• National versions Standard English pronunciation. The difference between the dialects in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. The written form of English - a common standard. Use of the term "accent" dialect with the difference in pronunciation.

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  • Dialectics of national coloring in the translation. The coloring of the words as belonging to a particular people, country, specific historical era. Transfer of connotative words using devices, which are characteristic for the transmission of reality.

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  • This study allows: ownership of firms in foreign subsidiaries depends on the cultural aspect. Presents a theory-based reproduction models Hennart's transaction costs, based on two national cultures: investment of Japanese firms in the U.S. and Vice versa.

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  • Feature breach of international peace and safeness through willful political violence. The objectives of the terrorists, according to the United Nations Security Council. Maintenance of public officials in the loop with respect to terrorist threats.

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  • The use of barter-like methods in the market. A money's functions: medium of exchange, measure of value, standard of deferred payment, store of value. Supply of the banknotes, coins. Consideration of modern monetary systems. National functions of money.

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  • Familiarization with representative logo and corporate identity design "National Geographic society". Consideration of the meaningful foundations of research-based marketing high performance integrated technologies to win and keep consumers from NG.

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  • Kazakhstan is a large multinational country. A special historical importance for the development of independent Kazakhstan of the national holidays. The victory day. International Women's Day. Nauryz – Kazakh new year. Day of Unity in Kazakhstan.

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  • Nationalism and radical left- and right-wing party euroscepticism: mirrored at the individual level. Studying conception of ethnic nationalism, identity and radical right euroscepticism. Civic nationalism, civic identity and radical left euroscepticism.

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  • The concept and general characteristics of the national income, its structure and components. Macroeconomic indicators and criteria for assessing the national income and the factors affecting it. Analysis of labor productivity in a market economy.

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  • Basic articles about National natural parks and reservations and their role in the development of tourism. Characteristics of National parks and landscape-recreational parks of Ukraine. Formation of European and national ecological network of Ukraine.

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  • This article provides an assessment of the current state of plays in the implementation of adaptation policies of National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Author analyzes how this policy is implemented in the system of higher education worldwide.

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  • National symbols of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Flag description of the coat of arms of Great Britain. Symbols of the countries that make up the United Kingdom: England Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.

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  • Features of the symbols of Scotland: thistle, bagpipes, the Apostle Andrew. Characteristics of the emergence of symbols. People's anthem Scotland as a kind of musical symbols. Distinctive features of the patterns and colors on the national dress.

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  • The manifestation of national dance trends in opera creativity of the founders of Polish and Czech national schools. The embodiment of the signs of the dance genres of dance culture in the operas "Halka" by S. Moniuszko and "The Sold Bride" by B. Smetana.

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  • Analysis of national dance trends in the opera works of the founders of the Polish and Czech national schools. Specific features of the dance genres of the European dance culture in the operas "Halka" by S. Moniuszko and "The Sold Bride" by B. Smetana.

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  • Discussion and research of specific features of the modern strategy of guided chronic heart failure therapy. Identification and characterization possible prospects for improved survival of patients through the timely correction of pharmacotherapy.

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  • The concept of relative instability of regulatory peptides in the issues and fluids of organism. The historical facts of glyproline investigation. Antiulcer effects of intraoperational, intragastic administrations at etanol-induced damages in rats.

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  • Analysis of application of natural gas purification technology with diethanolamine to study the efficiency of the absorption process, which has wide practical application. Determination of optimal conditions for different composition of the source gas.

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  • Chelsea club and chelsea world of sport. Serpentine gallery pavilion. The charioteer statue, archaeological museum of delphi and Hong Kong museum of coastal defence. Rooms at Royal academy, Burlington House and Greenwich. American community school.

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  • Problems, importance and components of natural private law, principles of its development. The relationship of contemporary international, private, and civil rights. Explanation and justification of the dialectic of natural entities of private law.

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