• Definition of corporate social responsibility. Analysis of the concept of sustainable development in tourism. Overview of the issues of corporate social responsibility in the tourism industry. Examples of socially responsible actions in the tourism.

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  • Sport is physical athleticism and dexterity. Sport's rules for ensuring fair competition and consistent adjudication of the winner. History оf sport. Amateur and professional sport. Spectator involvement, technology plays. A sport place is in life.

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  • Sports is a popular leisure activity. Place of sports in the life of Britain. Cricket, football, lawn tennis, golf and rugby is the most popular sports that began in Great Britain. Sport is a very important part of a child's education in Great Britain.

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  • Sport as an individual group activity pursued for exercise or pleasure, often involving the testing of physical capabilities and taking the form of a competitive game. Kinds of sport: athletics, swimming, basketball. The first ancient Olympic Games.

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  • Characteristics of the specifics of squash as a racquet sport. Analysis of history of invention the game and its becoming an international sport. Description of the squash court and the rules of the game. Study of the popularity of squash in the world.

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  • The aspects of the youth and children tourism, the principles of tourism classification. The problems of the state regulation of the youth and children tourism development in Ukraine. The importance of tourism in the socially significant activity.

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  • State promotion of tourism in Spain and its role in the development of the country. The aggravation of competition in tourist markets in the conditions of the economic crisis. Development of promotion strategies and changing the image of companies.

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  • Characteristic features of the integrated use of electrical stimulation affects more effectively improve the biomechanical characteristics of the high jump. Analysis additional means for improving technical skills and improve performance athletes.

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  • Development a technology of social and educational prevention of addictive behavior in children as part of the organization of a healthy lifestyle. Analysis of procedural implementation of children’s addictive behavior in life of territorial community.

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  • Influence of exercise order on the efficacy and safety training. Regular physical activity throughout the study, resistance training. Functional restrictions for resistance training program or test 1RM. Determination of reliability of re-testing.

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  • The short characteristic of functional condition of trained and untrained young men in conditions of physical rest is given in the paper following the analysis of unitary pulse low-frequency electric current influence on the specified processes.

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  • Regression and correlation analysis of employment impact factors in the context of sectors related to the tourism sector in Greece (air transport, hotels and restaurants, leisure sector). The impact of international tourism on employment in other sectors.

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  • Globalization as major driver that has an impact on every business. How globalization impacts different industries. A historical overview of global tourism. The effects of climate change on tourism. Blue ocean strategy. Travel agencies and their products.

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  • Investigation the relationship between athletic identity and sports performance among national rowers. The determination of any relationship between athletic identity and athletic performance of the canoe squad before, during and after the competition.

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  • The lifting of the height restriction and boom in the building of tall buildings in London during the 1960s. One Canada Square, Heron Tower, The Leadenhall Building, Canada Square, The Citigroup Centre, Tower, St Mary Axe and Broadgate Tower in London.

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  • Characteristics of the volume of budget financing of tourism. Analysis of of regional peculiarities wellness complex in Ukraine. The main directions of improvement of financial and investment mechanism for the functioning of the walker industry.

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  • The analysis let to study an influence of touristic section of the Hucul Horse Stud in Gladyszow in Regietow for the development and changes in stud's incomes. The stud's activities, main incomes and the development the touristic-recreational background.

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  • Analysis of economic factors affecting tourism companies competitiveness. A methodology for identifying the determinants of tourism development in the Mediterranean region. Competitive advantages and disadvantages of the countries of the region.

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  • Germany is one among the most attractive countries for tourists because of it has developed tourist and hospitality industry. The Brandenburg gate as the unquestionable symbol of Berlin. Many places and streets are perfect night walks in Berlin.

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  • The geographical position of South-Kazakhstan oblast, its administrative center. Recreational potential of Almaty region, giving the opportunity for the development nternational tourism. Medeo is the most high-mountainous sport complex in the world.

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