• Materials and methods of research data dragonflies detachment of prey flying insects in the small man-made bodies of water are located in the southern part of Krakow in the period 2001-2004. Number and distribution of dragonflies in different areas.

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  • Описание причин изменения содержания белка и скорости его синтеза в крыловых и магинальных дисках. Определение вероятности появления аномальных крыльев с "вырезками" у дрозофил, гетерозиготных по гену и процента отклонения от фенотипа дикого типа.

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  • Характеристика мікроорганізму Candida lipolytica – продуцента лимонної кислоти на н-парафінах; визначення показників її росту при культивуванні. Склад поживного середовища для вирощування мікроорганізму. Складання енергетичного балансу окиснення глюкози.

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  • As a result of stepped hybridization and replicated screening, the new rice variety Lider was received. The peculiarities of the new variety is a quick growth of plants at a sprouting – tillering stage. Lider is grown without application of pesticides.

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  • Evaluation and analysis of relative degree of drought resistance by water content of tissue. Assessment of relative drought resistance by water-holding capacity of leaves genus momordica (cucurbitaceae) introduced under the conditions of Belgorod region.

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  • Description of the reasons for the disappearance of types of illegal hunting, deforestation, pollution of water bodies. Statistics reduce some species of animals in Ukraine. The red book as a collection of endangered species of animals and plants.

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  • Description genes interact with each other and with their environment. Using of the term epigenetic regulation. Epigenetic information is based on overwhelming activity of enzymes that are specific epigenetic postponed label on macromolecular complexes.

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  • Рассмотрение бактериального ожога плодовых и декоративных древесных пород. Экспериментальная оценка уровня наличия возбудителя Erwinia amylovora в областях Украины. Степень проявления инфекции при искусственном заражении плодовых и декоративных деревьев.

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  • The contribution of salinity, irradiance, nitrate and phosphate, and their interactions into the yield of cell number and P-carotene accumulation in Dyialidla saliia. Confounding of the effects of factors-conditions by the depletion of factors-resources.

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  • Comparison of the physical development of children 7-8 years old over a 12-year period of time. Analysis of children with a normal physical development and with disharmony due to excessive body weight. The connection of this phenomenon with gender.

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  • Characterization of the genetic variability in bread wheat . Cereal yield in the context of sustainable agriculture with human needs in the next decades. Hexaploid and two tetraploid wheat lines using a set of microsatellites for chromosomes group.

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  • Evolution before Darwin's on the origin of species. Theory of natural selection. Evolution and anti-evolution in interphase. The Rise of fundamentalism and it's opposition to evolution. From equal time to the de-emphasis of evolution in American schools.

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  • The new insights into the process of interaction of T7-like bacteriophages FE44 and BA14 with lysogenic cells. The single and double lysogens possess Abi-phenotype regardless of genera and strain of bacteria that initially had normal phage sensitivity.

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  • Biological classifications of the doctrinal-phenetic school. Characterization of the positions of the synthetic ("evolutionary") approach. Specific biological arguments created by synthetists. The cladistic ("phylogenetic") principles of taxonomy.

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  • Review and analysis of the biography and particular activity of Edward Jenner, who created vaccine for smallpox created from cowpox. Research and characterization of contributions to microbiology Louis Pasteur, Robert Koch and Alexander Fleming.

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  • Mutagenic potential of oxidized forms of nitrogen bases. The effectiveness of the inclusion of 8-oxo-DG in the growing DNA. The behavior of the molecule 8-oxo-DSTF in the migration trajectories. The transition of cells from normal state to cell death.

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  • Systems Biology: Toward System-level Understanding of Biological Systems. Automatic Acquisition and Analysis of Cell Lineage through 4D Microscopy. Automated Reverse Engineering of Metabolic Pathways from Observed Data by Means of Genetic Programming.

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  • Феномен перехода возбудителя туляремии в некультивируемое состояние, в котором он существует в межэпизоотический период. Механизмы адаптации патогена к неблагоприятным условиям среды. Методические подходы к идентификации штаммов Francisella tularensis.

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  • Study of the process of membrane fusion. Analysis of proteins derived from the zitoplazmaticakih membranes. Opening of homologous proteins from yeast to neurons checks the General idea. Characteristics of biochemical synthesis of biological membranes.

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  • Concept of gametogenesis, meiosis, spermatogenesis and oogenesis. Gametogenesis in mammals. Structure of the gametes. Sperm, egg and flagella structure. Sperm capacitation and egg cytoplasm. Egg maturation at the time of fertilization in various species.

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