intrinsic degrees of freedom of a nucleus is studied. Different dynamical regimes of the intrinsic nuclear motion.

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  • The differential diagnosis of cysts from other forms of apical periodontitis lesions. Prevalence among periapical lesions. Histopathological categories of radicular cysts. Pathogenesis of pocket cysts. Controversy over the healing of periapical cysts.

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  • The current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a member of the CEFTA 2006 from the position of its trade flows and strengthening the competitiveness. Membership in CEFTA 2006 as a way to accelerate the country's integration into the European Union.

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  • Techniques to teaching English at schools and courses. Alternative approaches to foreign language teaching. Classification of non-traditional lessons for teaching vocabulary. Methodology for such lessons. Practical application of non-traditional lessons.

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  • An analysis of the history of the formation of the neigraph as a science. Feature of lexicography of new speech units, namely accidental ones. Principles of lexicographic interpretation of occasional vocabulary, functioning in the genre of fantasy.

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  • Investigation of the kinetic nonequilibrium dynamics of the electron-phonon system of a crystal in a strong electric field on the basis of the numerical solution of the system of kinetic Boltzmann equations for the electronic and phonon functions.

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  • The self regulation of the parameters of the algorithm is a major step towards the establishment of the method as a general tool of nonlinear data analysis. Algorithms for the general task of extracting nonlinear principal manifolds from high dimensional.

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  • The description of the autoassociative's neural network natural's approach for NLPCA. Review several network architectures including the hierarchical, the circular, and the inverses models. Analisys result's, which are shown on example molecular biology.

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  • Joint with interference fit as third in total connections in engineering after a gap of cylindrical and threaded. The inductor for locomotive wheelset disassembly - one of the typical representatives of the induction coil for heating intricate parts.

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  • The alternative way of dispute solution or mediation is a method of dispute solution by negotiation. Notary as person-mediator. Course of notary mediation and legal content of made resolution. The terms of notary mediation and cost of notary mediation.

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  • Suggested changes of a line of position can be computed speedily by the Dreisonstok method which can be used without interpolation, and which, after the simple routine is once learned, involves only two rules which are very easy to remember and to apply.

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  • The combination of creative understanding with scientific precision to produce a startling account of the mind working at its potential. Demonstration of sociocultural circumstances of interactions with personality traits to encourage the creative mind.

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  • Characteristics of the geographical position of Northern Ireland. Study of special status of Belfast. Analysis of current population of Northern Ireland. Study of languages of Northern Ireland. Characteristics of the largest rivers and lakes of country.

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  • The main problems of technical translation, its style features. Conducting conceptual analysis to develop the macrostructure of the electronic industry dictionary. Displaying the concepts of energy engineering and bringing the characteristics of terms.

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  • Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems. Improving the efficiency and responsiveness of radio communication to enhance the safety of navigation. Selective Calling controller. An analysis of the navigation environment while reducing the risk.

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  • Synthesis of block copolymers via the polymerization of methyl methacrylate initiated by Ce4 - PEG system using a functional peroxidecontaining the services of an agent. Rheological and colloidal-chemical characteristics of new polyampholitic surfactant.

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