• Characterization of the genetic variability in bread wheat . Cereal yield in the context of sustainable agriculture with human needs in the next decades. Hexaploid and two tetraploid wheat lines using a set of microsatellites for chromosomes group.

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  • Evolution before Darwin's on the origin of species. Theory of natural selection. Evolution and anti-evolution in interphase. The Rise of fundamentalism and it's opposition to evolution. From equal time to the de-emphasis of evolution in American schools.

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  • The new insights into the process of interaction of T7-like bacteriophages FE44 and BA14 with lysogenic cells. The single and double lysogens possess Abi-phenotype regardless of genera and strain of bacteria that initially had normal phage sensitivity.

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  • Review and analysis of the biography and particular activity of Edward Jenner, who created vaccine for smallpox created from cowpox. Research and characterization of contributions to microbiology Louis Pasteur, Robert Koch and Alexander Fleming.

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  • Mutagenic potential of oxidized forms of nitrogen bases. The effectiveness of the inclusion of 8-oxo-DG in the growing DNA. The behavior of the molecule 8-oxo-DSTF in the migration trajectories. The transition of cells from normal state to cell death.

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  • Systems Biology: Toward System-level Understanding of Biological Systems. Automatic Acquisition and Analysis of Cell Lineage through 4D Microscopy. Automated Reverse Engineering of Metabolic Pathways from Observed Data by Means of Genetic Programming.

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  • Study of the process of membrane fusion. Analysis of proteins derived from the zitoplazmaticakih membranes. Opening of homologous proteins from yeast to neurons checks the General idea. Characteristics of biochemical synthesis of biological membranes.

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  • Concept of gametogenesis, meiosis, spermatogenesis and oogenesis. Gametogenesis in mammals. Structure of the gametes. Sperm, egg and flagella structure. Sperm capacitation and egg cytoplasm. Egg maturation at the time of fertilization in various species.

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  • DNA sequence data is the most abundant material with which to begin a project in computational biology. Raw sequences from genomes have to be analyzed and annotated, in ways that improve continuously as the databases expand and sharper methods are used.

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  • The studying of chromosome associations in M1 of pollen mother celles in the hybrids between the lines with each other and with recurrent common wheat genotype Avrora were compared with the data of the line assessment for the morphological markers.

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  • General characteristics and history of the golden snub-nosed monkey studies, areas of their habitat. Features appearance and food preferences of these animals, the nature of relationships within the group. The history of formation of the species name.

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  • The effect of concentrations of vitamins and macroelements on the development of globular, heart and torpedo of embryoids, seedlings with green cotyledons and the formation of shoots from them. The formation of inflorescences in plants-regenerants.

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  • Дослідження властивостей гетеротримерних GTP-зв’язуючих білків та обміну фосфатидилінозитидів при активації М-холінергічних рецепторів серця. Сутність механізму передачі гормонального сигналу від мускаринових рецепторів на ефекторні системи організму.

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  • Healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle. The use of diet for cleaning the body and weight loss. Fundamentals of nutrition: moderation, balance, variety, and vitamins. Components of a healthy lifestyle: sports, no bad habits, sleep, rest, walking.

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  • Визнання поліморфного виду Hippophae rhamnoides L., представленого в різних частинах свого масштабного ареалу екологічними категоріями – кліматипами, популяціями і екотипами. Систематика роду та особливості класифікації роду протягом 1753-2009 років.

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  • Peppermint is a herbaceous perennial plant rhizome grows 30-90 cm in height, with a smooth stalks, square in cross-section. The traditional peppermint of mint against gastro-intestinal disorders, colds and headaches, and with cramps in the muscles.

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  • Security features combined bacterial preparation on the basis of probiotic strains of bacteria of the two genera grown combines deep cultivation. Hematological indications blood of experimental animals, the presence of indicators of biological activity.

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  • Ознайомлення з результатами дослідження з фізіології інвазійних видів роду Impatiens L. в Європі. Визначення особливостей культивування даної рослини у різних ботанічних садах світу. Розгляд поширення здичавілих рослин I. balfourii, зібраних в Україні.

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  • The study of microbiology of biological fermentation processes, physical and chemical characteristics of the activated sludge from the wastewater treatment plant Bortnichy. The methods and ways to increase the speed of the biological fermentation process.

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  • Inbreeding depression is one of the possible reasons organisms disperse. A model for the evolution of dispersal in the presence of inbreeding depression. The frequency of migration modifier as a function of allele frequencies and genetic associations.

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