• Особенности системы принципов предоставления электронных доверительных услуг на основе анализа законодательства Европейского Союза. Принципы электронной идентификации, подход организаций к стандартизации и решению вопросов технической интероперабельности.

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  • La traduccion como un medio importante de contacto intercultural, que ayuda a familiarizarse con los hechos de otra cultura (en nuestro caso, espanola). El lenguaje que actua como una forma de pasar la vision del mundo desempena un papel importante.

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  • Construction of cartographic image and programmatic visualization of these charts of passing of main collectors. Application of elastic approach of maps at building of collectors. Construction of geometrical map of structure of main objects of building.

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  • Electric cars are a variety of electric vehicle. Greenhouse gas emissions, depending on the method used for electricity generation to charge the batteries. Top-10 countries by world market share of new car sales in 2013 by electric-drive segment.

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  • The concept and characteristics of the electric current. Analysis of linear DC circuits. Applying Kirchhoff's in electrical engineering. The nodal equations for complex amplitudes. Representation of harmonic oscillations with the help of complex numbers.

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  • A mathematical model of multiphase cylindrical apparatus for bulk materials treatment with radio frequency electric field. Analysis of the distribution of the electric field inside the zone restricted with multiple connected circular arc-shaped boundary.

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  • Electric field of radio frequency. Mathematical model of multiphase cylindrical apparatus for bulk materials treatment. Connected circular arc-shaped boundary on the basis of the field coupling problem of the theory of singular integral equations.

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  • Analysis of the distribution of the electric field within the space bounded by the annular border on the basis of the theory of singular integral equations in problem of pairing. Formulas for determination of the electric field in the active zone.

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  • Impedance and dielectric properties of an Mg-Zn ferrite. Covalence effects and electronic configuration of the valence shells of the ions in ferrites - spinels. Dispersion of Resistivity and Dielectric Constant of Some Semiconductors at Audiofrequencies.

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  • Types of Electric Vehicle in use Today. Alternative and Novel Energy Sources and Stores. Electric Machines and their Controllers. Motor Cooling, Efficiency and Mass. Design of Ancillary Systems. Battery powered cars and vans. Torque speed characteristics.

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  • Development of a method of mixing the hydroxides for the preparation of Lі[Ni0.5Co0.25Mn0.25]O2 from the respective products. Determination of average grain size, the measurement of impedance. Study of electrochemical properties using cyclic voltammetry.

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  • Study of the electrochemical oxidation of methyl tert-butyl ether on micromodified and composite lead dioxide anodes. Anodic conversion of MTBE and electrochemical processes of water oxidation with formation of hydroxyl radicals and molecular oxygen.

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  • Electrodeposition of cobalt-silver and cobalt-tungsten alloys from citrate electrolyte. Characteristic of their catalytic and anticorrosive properties. Effect of the ratio of the electrolyte components depending on the composition of the cobalt alloy.

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  • Elastic scattering of the ultra relativistic polarized on atomic nucleus with arbitrary spin. The covariant parameterization of the electromagnetic current for a particle. The Rosenbluth formula for the cross section of the ultra electron.

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  • Review the basics of electrical engineering. Characteristics of methods for determining the properties of the electrical systems and fluctuations of the electromagnetic wave. Theoretical information in conjunction with the examples of solving problems.

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  • Fundamentals of electrical engineering and measuring technology. Main characteristics of electrical systems and of the magnetic field. Feature Whetstone bridge tangent compass, measuring methods, such as the bridge circuit, the method of comparison.

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  • An experimental study of backscattering factor for a linear accelerator Siemens Oncor Impression Plus for photon energies of 6 and 18 MV with asymmetric radiation fields. Development and implementation method for determining the backscattering factor.

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  • Reasons for appearance and popularity of electronic language in social networks: pros and cons. Language of electronic communication. Features of electronic communication and their rules. Analyzes the features of electronic language in social networks.

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  • Equilibrium spatial structure of the Si89(OH)43 H36 cluster model simulated for a pyramid-like formation on porous silicon surface has been calculated within the frameworks of density functional. Distribution of electronic charge and static field is got.

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  • The peculiarity of the employ of sources of light on light-emitting diodes in hothouses. Testing of the technology of growing plants using lamps with LEDs grounded. Investigate different ways to stimulate the development of vegetable bioobjects.

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