• T7-like phages as an example of the preservation of the genome. The development of a system to study at the genetic level, interactions of bacteriophages with cells of native and uncommon hosts. Interaction of active phages with propagate their elements.

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  • Вивчення поширення Saxifraga granulata в Україні. Популяційне й еколого-ценотичне вивчення виду. Розгляд вікової і просторової структури ценопопуляцій. Встановлення східної межи ареалу. Аналіз кількості особин і спектрів онтогенетичних станів популяцій.

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  • Опис місця знаходження Scrophularia vernalis на території Канівського природного заповідника і його фітоценогенетична характеристика. Аналіз та узагальнення результатів спостережень за морфометричними характеристика і особливостями репродукції виду.

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  • Using the E.coli strains for stable transformation with recombinant plasmids. Frequency of cell transformation with plasmids and elimination. Products of HIV-1 genome integration. Scheme of the cointegrate pPIC91 plasmid. Sequencing of the insert region.

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  • Population and distribution. Biology and behavior. Ways to protect, threats to the snow leopard. The snow leopard is a carnivore and typically eats wild sheep and goats. The snow leopard is a moderately large cat native to the mountain ranges of Asia.

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  • Consideration kind Podolaspis Zych of three types: podolica Alth, lerichei and zychi. The first description and nomenclature discrepancy delivery Parapteraspis and Mylopteraspis Stensio. Species variability pteraspid - morphology orbitsphere pineal belt.

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  • Виявлення специфічності алелів маркерних локусів для фенотипного прояву полігенної ознаки "урожайність зерна". Визначення можливості добору цінних генотипів. Перевірка маркуючої здатності визначених SSR-локусів у різних умовах вирощування кукурудзи.

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  • Comparison of reproduction of second and fifth adenovirus serotypes (HAdV-C2 and -C5) in the various lines of lymphoblastoid cells. Intensive formation of infectious virus is similar in level to reproduction in permissive epithelial cells Hep-2.

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  • The study of the taxonomic status of the producer strain of antimicrobial substances from Streptomyces sp 2435. The nucleotide sequence of the 16S rRNA gene. Carrying out morphological and biochemical analysis of fatty acid composition of cellular lipids.

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  • Characterization the potential of microorganisms as producers of new antibiotics. Research of problems and prospects of biotechnological production of antibiotics in the world and Ukraine in particular. Analysis of process preparation of inoculum.

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  • Study of the effect of nitric oxide on life expectancy drosophila. Donors and inhibitors of synthase were added to medium throughout life. Increase the duration of its life under the influence of nitro-arginine in comparison with methyl-thiocitrulline.

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  • Biographical information from the life of William Harvey. The basic components and functioning of the cardiovascular system. The operation of the system coronary circulation, left and right ventricle. The purpose of the heart and pulmonary arteries.

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  • Strategy of allelic metabolism. The effect of removing WaaLPS on ligation of OPS as their ranges increase. Methods for assessing the phenotypes of LPS produced mutants. The effect of the WaaLOS ligand on the profile of the lipopolysaccharide phenotype.

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  • An introduction to the basic physiological processes that occur during the postnatal development of hypoxia. Typical symptoms of attention deficit disorder, a traumatic brain injury. The purpose of preventive methods peptides, combinations thereof.

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  • Evolution of flora and fauna on the planet Earth, its implications: the formation of new species, adaptation to the environment etc. the Story of the origin of life on the planet. The first living organisms, bacteria, the occurrence of parasitism.

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  • Processes limiting evolution physiological characteristics. The genetic potential of people to culture. The combination of ecological functionalism and classical model of genetics. Conditions for the adaptation of the genetic and cultural evolution.

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  • Order and stages of the hybridological analysis on several durum wheat genotypes with utilizing three F-populations from the crossing between parental forms that differed in the invariable malt-zone triplet on electrophoretic spectrum of a-amylase.

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  • The effect of presowing soaking of seeds in solutions of 24-epibrassinolide on the productivity of millet plants and their resistance to high temperature. Analysis of the increase in the thermoresistance of leaves of adult plants grown in the field.

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  • An analysis of the benefits of mycorrhiza. Characteristics of the soil, as inoculum for recovery, and the definition of its toxicity. Overview of how the issue is whether the plant mycorrhiza. A comprehensive study of mixtures of mycorrhizal fungi.

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  • The description of the Armenian population based on the genetic studies. Mitochondrial DNA as a versatile tool for ethnogenomic studies. Materials and methods collection and genotyping procedures. MtDNA gene pool structure of general Armenian population.

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