• The lifting of the height restriction and boom in the building of tall buildings in London during the 1960s. One Canada Square, Heron Tower, The Leadenhall Building, Canada Square, The Citigroup Centre, Tower, St Mary Axe and Broadgate Tower in London.

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  • Characteristics of the volume of budget financing of tourism. Analysis of of regional peculiarities wellness complex in Ukraine. The main directions of improvement of financial and investment mechanism for the functioning of the walker industry.

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  • The analysis let to study an influence of touristic section of the Hucul Horse Stud in Gladyszow in Regietow for the development and changes in stud's incomes. The stud's activities, main incomes and the development the touristic-recreational background.

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  • Analysis of economic factors affecting tourism companies competitiveness. A methodology for identifying the determinants of tourism development in the Mediterranean region. Competitive advantages and disadvantages of the countries of the region.

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  • Germany is one among the most attractive countries for tourists because of it has developed tourist and hospitality industry. The Brandenburg gate as the unquestionable symbol of Berlin. Many places and streets are perfect night walks in Berlin.

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  • The geographical position of South-Kazakhstan oblast, its administrative center. Recreational potential of Almaty region, giving the opportunity for the development nternational tourism. Medeo is the most high-mountainous sport complex in the world.

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  • The description of the country and interesting facts on Spain. Geographical data, population, languages, history, climate, flora, fauna, economy and tourism in Spain. General description of the Hotel Villa Magna. Description of restaurant Villa Magna.

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  • Analysis of tourism in the economic complex system of Ukraine, highlighting its features and display development prospects in the future. Relationship development of tourism Ukraine with the formation of a new state approach to tourism as an industry.

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  • Tourism industry and world destinations. Famous places to visit in Ukraine. Services and the staff structure of hotels. Tourist information office. Describing a destination of New Zealand and the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera).

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  • Tourism spa as a kind of healthy tourism what reasonably justifies its partly financing by National Health Fund. The following features and factors of tourism spa. The main reason why a lot of communes in Poland are interested in achieving status of spa.

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  • In this article the author considers a system of social relations which is formed on the basis of the interaction of a number of elected social phenomena in particular: sports, tourism. The preliminary budget of the World Championship 2014 in Minsk.

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  • Research of the mobility of students as a tourist and drawing attention to an important segment of the tourism market formed by the students. The expenditure, destinations, as well as assessing the size of the market segment created by the students.

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  • Basic parameters of the hotel industry in Lviv region. The structure of the hotel industry is investigated according to the types of hotels, non-permanent capacity, territorial location, categories, served segments. Trends of hotel industry development.

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  • Особенности TRX петлей (Total Body Resistance Exercise) и их применение в организациях фитнес-индустрии. Характеристика TRX Suspension Training как новой фишки в фитнесе. Тренажер TRX: его особенности. Преимущества TRX и характеристика системы тренировок.

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  • There are groups of the reasons which lead to injuries and diseases at athletes. Measures of prevention of traumatism in sport. Рsychological escort of athletes during the post-traumatic period and value of sport for development of their personality.

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  • VIP-туризм как один из наиболее устойчивых видов туризма, который менее всего зависит от колебаний мировой экономики: анализ типов, знакомство с основными преимуществами, особенности развития. Рассмотрение динамики выезда граждан Крыма за границу.

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  • Washington - the capital of the United States of America. The building of a meeting of the Congress — the Capitol. The Supreme court of Washington. The national Academy of Sciences. Mall and modern memorial parks. The National Washington Monument.

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  • Visit to Russia is a best way to discover this country. The heart of Moscow is Kremlin and Red Square. There are a great number of museums, theaters, libraries, parks, gardens, palaces and galleries. Visit to country it is possible an any time of year.

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  • Active development of tourist infrastructure. The relevance of the problem of classification (categorization) of hotel companies on the basis of standardization standards for the provision of quality services. Requirements for creating hotel categories.

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  • Характеристика XXII Олимпийских зимних игр - Международного спортивного мероприятия, проходившего в российском городе Сочи с 7 по 23 февраля 2014 года. Выборы города проведения. Эстафета олимпийского факела. Талисманы. Церемония открытия. Объекты в Сочи.

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