• Features and characteristics of tourists with disabilities in the hotels of Ukraine. The analysis of the organizational structure and the production program. The development and application of proposals relating to the equipment rooms for the disabled.

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  • Поняття туризму та екскурсії. Загальна характеристика Одеської області. Історичний та культурний потенціал краю. Роль курортів в Одесі. Стратегічна мета розвитку туризму в Україні. Особливості клімату в області, організація екскурсійної діяльності.

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  • Substantiation of a complex technique of physical rehabilitation of children with functional disorders "hollow foot" in the early stages of its development. Influence feature of implementation of a specially designed set of corrective exercises.

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  • Back pain as a common disease. Developing a conceptual approaches to the physical rehabilitation process at the surgical treatment of patients with back pain. Studying an experience of the domestic and foreign researches in physical rehabilitation area.

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  • Связи с общественностью в индустрии туризма. Рекреационные ресурсы Краснодарского края. Объекты познавательного туризма, достопримечательности местной природы. Продвижение региона как круглогодичного курорта, проблемы в перепозиционировании края.

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  • The effective domestic experience in organizing sports and recreational activities in institutions of higher education. The main factors influencing the motivational aspects of sports and recreational activities. Concept of physical activity in students.

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  • Place and role of sports philosophy that allows harmonize body and soul, spirit and sensuality. The essence of the philosophy of sport as an educational policy aimed at overcoming the destructive effects of sport, cultivating moral grounds sport.

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  • Особенности применения QR-кодов в идентификации исторических памятников, гостиничном бизнесе и сопроводительных услугах. Обеспечение пассажиров актуальной информацией - одна из основных задач данного вида мультимедийной кодировки в транспортной сфере.

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  • The richness of architecture in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Hermitage is one of the largest museums in the world. The unique masterpieces of the Russian art. The tourist attractions in the old Russian cities. The balneological resorts in the country.

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  • Consideration of the user, intended for citizens of Kazakhstan travelling abroad. An overview of the contents of the General rules and practical recommendations, knowledge and observance of which will help to avoid difficulties during foreign travel.

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  • Assessment of the level of school and after-school physical activity of children living in rural areas at an early stage of their education. Popular physical activity among children: games and ball games and other equipment, running, gymnastics, games.

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  • Lake Baikal is a freshwater lake and the deepest lake in Russia. Palace Ensemble in Petergof. Valley of geysers. St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. Mamayev Kurgan and the statue of Motherland. Elbrus mountain is the highest peak of Russia and Europe.

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  • The history of London, especially of the monarchy as form of government. Characetristic economy and environment. History and description of the main sights: Tower Bridge, Downing Street, St.Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey.

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  • Evaluate of the cooperation of Zachodniopomorskie voivodeship with partner municipalities from the area of Mecklenburg – Vorpommern in creating cross-border tourism product. Partnership of local self-government units as form of cross-border cooperation.

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  • Ski jumping as part of the winter Olympics. Olaf Rye - first known ski jumper. The country, occupying a leading position in this sport. The study of the technical features of the Ski jumping. Ski Flying and Water ski jumping is an version of ski jumping.

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  • Definition of corporate social responsibility. Analysis of the concept of sustainable development in tourism. Overview of the issues of corporate social responsibility in the tourism industry. Examples of socially responsible actions in the tourism.

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  • Sport is physical athleticism and dexterity. Sport's rules for ensuring fair competition and consistent adjudication of the winner. History оf sport. Amateur and professional sport. Spectator involvement, technology plays. A sport place is in life.

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  • Sports is a popular leisure activity. Place of sports in the life of Britain. Cricket, football, lawn tennis, golf and rugby is the most popular sports that began in Great Britain. Sport is a very important part of a child's education in Great Britain.

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  • Sport as an individual group activity pursued for exercise or pleasure, often involving the testing of physical capabilities and taking the form of a competitive game. Kinds of sport: athletics, swimming, basketball. The first ancient Olympic Games.

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  • Characteristics of the specifics of squash as a racquet sport. Analysis of history of invention the game and its becoming an international sport. Description of the squash court and the rules of the game. Study of the popularity of squash in the world.

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