• Evolution of flora and fauna on the planet Earth, its implications: the formation of new species, adaptation to the environment etc. the Story of the origin of life on the planet. The first living organisms, bacteria, the occurrence of parasitism.

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  • Processes limiting evolution physiological characteristics. The genetic potential of people to culture. The combination of ecological functionalism and classical model of genetics. Conditions for the adaptation of the genetic and cultural evolution.

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  • Morphological features and distribution of S. paulsenii, its related species. Substantiation of the possibility of the species to become an invasive weed. Changes in the taxonomy and nomenclature of representatives of the genus Salsola sensu lato.

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  • Order and stages of the hybridological analysis on several durum wheat genotypes with utilizing three F-populations from the crossing between parental forms that differed in the invariable malt-zone triplet on electrophoretic spectrum of a-amylase.

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  • The effect of presowing soaking of seeds in solutions of 24-epibrassinolide on the productivity of millet plants and their resistance to high temperature. Analysis of the increase in the thermoresistance of leaves of adult plants grown in the field.

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  • An analysis of the benefits of mycorrhiza. Characteristics of the soil, as inoculum for recovery, and the definition of its toxicity. Overview of how the issue is whether the plant mycorrhiza. A comprehensive study of mixtures of mycorrhizal fungi.

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  • The description of the Armenian population based on the genetic studies. Mitochondrial DNA as a versatile tool for ethnogenomic studies. Materials and methods collection and genotyping procedures. MtDNA gene pool structure of general Armenian population.

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  • Рemiclonal inheritance comprising the clonal transfer of one of the parental genomes to gametes - the main distinctive sign of green frogs. The length of erythrocytes dependence on body length for green frogs from the pond in the village Zhovtneve.

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  • The fossils of organisms preserved in the lowest layers represent animals and plants. By studying the type of fossils in the different strata, it is possible to build up a picture of how the populations of organisms changed over millions of years.

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  • Determination of toxicity for plants of the unbroken residue obtained after microbial fermentation in a horizontal fermenter of mixed food waste. It has been established that the mixed substrate is toxic to plants, because the seeds did not sprout.

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  • Urban anthropology sat alongside ecological, economic, applied, political, legal, medical, educational, psychological, cognitive, symbolic, and also aesthetic anthropologies. Diverse interests marked urban anthropological research in the Caribbean.

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  • Exploration of the effect of physical load testing to changes in skin temperatures of individual body parts, analysis of the relationship between body temperature and the level of oxygen consumption. Non-exchangeable temperature reduction of body surface.

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  • The ability of yeast strains to sbravati lactose in a medium containing whey powder and lactose in different concentrations. The decrease in the synthesis of ethanol when the concentration of substrate, its resistance in microaerophilic conditions.

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  • Wolbachiaspecies are obligate intracellular maternally inherited endosymbionts. Analysis of neurodegenerative phenotype of adult flies after bacterium elimination has shown decrease of its manifestations aftertetracycline treatment against Wolbachia.

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  • Определение видового разнообразия зигнемовых водорослей из родов Spirogyra, Mougeotia и Zygnema в пресноводных водоемах северо-западного Причерноморья. Морфологические признаки, распространение, видовый состав, особенности строения и размеры зигоспор.

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  • Белый толстолобик как фитопланктофаг, важное значение в его пищеварении карбогидраз. Изучение некоторых физико-химических свойств а–амилазы, выделенной из гепатопанкреаса белого толстолобика. Оптимум рН стабильности и изоформы амилазы толстолобика.

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  • Характеристика и отличительные черты абиотических, биотических и антропогенных факторов среды. Классификация растений по отношению к свету. Специфика основных групп растений по отношению к воде. Особенности теплокровных и хладнокровных животных.

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  • Научное наследие ученого-энциклопедиста, врача и философа Ибн Сины. Авиценна и устанавливание различий между чумой и холерой, плевритом и воспалением легких, особенность его описания проказы, диабета и язвы желудка. Книга исцеления и Книга о душе.

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  • Богатство растительного мира Австралии: эвкалиптовые (камедные) деревья, акация, чайные деревья, кипарисовые сосны, манровые заросли и тропические леса. Уникальные полевые цветы: банксия, гревиллея, телопея, кенгуровая лапка и душистый горошек Стерта.

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  • Австралопитек, древнейший человек, относящийся к группе архантропов и живший в эпоху, когда тропические леса в Африке отступили на север. Олдованская и галечная культура человека умелого. Места обнаружения рукотворных обломков и скелетов этих людей.

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