• Methods and parameters calculation resistance rail and passenger trains. Calculations and comparisons for aerodynamic, rolling and total resistance for a variety of freight trains under different loading conditions, operating speed and configuration.

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  • Electric cars are a variety of electric vehicle. Greenhouse gas emissions, depending on the method used for electricity generation to charge the batteries. Top-10 countries by world market share of new car sales in 2013 by electric-drive segment.

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  • Determination of the energy efficiency of the system of mutual loading of electric traction. Selection of rational option circuit design stands for acceptance testing of electric traction and the industrial transport. Methods for compensation of losses.

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  • Building an energy storage system for regenerative braking, with use of dc to dc converter, and testing rig to perform testing for dc drive with dc motor with the super capacitor bank against diesel locomotive (WDM2) regenerative braking profiles.

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  • Approach to ensure the coordinated management of transport nodes, based on the methodology of classical science of optimal control of constructive ideas and progressive concepts of business behavior. The parameters of the process of transshipment.

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  • Role passenger transportation in ensuring the vital activity of the cities. Development of areas, the accessibility of institutions of production, cultural and everyday life for the population. Urban passenger transportation as a socio-technical system.

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  • Principles and approaches to the construction of modern trucks, to them, and the components of the device requirements. Their dynamic properties depending on type and shape, particularly the axle loads. Stages of production of a new generation of trucks.

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  • The using of Transport Corridor Europe Caucasus Asia as a stimulant to unfold transit potential in Ukraine in multi-modal freight transport. Advantages and weaknesses of the corridor segments and also looks at the competition with alternative routes.

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  • External factors having impact on the development of logistics globalization, internationalization and integration in all spheres of social life. Necessity of studying and systematizing the factors which influence development of logistics in Ukraine.

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  • Improving the reliability of unmanned air vehicle navigation in turbulent air and impulses using the aerodynamic characteristics of unmanned aircraft. Research leading edge vortex. The efficiency of generators in subsonic wind tunnels and on RC airplane.

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  • Correlation of geometrical sizes of the most widespread cyclones is analysed. Correlation of geometrical sizes of cyclone is certain with a spiral sending vehicle. Research of hydraulic resistance of cyclones is conducted with a spiral sending vehicle.

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  • The study of parametric diagnostics of gas turbine engines. Based on the thermodynamic model, the observation variables of the operating conditions and engine parameters. Calculation of levels of deviations between the actual and base engine submissions.

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  • Понятие и история разработок HMS Dreadnought как британского линкора, родоначальника нового класса этих кораблей, названных в его честь и свершивший революцию в военно-морском деле. Размерения и их соотношения. Форма корпуса и коэффициенты полноты.

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  • Civil aviation market research in China and Ukraine. Air transport in economics. General description of Beijing International Airport. Analyses on the map Kiev-Beijing (KBP-PEK). Calculation of the route charges. Legislation provision of civil flights.

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  • The problem of increasing fleet operation of diesel of shunting locomotives in cold time. Ways of solving by means of diesel appliance with dry carter. The methods of diesel condition estimation and calculation of diesel consumption of boiler heating.

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  • Study the problem of increase the reliability of auxiliary machines for electric trains during operation. The boundary values of the quality parameters of electricity supply. Influence of electric energy quality on heating of the auxiliary machines.

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  • Aviation as the design, development, production, operation and use of aircraft, especially heavier-than-air aircraft. Manufacturers of civil transport aircraft. A draft failure for realization of hypersonic flight at speeds about six numbers of the Move.

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  • Automation of the design process of aircraft landing gear. Requirements for placement of the chassis on the aircraft: takeoff, landing, stability, handling and stability when taxiing etc. Empirical type models, motion and forces at the contact point.

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  • Розгляд світових тенденцій виробництва та особливостей конструкції легкових автомобілів сегмента "low cost". Обґрунтування доцільності випуску недорогого легковика. Тенденції виробництва та особливості конструкції лоукостер легковиків відомих компаній.

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  • The study of methods of improving the automated systems of railway transport. Turnouts as one of the most important and crucial components. Monitoring and management of objects of railway automatics in real time using the automated process of diagnosis.

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