• Conducting a quantitative analysis of Vasyl Stefanyk's novels. Expanding the methods of studying the author's idiolect with the help of computer technologies and statistical tools. In-depth study of the western version of the Ukrainian language.

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  • The analysis of the narrative of interrogation at the stage of pre-trial investigation from the standpoint of communicative pragmatics helps to optimize international communication, clarifies the speech situation "investigator - interrogated person.

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  • Consideration of the narrative structure of songs, which determines their genre characteristics. The inclusions of elements of the author's worldview and creative experience in the song text, where the symbols of human existence acquire meaning.

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  • Narrative representation of the image of a researcher-physician in the novel by S. Lewis "Erruusmith." Genre specificity of the work as a medical novel of upbringing. Narrative realization of the competence of the doctor in the artistic discourse.

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  • The article analyses historical and genetic origins of the genre of prose poem. It singles out the genus-genre syncretism of prose poem, the foundation of which lies in the intertwining and interpenetration of epic, dramatic and lyrical principles.

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  • Identification of the genre of a work of art, construction of its rhetorical and cognitive models. Evaluation of the genre and style of the novel by S. Waters "The Little Stranger". Features of the narrative and mental aberrations of the narrator.

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  • Measuring the level of emotional intelligence of Iranian female students using oral and written narratives. Using the Emotional Quotient method for young people. Development of effective interventions at school for the formation of students' competencies.

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  • Analysis of the displacement storytelling of a woman who lost her house to heavy rainstorms, which forced her to go live in the streets with her seven youngest children. The concepts of membership categorization analysis, stigma and talking back.

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  • The study of narratives that are broadcast in television documentaries of Ukraine and Poland in the context of reflecting the interaction of peoples in the historical, cultural and social field. The core of the narrative is the search for a better life.

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  • Identification of the use of such manipulative techniques as repetition, selective presentation of facts, labeling, appeal to authority, false dilemma, logical fallacy of dubious causation. Derogative vocabulary in relation to Ukraine and Ukrainians.

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  • The evolution of a narratorial instance within the framework of historical poetics. The precursor-successor relations in terms of the characteristics of a narratorial instance. The effect of self-reflexivity in the writers of the periods of modernism.

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  • Nasopharyngeal Polyps, Collapsed Trachea. Disorders of the Teeth and Oral Cavity. Gastric Dilatation–Volvulus Complex. Inflammation of muscle tissue that results in pain, weakness, and muscle atrophy. Hypokalemic Myopathy, Potassium Depletion in Cats.

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  • The "American Practical Navigator" by Nathaniel Bowditch, the Father of American Navigation, was published in 1802 and had already gone through ten editions totaling more than 30000 copies and was destined to become known among navigators the world over.

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  • The international exchange of linguistic and cultural achievements is carried out through translation. The translator function to transfer the text to the recipient language. The contribution of special vocabulary to the implementation of this mission.

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  • Standardization as an important element in product quality control systems. Its laws and regulatory support. Features of domestic and foreign systems of standardization, their comparative characteristics, assessment of the advantages and disadvantages.

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  • National versions Standard English pronunciation. The difference between the dialects in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. The written form of English - a common standard. Use of the term "accent" dialect with the difference in pronunciation.

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  • Consideration of national and regional specifics of non-verbal means of communication. Definitions of "language culture", "verbal communication", "non-verbal communication". Defining the functions of language in society, specific methods and techniques.

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  • Dialectics of national coloring in the translation. The coloring of the words as belonging to a particular people, country, specific historical era. Transfer of connotative words using devices, which are characteristic for the transmission of reality.

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  • This study allows: ownership of firms in foreign subsidiaries depends on the cultural aspect. Presents a theory-based reproduction models Hennart's transaction costs, based on two national cultures: investment of Japanese firms in the U.S. and Vice versa.

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  • Investigation of practice of securing the US cybersecurity in the context of its possible implementation in Ukraine. Describing of the National cybersecurity strategy of the USA as a political and legal document. Institutional mechanism of cybersecurity.

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  • US National Cybersecurity Strategy. A study of the positive practice of ensuring US cybersecurity in the context of its possible implementation in Ukraine. Creating a talent pool, increasing the potential of specialists in the field of cyber defense.

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  • Feature breach of international peace and safeness through willful political violence. The objectives of the terrorists, according to the United Nations Security Council. Maintenance of public officials in the loop with respect to terrorist threats.

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  • Analysis of legislative norms from the standpoint of environmentalization of internal and external state policy. State environmental policy as a component of state policy. Its strategic goals and objectives, taking into account environmental factors.

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  • Scientific and theoretical analysis of the principles of state activity in the formation of national policy in the context of environmental rights and human interests. Creating effective legal mechanisms to guarantee, implement and protect rights.

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  • Analysis of Ukrainian legislation from the standpoint of environmentalization of internal and external state policy. Strategic goals and objectives of national development. The mechanism of legal support for the integration of environmental policy.

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  • Determining the importance and role of national education in the preservation of the original culture of Jews in Podillya. Consideration of the place of traditional education in the context of the national identity of the Jewish communities in the region.

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  • Analysis Ukrainian textbooks, their didactical and educational potential. The role of the prominent pedagogues, local clergy and intelligentsia in women's national education, formation of universal values and national consciousness of Ukrainian girls.

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  • Justification of the urgency of the problem of forming a culture of etiquette as an important aspect of moral education; consideration of the works of leading teachers in this field. Ethnopedagogical works on the culture of Dagestan and analysis.

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  • The use of barter-like methods in the market. A money's functions: medium of exchange, measure of value, standard of deferred payment, store of value. Supply of the banknotes, coins. Consideration of modern monetary systems. National functions of money.

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  • Familiarization with representative logo and corporate identity design "National Geographic society". Consideration of the meaningful foundations of research-based marketing high performance integrated technologies to win and keep consumers from NG.

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