• Особенности функционирования двигателя с наклонным (V-образным) расположением цилиндров, выполненного по принципу соленоида. Реализация поршневого механизма с помощью однотипных электромагнитных элементов с целью уменьшения затрат электроэнергии.

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  • Testing of approaches to determination of specificity/selectivity during validation of UV-spectrophotometric methods of quantitative determination in forensic and Toxicological analysis, for example quantitative determination of doxylamine in blood.

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  • Consideration of the results of theoretical study of teacher's self-regulation value as a psychological mechanism for the development of social justice. Analysis of the process of manifestation and development of the personal formation of social justice.

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  • The place of Russia in the oil export market. Infrastructure of the pipeline oil transport. The demand of Europe for crude oil. The oil transit system through the territory of Belarus. The model, analytical framework of analyzing the bypass investment.

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  • Use of the procedure of functional and cost analysis in the implementation of design work on the railway transport. Mathematical description of the total cost price. Developing methods for assessing the safety margin of bearing structures of freight cars.

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  • Measurement of potential losses in the value of the asset VaR. Approaches that are used to compute Value at Risk: the variance-covariance approach, the historical and the Monte Carlo simulations. Risk assessment value at risk as a qualitative tool.

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  • The potential loss in value of a risky asset or portfolio over a defined period for a given confidence interval. Historical and Monte Carlo Simulation. Value at Risk as a risk assessment tool at banks and other financial service firms in the last decade.

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  • The impact of the financial crisis on the Republic of Kazakhstan. The effect of capital ratios on the stability of the financial system as a whole. The concept of harmonization of domestic and international approaches to equity capital in Kazakhstan.

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  • The relationship between the value of innovation and the dialectics of the development of ERP-systems. Increasing their accessibility for small businesses. Effective use of ERP systems associated with the formation of the value of innovative products.

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  • The study of Internet technologies to analyze financial and monetary markets, evaluation of investment projects. Assessment of level of innovative potential and profit, engagement of the economy, the development of an algorithm for investment management.

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  • There are groups of the reasons which lead to injuries and diseases at athletes. Measures of prevention of traumatism in sport. Рsychological escort of athletes during the post-traumatic period and value of sport for development of their personality.

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  • The essence of the pedagogical doctrine of S. Gessen, based on the philosophy of neo-Kantianism. Its importance for the education. The importance of an values as an instrument of personal development, their influence of a universal human culture.

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  • Elucidation of the mechanisms of bioaccumulation of copper, leached from minerals with the help of the fungus aspergillus Niger with a large bioremedial potential due to its ability to produce chelating metabolites and transformation of toxic minerals.

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  • Investigation of the variant t(9;22) formation ways and additional chromosomal abnormalities in t(9;22) clones. Indices at the diagnosis сhronic myeloid leukemia in groups with classic chromosomal. Karyotypes with variant translocations at diagnosis CML.

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  • Overview of the field of research of territorial varieties of English. The notion of literary forms dialects. Essay on the history of lexicography. Typology and range of public information applied in the preparation of American English dictionaries.

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  • The studying biography Vasily Sternberg famous artist. The history of friendship with Taras Shevchenko. Russian painter, genre painter and master of landscape. Invitation of patron Tarnovskys. The author of Little Russian and Italian landscape scenes.

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  • Characteristics of social development and human development in the context of the transformation of the modern economy in innovation. The analysis of the dynamics of the development index of human potential and the interconnectedness of its components.

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  • Kostiantyn Luchakovskyi’s manuals as experience of integrative learning of ukrainian and world literature. Optimization the main methods of mastering of the theoretical knowledge by future teachers in the course of studying of professional disciplines.

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  • Develop architecture for route construction, which allows philosophy of insertion and, more importantly, deletion of customer in route. Develop the structure of heuristic in such way, so the algorithm find satisfactory solution in acceptable time period.

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  • Venice - a city on the water, the unique architectural ensemble of the late Gothic and Renaissance: composition Doge's Palace, St Mark's Square, Clock Tower; canals and bridges lace the city. Museums of Venice, Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute.

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