• Is financial capital provided to early-stage, high-potential, growth startup companies. Venture capital boom and the Internet Bubble. Control over the correctness of the company's decision-making. Access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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  • Methods of information transfer in intercultural interaction. Types of nonverbal signals. Benefits of using sign language in communication. Methods of controlling unconscious body movements. Accent verbal message. Statement of voice during dialogue.

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  • The notion of grammatical profile and statistical approaches. Interaction of tense and aspect from the perspective of grammatical profiles. Overlap between perfectives and imperfectives. Overall description of verbal pairs and their representations.

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  • Применение языка Verilog и методология проектирования цифровых устройств. Согласование типов портов и их направлений при включении модулей. Введение временных задержек в непрерывные операторы присваивания. Общая характеристика циклических операторов.

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  • Analyzing of factors that affect the operation of coal industry. Aim of creation of a vertically integrated company from the former coal mines. Models of reform of the enterprise based to reduce the budget funding, to ensure social stability in region.

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  • The effect of lateral condensation using different tape red spreaders. Curved mesiobuccal roots of maxillary molars. Strain gauges applied to the root surfaces measured dentin deformation during controlled lateral condensation with fine finger.

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  • Methods for performing studies of the seismic sections of the well. The effect of surface distortion of the surrounding environment. Consideration of possible changes in the lithology and structure of the well. Fundamentals of the drilling program.

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  • Determining the influence of biologically active substances biotechnological water with leeches in artificial ecosystems survival lower crustaceans (magna Straus). Setting acute lethal toxicity of biotechnological medicinal leech water from the organism.

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  • The algorithm of translation teaching. A record of the actions of a translator that he was taken in the translation process, the development of its creative potential. The synthesis of linguistic and translation competences and personal translation.

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  • VIP-туризм как один из наиболее устойчивых видов туризма, который менее всего зависит от колебаний мировой экономики: анализ типов, знакомство с основными преимуществами, особенности развития. Рассмотрение динамики выезда граждан Крыма за границу.

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  • Types and symptoms of viral hepatitis. The time between exposure to hepatitis and the onset of the disease. People who are most at risk of contracting viral hepatitis. Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic viral hepatitis, methods of prevention.

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  • Definition of the main role of distance educational technologies in ensuring accessibility and competitiveness of basic and additional education programs. Determination of possible conditions and ways to create a single virtual educational space.

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  • The principles of virtualization of scientific research methods given linguistic and topological factor informing the paradigm of virtual knowledge. Methods of researchers’ navigation in nonlinear environment using a mental representation of digital area.

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  • Relationship of theatrical art and virtual reality of the Internet space. Sociological analysis of the interaction of theatrical and Internet technologies in a virtual reality. The study of the interaction in the subsystem "theatrical-virtual reality".

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  • Интерфейс вызовов функций в Windows. Библиотеки динамической загрузки. Взаимодействие программ и Windows. Преимущества использования MFC. Функция WinMain и типы данных в Windows. Введение в объектно-ориентированную парадигму: инкапсуляция, полиморфизм.

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  • Создание диалогового приложения - AppVizard (Step 1-4). Формирование ресурсов диалогового окна, его свойства и выбор языка интерфейса. Задание идентификаторов диалогового окна и элементов его управления. Немодальные диалоговые окна, их вывод на экран.

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  • Использование стандартных элементов управления. Объявление элемента управления в коде программы. Создание ассоциированных переменных. Объявление члена-переменной класса в коде программы, а также установка значения элемента управления по умолчанию.

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  • Linguistic representation of visual perception through verbal and visual means of images. Artistic images in romantic literature, created by the interaction of visual and verbal translation codes. Overview of the forms of romantic literary vision.

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  • Development new field of design - multimedia design. Communication of computer processes. Composition as a fundamental factor in the creation of multimedia products. Realization of the idea of project. Compositional organization of multimedia project.

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  • Requirements for a successful vital pulp therapy. Non-inflamed pulp. Proper control of hemorrhage, pulp-capping material, bacteria-tight seal. Direct pulp capping, partial pulpotomy and full pulpotomy: indications, technique, recall and prognosis.

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