• Phraseology how a new linguistics science. A degree for motivation of the phrases. The basic principles by academician Vinogradov in the Russian language, which may be also taken in English language. The studies set expressions and stock phrases.

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  • Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are English speaking countries in the world. The natural geographical features, population, nationalities of the highly developed states. The main industries, financial and cultural institutions.

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  • Analysis of the existing classifications of stylistic devices and figures of speech in English. The essence, structure, types, usage and functioning of stylistic and lexical structures in sentences and texts of English and American writers and poets.

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  • Consideration feature of Oxford University. Feature Cambridge graduates. Establishing the value of London's Royal institution. Finding directions Manchester operations. Classification Essex preparation stages. Comparative characteristics of places.

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  • Description of statistics in the universities, University colleges and other institutions of higher learning in the United Kingdom. The study of the education system in the UK. History of the University of Cambridge and interesting facts about him.

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  • The principles of the word formation process in the English language. About affixation in linguistics. Structural and semantic types of compounds. Word-building shortening. Blending reduplication and back-formation. New abbreviations and acronyms.

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  • Systolic tree structure. Pattern mining operations. Throughput and cost effective performance are the highlights of the systolic tree based reconfigurable architecture. Frequently occurring item sets in databases. Weighted Association Rule Mining.

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  • Testing scheme of the synthesis of ester atsalamov acids and subsequent cyclization of the intermediate 3-hydrazinopyridazine-2-ones with carbonyl-containing compounds to provide chemical diversity of the final products containing a practical substitute.

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  • Using the matrix synthesis protocol of Ryoo for the preparation of highly ordered cubic mesoporous carbon using mesoporous silica as a template, in order to prepare palladium-doped. Analyzes formation of mesoporous carbon followed by X-ray diffraction.

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  • The paper focuses on the evaluation of the current situation of entrepreneurship education at universities in Central Europe, especially in Czech Republic. The aim is to suggest possible solutions for the improvement of entrepreneurship education.

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  • The influence of structural features on the behavior of participants in intercultural interaction. Comparison of the stages of the negotiation process as a situation of touch with levels of mismatch in order to identify situations of cultural dissonance.

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  • Highlights problem of students’ adaptation to foreign cultural environment, the contents of ethnographic knowledge, small forms of folklore in particular, the needs of modern European and global integration. Interprets of using ethnographic materials.

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  • English textbook for grade 7. Topics for study: "The World teenagers' competition", "School education", "Sport is fun". Verb tenses. Verb s followed by the -ing form or by to. Viparison of adjectives and adverbs. List of personal and geographical names.

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  • Approach to ensure the coordinated management of transport nodes, based on the methodology of classical science of optimal control of constructive ideas and progressive concepts of business behavior. The parameters of the process of transshipment.

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  • A Petri net as a mathematical modeling notation, a bipartite graph which described by the five-tuple. Markings - natural numbers, when the maximal bound is set by last property described above - boundedness. Constructing and extending a spine tree.

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  • Highlights the implementation of common European framework of reference language education. Examines the problems of language education in Ukraine in the course of European integration. Analyzes modern approach and aspects of teaching foreign languages.

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  • Features and description of the problem of information security business entities. Methodical and legal vision of security actors. The emergence of the "information industry" related to the provision of information on the various types of activities.

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  • The changes of the TU-indicator for certain types of transport of Ukraine. Structure of the contribution of individual modes of transport in GDP. Practical approaches to ensuring financial sustainability is in the works of Russian and foreign scientists.

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  • Тhe issue of rights to intellectual property and information in the field of both research and scientific and technical developments. The relations between intellectual property and scientific information. Тhe regulation of the information sphere.

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  • The concept of cloud computing. Types of clouds. Advantages and disadvantages of using the network technology. Examining the main parts of the computing system. Studying the protection problems of information security in corporate and public systems.

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